Should I Purchase Car Accessories from the Showroom or Aftermarket?

Which One Is the Best Option to Purchase Car Accessories - the Shop or Online?

Consumers typically approach car accessories purchases with a price-conscious mindset in all aspects of their lives. Of course, this is not Breaking News. It has been going on for a very long time and is not about to stop. Price shopping is a common behavior when buying anything from a milk container to a luxury car unless you’re a lucky member of the wealthy elite who never needs to look at a price tag.

It brings up car accessories. Many of us are aware that genuine auto components can be costly and frequently seem to be overpriced. The motivations behind price comparison shopping can vary from person to person. A person might only be interested in the least expensive choice, provided that it satisfies their fundamental needs. Others will be looking for the most value for their money, which may result in their avoiding both the most expensive and the cheapest options. Price and value are unquestionably important factors in purchases, even though many diverse individual tastes play a role.

People prefer to buy car accessories from outside markets because they believe that they are expensive in the showroom. There is usually little room for a discount because the companies frequently charge a premium for their goods. Additionally, you can buy small auto parts at a nearby market. It does not, however, ensure the product’s genuineness.

Complex electronic installations can be found. For a sunroof, fog lamps, or tire monitoring, you better look for showrooms because of warranties and reliability issues. Let’s contrast the two possibilities to choose which is best for you.

  • The vendors might not have permission.
  • They have techniques that can fool you.
  • Don’t buy unnecessary accessories just because someone tells you to.
  • Compare prices, but don’t forget to look at the quality.
  • You should always get side molding from the showroom.
  • A showroom is a superior choice for garnish

Be careful, however, and stay out of the car salesman’s sights. Sometimes a salesperson may claim things such as, “Insurance must be purchased from them exclusively,” or “Car accessories installation from the dealership is necessary.” By telling you that you need to get an extended warranty, for example, they may even inspire you.

Reasons to Buy from the Dealer (OEM/Genuine Options)


A brand-new car is a major purchase that may be time-consuming, emotionally taxing, and expensive. Always more complicated than you initially assume. Even a simple purchase will require some research to make sure you received the greatest deal and made the right decision. But things may rapidly become complicated if you add in finance, insurance, a trade-in, and possibly a variety of selections. Therefore, if you need to add extras, there is a compelling argument for doing it at the dealer rather than trudging about after delivery to put the finishing touches.


If you plan to switch to a new 4WD in three to four years and it is fitted out with a lot of options, you can expect to get a greater resale on that additional value if you chose the manufacturer accessories in the first place. This is less important if you plan to keep the car for a long time (say, 10 years or more).


Regardless of the aftermarket parts’ quality, some OEMs will assert that third-party installs may void specific provisions of the basic new car warranty. Cut a sunroof in your new car after delivery, and if there are any problems, you might find it difficult to secure a resolution from the dealership. This is less likely with ancillary items like projector headlights, diffuser guards, roof racks, or replaceable parts like spark plugs.


When you choose to buy outside of the dealer network, you will have access to both the highest and lowest quality products. There is a greater chance that the product won’t meet expectations because there is no accountability like there is with OEM products.


The Advantage of Purchasing from an Aftermarket Place


Mainly consumers have many reasons for purchasing from the aftermarket. In terms of many points, the first point is the price. The company that produces aftermarket accessories is typically different from the one that made your car in the first place. They are not being utilized as proxies; rather, they are new additions. They weren’t produced by the business (or a subcontractor working for the business), which produced the OEM accessories for your vehicle.


Purchasing your desirable accessories from a third-party supplier will almost always be less expensive. A new automobile dealership, with all of its extras and expenses, is more focused on sales, finance, and servicing, so locating and installing accessories might not be as efficient as it could be elsewhere. However, this does not imply that they are of worse quality.


When it comes to new car prices, there are a lot of smoke and mirrors (PMC Plug: Check our crowd-sourced statistics before you ever speak to a dealer!)

Sometimes it’s best to concentrate solely on the vehicle itself to make apples-to-apples comparisons. Dealers will include extras or offer at the cost to obtain customers. On the other hand, they might employ these choices to include a profit margin in the agreement. It’s simple to become perplexed.


When it comes to accessories, a manufacturer typically provides either one or a minimal number of possibilities. Once you have your car, you can visit a specialist to precisely tailor your purchase to match your needs.

Freight Duty (avoiding it)

If you select OEM options with your car, they will appear on the sales contract and, as a result, will be subject to a stamp duty fee in the majority of states and territories. Although it’s not a significant sum, why wouldn’t you try to avoid paying an additional 5% tax on your $5,000 worth of components and accessories?



There are a few things to think about when considering whether genuine/OEM or aftermarket parts are better. You must ensure that the items installed in your car adhere to the manufacturer’s standards if it is still covered by the warranty. The simplest method to achieve this is to use original or OEM parts, although there are also excellent aftermarket alternatives.

Aftermarket parts that are less expensive than Genuine/OEM and yet perform the job may be the best option for you if your automobile has beyond its warranty expiration date and you simply want to keep it operating for a little while longer. You should choose DriveStylish .com for all types of accessories in one place, if the quality is your top priority or if you want to improve your car’s performance or dependability over its standard form.

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