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Strategic and Creative NFT Marketing Solutions For Web 3.0

When it comes to blockchain technology, it is nothing short of revolutionary. Never did people think that the distributed and decentralized ledger would become the epicenter of multiple benefits in multiple streams, including but not limited to currency and transactions, collectibles and art, and even creating a new universe in the digital realm giving people the right and opportunity to parallel existence but with real-world benefits.

Non-fungible tokens have become an integral part of the new version of the web called Web3 and the metaverses (which are the digital universes that open up opportunities to parallel digital existence).

In this new world of Web3 and NFTs,  there is a need to develop a strategic and creative marketing approach to promote NFT projects. In this article, let us discuss how we can approach marketing for NFT projects in the Web3 world.

Understanding NFTs

Before we talk about marketing NFTs, there is a need to understand NFTs. The basic knowledge of NFTs is essential for NFT marketing, a strategic approach, and creative intent.

Understanding NFTs calls for an understanding of the concept of fungibility. Fungibility is the property of an asset by which it can easily be exchanged or broken down without any change in its value. The best example of a fungible asset is the $10 bill. The $10 bill can be exchanged for another $10 bill without any change in value, provided the other one is not damaged or mutilated. All a bill can also be broken down into smaller components that mathematically equate to its larger value… Say 10 units of one dollar each. This does not change the value either. This is a perfect example of a fungible asset.

A non-fungible asset is the antithesis of fungibility. The best example of a non-fungible asset is the painting of the Mona Lisa that is hanging in Paris. You may have a replica of the painting hanging in your bedroom, but that does not, in any way, change the value of the original painting that hangs at the Louver museum in Paris.

The Possibilities with NFTs

The non-fungibility promised by NFTs opens up new flurries of opportunities that might help creators, artists, media houses, game developers, and a host of other businesses. Some NFTs are focused on creating utility, but some of them are focused on creating rare pieces of art that will hold value in the future.

Although the world of information interchange, a.k.a. Web3, has changed, the need to market NFTs to people has not changed! There is always a need to let people know that something exists and the uses of that something that exists!

While on the surface, marketing an NFT might seem as simple as marketing anything else, there is a need to mark your difference, separating your excellence from the mediocrity that abounds. Your NFT marketing approach needs to be different, creative, and strategic.

What Would Make Your NFT Marketing Better?

Understanding Your Audience

Ask any NFT marketing services company, and they will tell you why it is important to understand your audience before you proceed with anything else in the world of marketing. Right now, NFTs are in their most nascent stages (although they are more than five years old and they have created sales records like no other class of asset).

This would mean that the audience who consume NFTs would be distributed across two major categories… One of them who are aware of NFTs and who would like to take a positive step in their natural progression towards investing in NFTs… And the others who are aware of the underlying brand or concept and who would like to explore any space that this brand ventures into, including the NFT space.

It is to be understood that both these segments of the audience require completely different approaches. One of them needs to be educated about the brand but the other one needs to be educated about the awesomeness of NFTs. Your NFT marketing strategy should include both of these audiences.

Not Forgetting the Classics

We might be looking at Web3 in the future but the rudiments of the previous (or rather, the existing) version of the web remain. People largely interact with each other on social networks and interestingly, while NFTs and the blockchain can provide more lucrative options, content creators still confine themselves to finding revenue from centralized advertising sources like Facebook and YouTube.

Therefore, marking a presence on existing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other chat forums is mandatory for the success of your NFT. Another reason why classics should be an integral part of your strategy is that the people who are not completely aware of the awesomeness of NFTs are quite likely to have a strong presence in this so-called classic space of marketing and hanging out.

Becoming Creative!

Creativity is rebellious! Any person who is considered to be creative is considered a bit of a rebel and an outlier in most cases.

The entire concept of blockchain, decentralization, and NFTs falls into the category of challenging the default. While media consumption is still heavily centralized, NFTs have been trying to break this centralization and create a completely decentralized network where the user is the leader of data and privacy.

In this kind of space, creativity is the most important currency. The perfect point of confluence between creativity and utility is what would make your NFT project a success. Infusing these elements in your NFT marketing plan is vital to the growth, consumption, popularity, and profitability of your NFT offering.

Not Forgetting the Community!

In traditional marketing, there was not much of a gap between the first contact and the lead. However in Web3 marketing, there is an ongoing need to create a sustainable and engaged community that will keep up the mountain of your marketing efforts at least within the concentrated group of enthusiasts who are extremely interested in your NFT project.

This is exactly where community marketing kicks in. Discord is the most popular platform… And that too… By a considerable distance to market your NFTs among your community members. Discord marketing is a skill in itself, and it requires an immense understanding of the platform and its possibilities. You can create multiple channels and multiple servers with different focal points and keep the engagement going with different streams and types of content like text, contests and competition, memes, and even voice discussions.

Discord marketing should be an integral element of your NFT marketing plan, and for all you know, it would be the marketing channel that might make or break the success of your NFT project.

Final Words

Maybe NFTs are in their nascent stages, but that does not mean that there are a considerable number of NFTs. Every person who is aware of the awesomeness of NFTs starts to create their own project… And sometimes, it does not have a lot of meaning at all.

It is important not to lose the relevance and awesomeness of your own purpose-driven NFT project in a clutter of nonsensical ones. This is where the importance of a strategic and creative NFT marketing plan kicks in.

It is understandable that not every person with the idea and plan for NFTs might have the acumen it takes to develop a proper NFT marketing strategy. You might want to consider outsourcing your marketing endeavors to an NFT marketing services company that is completely into understanding the market, tapping emotions, binging on creativity, and creating a holistic presence for your NFT!

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