Suggesting Best Face Serum Routine for Dry Skin

Suggesting Best Face Serum Routine for Dry Skin

Many people suffer from dry skin, but now there is no problem anymore because there are many products available in the market to get the effective skin as they dream. There are different types of serum for face dry skin and other products to maintain your face in an effective way. Including the face serum in your daily routine will help you to get effective results and get dry skin. But many people don’t know about the serum and how to incorporate them into their regular routine. Here are some effective guides on everything about it.

It is a formula that contains a high volume of active ingredients, which helps you to get rid of dry skins. Face serum has high potent actives that more deeply and efficiently penetrate the skin. If you feel that serum is necessary, you can begin to use them in your 20s. There are different types of face serums where each serves different purposes. Selecting the best face serum for dry skin is very important.

When to use face serums

There are various types of face serum, and not all are created equally, so the use of serum will entirely differ. There is also a face oil serum for dry skin, which serves different purposes. The active ingredients in the face serum place a vital role which determines your use of them, that is, whether to use them in your daytime or nighttime skincare routine.

Day serums

If the serum that you are choosing contains vitamin C, then it is best to use during the daytime as it contains antioxidant that is capable of protecting your skin from free radicals and other pollutants while you’re out and about. If you use it in conjunction with daily sunscreen, it protects your skin from photodamages like fine lines and dark spots. Day serums are one of the best face serum for dry skin, which gives you an effective result.

Night serum


It is best to use the serum at night if you are intruding on this ingredient in your skincare regimen for the first time. Some ingredients make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight’s so you prefer to use it in the nighttime. It is based on the ingredient present in your serum.


Anytime serums


Anytime Serums
Anytime Serums


There are many best face serum for dry skin which can be used at any time. Hyaluronic acid serums will provide additional moisturizing at day or at night, so they are preferred to use at any time. When you prefer to use anytime serum, you consider your climate. 


An effective way to incorporate them into your daily routine

Here are some effective tips on how to use the serum for face dry skin effectively in your regular skincare routine.



You need to make sure that whether your skin is properly prepped to apply face serum. By using your regular or favourite face wash, you can cleanse your skin. Cleansing will help to remove any buildup or debris that could hinder the absorption of your serum.


Apply toner, mist or water

The correct layering of products is very important when it comes to the skincare routine. You have to follow the rule that is you have to apply the product based on their viscosity, so start with the thinnest product and finish with the heaviest or thickest. Once you are done with your cleansing, apply an alcohol-free facial toner onto a cotton ball or pad and gently apply them to your entire face in a circular motion.

While applying these products, you need to pay special attention to your hairline, chin, cheeks, and nose to spread them evenly. If you are not using any of the toner or mist, then you can dampen a washcloth with lukewarm water and gently pat it on your face. This process is because damp skin is up to 10x more permeable than dry skin, so it will accept your nutrient-dense face serum more.

Application of facial serum


Once you are done with those two processes, it’s now time to apply the serum for face dry skin. You have to understand the directions thoroughly on your individual face serum because they may have specific instructions for you like the amount of serum, directions to apply them and a lot more. The general application is two pumps, and remembers that they are very potent with high concentrations of ingredients.


If you are using a face oil serum for dry skin, then the amount and instruction will be different, so read them carefully and use them accordingly. You can apply the serum in 2 ways either you can use your fingertips or palms. Wait for 5 minutes after applying it. If they leave you with an oily residue or sticky, then it likely means that it is not doing its job effectively.




If your face serums contain moisturizing agents, then there is no need to use your regular moisturizer, but if not, then you can use them. It is the final step and finishing touch that helps seal in your serum and lock in the nutrients. 


Final thoughts


If you have very dry skin, then you can prefer face oil serum for dry skin, which will produce effective results. Follow the above-mentioned instructions to get an effective outcome.


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