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Should you start a relationship at work?

At work, we spend most of our time, talk for 8-9 hours with our colleagues, go to lunch together. And it is not surprising that sometimes we have a feeling of falling in love with one of our business partners. And if the feeling is mutual, then what to do in this case? Should you have an affair at work?

Pros and cons of an office romance at work

We will talk about those places where internal rules are not prohibited from having a private life at work (yes, in some companies it is strictly forbidden to meet with your colleagues!). But even where it is allowed, the team is still divided into two parts – some believe that it is inappropriate to have a relationship at work, while others see nothing wrong with it. Those who are against, logically reason that personal issues can go sideways at work. For example, a couple works together. And in personal relationships, they have a discord, they swear. Where will they take revenge on each other? That’s right, of course, at work! They will begin not to fulfill any orders or requests from their half, or they will screw up somewhere on purpose. This can affect the performance of the company. If you know how to separate personal affairs from workers, then you should not be afraid of this. Then feel free to start a relationship. But as practice shows, few can resist this.

A novel at work – to be or not to be?

Of the advantages of an office romance, you will always have something to discuss. You will know that you definitely have one common interest with your partner – this is work. In the evenings, you can wash the bones of your colleagues, think about a project together, solve work issues together. True, I would attribute this to the minuses too. Because there will be much more work in your life visually. During the day, your mind is busy with work. And after a working 8-hour day, your thoughts will again be occupied with work issues! If, of course, you really love your job, then this should not scare you.

Sometimes an affair with a colleague inspires us so much that we start to work better, our efficiency increases – we want to look great in the eyes of our beloved! And this is undoubtedly a plus. And there are people who will think about the subject of their adoration all day long, hover in the clouds, as a result of which the working capacity, on the contrary, will decrease. For such people, an office romance can play a cruel joke.

The biggest disadvantage of an office romance is that if you suddenly decide to break up, then it will be difficult to work together, seeing each other every day. Most likely, some of you will have to look for a new job. Well, or try your patience and feelings every day, five days a week. Are you ready for this? Then go ahead!

Rules to be followed by colleagues in love

If you managed to fall in love with your colleague, and he reciprocated you, do not forget to follow these rules:

  • never find out your relationship at work. If you have a conflict outside the walls of the office, then it should remain outside the walls of the office further. You should not wash dirty linen in public. Work should remain work, no matter what happens;
  • do not show your feelings in front of everyone. Forget passionate kissing at work. Save them for the evening. This behavior violates the ethics of working communication;
  • do not talk too much about your romance to your colleagues. Especially if your relationship has just begun. If suddenly they end, it will be difficult then to listen to questions from colleagues, to withstand their sympathetic views. Someone, on the contrary, may begin to pin up, which is very unpleasant. So keep your mouth shut until the relationship takes on a more serious level;
  • Keep your distance during work hours, act like colleagues, not as a couple

Love is not chosen. She comes quite unexpectedly – when you least expect it. And if you understand that this is not just sympathy or light infatuation, but real feelings – then go for it, try it. According to statistics, more than half of the couples were created at work. Why don’t you try your fate too? I wish you to find true love wherever you are – at home, on the street, in a cafe, at work.

Even when both participants clearly understand that their actions are wrong and the consequences can be the most negative, the love attraction turns out to be stronger, and the mind almost always wins. As a rule, an affair at work with a married man is very dangerous for a woman. For he pulls her into a maelstrom of love relationships with a person with whom they can never be together.

And what, besides the delightful moments of secret love, does a woman get? Lonely evenings and nights, vacations and holidays. The inability to build new relationships, because her heart belongs to another. Feelings of guilt towards the family of the chosen one, especially towards the children, whom you will have to deal with from time to time. In addition, there will be gossip among colleagues, because at work this relationship cannot be hidden.

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