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Story of the Vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev

STORY OF THE VOW OF SHIDDHESHWAR MAHADEV: Here we have another amazing story named STORY OF THE VOW OF SHIDDHESHWAR MAHADEV for you. You can also know the history behind this story by reading this article. You can use the story called Story of the Vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev to enhance your knowledge of Indian culture.

The Vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev can be started on any Monday. This fast should be done every Monday, not on a single Monday. Do this fast until you get the fruit of the fast. In this Vrat, worshiping Shivaji, eating only one time in a day.

In this story, we will see how to perform the vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev. And we will also see what are the benefits of worshiping Siddheshwar Mahadev.

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Story of the Vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev

It’s morning time.

In a sage’s ashram (A place where all Ascetics live), some sages and some disciples of the ashram have gathered. Ascetic sages set down on a higher place. All the disciples started to take blessings from ascetics and get their sits. after all the disciples are seated some of the disciples question the ascetic sage:

“O great ascetics! May we ask you a question?”

The great ascetics said: “Ask happily. We will solve your query.”

“Hey ascetic! Which Vow (Worship to Lord) is there in this world of death, by doing which the hopes of the mind will come true, devotion to God and salvation at the end of life.”

Hearing this question from the disciples, the ascetics fell into thought. He pondered for a while and said: “We see that in this world people of different castes are suffering due to their own eskort bakirkoy activities. And they are suffering from many types of aadhi, vyadhi, and upadhi. They are always surrounded by this. There is a simple way to get rid of the various sorrows of this world, destroy them, and also get happiness and wealth. And that is the vow of Siddhaswara Mahadev!

“O sage! Tell us how to perform this vow.”

“O disciples! Since this Vow belongs to Mahadev, it is done on Monday only. In the morning, sprinkle cow urine at the holy place of worship of Lord Mahadev after bathing and place a cloth there to sit. Spread a clean white cloth over it. Place a picture of Siddheshwar Mahadev on it. Place a copper pot filled with pure water in front of this image. Put a basil leaf inside that pot. Placing this pot on the patli (On which the worship has been done), then say, “Come here, O Shivaji.”

Then put a lamp of pure ghee in front of the pot on this path. Then place groundnut seeds and jaggery in a saucer in front of the lamp as Sacrament. Divide this Sacrament into two parts and take one part into a bowl, covering the bowl over the pot. Then sit back and relax before the installation and read the story of Siddheshwar Mahadev. Then chant the mantra ‘ૐ Namah Shivay’. On completion of the prescribed mala, perform the aarti of Mahadevji with a ghee lamp. After the aarti, pour the water from the pot onto the basil tree or banyan, or pipal tree.

Distribute the Sacrament in a bowl to everyone, while feeding the Sacrament in a saucer to a cow or bull. Eat basil leaves in a pot of water before eating. In this way do this vow every Monday. Don’t miss a single Monday. If a woman is doing this vow and on a Monday, if they have a day of trouble (Periods), then get this vow done by another woman, but do not perform this vow. The fruit of this Vow is infallible, so continue this vow until you get the fruit of the vow.

In celebration of this Vow, worship is also done on the last Monday. Place Holy Coconut in front of the pot. Make any sweet in cooking and put it in front of the installation. After the pooja ceremony, five, feed five small children. Give gifts like rubber, pencils, foot pads, etc. to these children which are useful for learning, don’t give cash.

A person who is doing this vow has to eat after feeding children. Then place the Holy Coconut (Which is placed in front of the installation) in the temple of Lord Mahadevji. Then Prostrate to Holy Coconut and pray to Mahadevji. According to economic conditions, distribute odd numbers of Holy books of Mahadevji to devotees.

Keep vigil till twelve o’clock on the night of celebration and study Shiva Chalisa or books related to Shiva.

If this Vow is performed with full faith, then its fruit is sure to come. Childless women get children. The householder gets happiness and the virgin bride gets the desired groom.

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Story of the Vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev


Hey Mahadev, I pray to you, By praying to you I always ask for my salvation;

No other thing I love, Just gives me the ability to pray to you, Lord.

You are the God of all Gods, you are the great God, By praying to you no one can hurt me;

May the whole world worship you full of heart, Always give me your worship.

Bring the kindness and cut off the pain of the slave, give me eternal happiness;

Your appearance is a most loved thing by me, always give me your worship hey Lord Mahadevji…!

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This is all about the Story of the Vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev. In this story, we saw the kindness of Lord Mahadev toward his devotees. If anyone performs this vow he/she will get their desires fulfilled. Also, we saw the curiosity of the Disciples to know about the culture and the smartness of the ascetics to answer the questions of the disciples. So, I hope you like this story of the Vow of Siddheshwar Mahadev. For more stories like this Stay Tuned…!

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