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Statistics: Meaning and its 7 Main Characteristics

Statistics Meaning

Statistics Simply refers to numerical data. It is a an area of maths that typically involves the collection, tabulation as well as tabulation and analysis of data that is numerical. It’s actually a type of mathematical analysis which employs various quantitative models to create an array of data from experiments or studies of the real world. It is a field of applied mathematics that focuses on the analysis of data, its interpretation and presentation. Statistics focuses on the use of data to solve difficult issues. Many people believe that statistics should be a separate mathematical science instead of a subset of mathematics. In this post, we will discuss statistics meaning and its main characteristics.

Statistics make work simple and simple , and offers clear and precise information of what you are doing regularly.

The fundamental definition in Statistics :

Population –
It’s actually a collection of people (or objects) or occasions whose characteristics are to be studied.
Sample –
It is a subset the population.

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7 Main Characteristics of Statistics

After Knowing the statistics meaning you need to know the characteristics of statistics. The most significant features of statistics include:

1. It is composed of a collection of facts:

The plural meaning of the word “statistics” is a term use to describe data, however statistics are data that must be a combination of certain information.

A single, isolated event or figure, such as 60 kg. weight of a school student or even the demise of one particular person in a single day doesn’t amount to statistical data.

To be consider to amount to statistics, it has to be present in the form of an aggregate or set of specific facts, such as. 50, 65, 70 Kgs. The weight that students carry in one course or the profits of a company at different times, and times. Can be affect through a variety of reasons.

2. It can be affected by a variety of reasons:

It’s difficult to research the effects of a single factor without examining the impact of the other variables. In this case, we must search to examine the effect of all factors on the issue individually as well as in a group, due to the fact that the results of these variables can change as a result of changes of time, place or even the situation.

The overall impact is consider and not dependent on the effect of one particular factor as is the case in other sciences. As an example, we can claim that the result of class XII’s board examinations does not depend on any one factor, but all of them are based on the standard of teachers, methods of teaching as well as teaching aids, the results of students, the standard of the question papers in addition, the assessment.

3. It is recommend to express it numerically:

The data that is refer to as statistics should be quantifiably express in order that the counting or measurement of data is feasible. It is a requirement that the information or facts that constitute statistics should be able to be present in a quantitative format as weights of 60 70, 100, and 90 kg. or earnings of 10,000, Rs. 10,000, Rs. 20,000 etc. So, the data should contain numbers in order that they can be refer as a numbers in a statement of facts.

4. It has to be counted or calculated accurately:

As previously mentioned, statements must be precise and relevant. To achieve a reasonable level of accuracy, the area of inquiry should not be extremely big. If it’s infinite or extremely large the possibility of enumerating information is difficult and a an acceptable level of accuracy might not be reach. In order to achieve this, we need to calculate an estimate in accordance with a reasonable level of accuracy based on the nature and intent of the data collection. e.g. it is possible to determine the building’s height in metres however, we can’t quantify the width of smaller objects like bricks within the same unit.

5. It must be collected in a methodical manner:

Another aspect for statistics is copllection of data must be gather in a methodical manner. If data is obtain in a random manner could result in difficulties when it comes to analysis and will lead to incorrect conclusions. A plan that is well-organiz develope and traine investigators must be employe to collect data in order to gather statistics. If this isn’t complete, the reliability of the data decreases. In order to obtain accurate results, the data needs to collect in a specific way.

6. It should be collected with an established goal:

Before we begin the process of collecting data we should be aware of the reason why we’re collecting the data. If we don’t have any information regarding the purpose of collecting data then we might not be collecting information according to the need. There may be a need for relevant information to fulfill the intended goal,  which we could overlook in the event of the data’s inexperience.

If we are looking to collect details on exports and imports We need to be aware about different segments like consumer goods, electronics and grains, among different segregations too. If someone on government. responsibility is counting the number of vehicles that travel through a roadway at a given time, is statistical, but the similar work perform by other person that isn’t relate to this area, isn’t stats since the latter does it for the Government which is looking to create a four-lane road if need.

7. It must be capable of being set in relation to one other

It is the last but not least important among the aspects of statistics. The gathering of data is usually conduct with the intention to make comparisons. If the results do not match then they lose a substantial portion of their importance.

That means, the figures taken should be comparable to allow for comparison, and not heterogeneous. For instance, heterogeneous information such as the sales of the amount of Rs. 20000 as a resulted from 80% of instances and a mileage of 80 kilometers cannot be compare to one another or can never be compare to analyze and interpret which is the main purpose of the study of statistics. It is possible to conclude that all statistics are numerical however, all numerical data are not statistical as long as they meet all the basic characteristics of statistics illustrated as previously.


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