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Strong Reason For Needing A Massage

In the coming weeks, we’ll hand over Monday’s blog post to one of Lake Bootcamp’s clients, Look Great, and massage therapist Amanda Mazzocchi.

Amanda is the owner of Restore Therapeutic Massage in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Receiving a therapeutic massage has a myriad of health benefits, both beneficial and therapeutic. As a boots camper like me, I will focus on how therapeutic massage can help people who exercise regularly and vigorously. I chose three. Best Pellet Grills Under 1000

They all share the common theme of preventing injuries that interfere with your fitness outcomes. These are presented as a three-part series.

Today we will focus on the fact that massage is very effective in treating overuse syndrome, that is, in reducing and preventing injuries.

Muscle is built through a process of breaking down and rebuilding stronger than before. When people do weight training,

they literally throw microscopic tears into their muscles. That’s why you can’t stand up anymore at the end of the set and why you feel pain the next day.

As a result of this exercise, your body will naturally repair and rebuild muscles and become stronger than before. In other words, bodybuilding. Strong reason for needing a massage

Larger and stronger reconstructed muscle fibers

This is a very natural and positive event, but in the training program, repairs may not be keeping up with the dismantling. Result: Pain due to overuse.

Massage greatly restores the muscles of this cycle. Tight and tight muscles have very poor blood flow, and metabolic waste products and lactic acid from the breakdown process remain in the tissues, causing pain.

Massage significantly increases blood flow, literally flushes away waste products, and provides a new blood supply that carries the oxygen and nutrients needed to help muscles repair themselves.

Massage helps prevent worsening of symptoms and ultimately causes injuries due to overuse that requires rest-thus hindering fitness results!

Sports message is an important part of an athlete and fitness training program. However, it is important to distinguish sports massage and therapy from relaxation and spa treatments.

To maximize the effectiveness of training, therapists need to have an extensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and injury to achieve improvement as well as relaxation.

Also, sports massage does not have to be painful to eliminate common misconceptions.

It needs to be specific (that is, it moves all the muscles from the starting point to the insertion

point, not just rubbing a part of the body).

The tension muscles may soften, but the client is always “in the driver’s seat” because it is associated with pain and pressure.

Massage is not a “painless or non-profit” issue. It is definitely possible to get a message that is too deep. Strong reason for needing a massage

After the massage, you should always feel better, not pain. At any point during the massage, but more or less pressure on the therapist. Again, it’s important to find a knowledgeable and experienced therapist.

Whether it’s my practice or another source, I’ll tell you
Test the effectiveness of the therapeutic massage!

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