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Surprising Facts About Snack Food

Snack food has become a regular habit for the majority of the population. People prefer snack food as a necessary companion to pass their time. Snack food, be it a nutritious meal or a guilty pleasure, all of them have interesting history and facts. Moreover, creativity has always been a part of the snack food industry. Perhaps that is the reason behind the industry growth. Astute Analytica estimates that to global snack food market will grow at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 5.6% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030. Have a look at some mind-blowing fun concepts and innovations prior to the industry trends and other rational facts.

Havmor, an ice cream brand owned by Lotte Group, inked a pact with ITC to sell Master Chef Frozen snacks to the consumers at its ice cream carts.

Science says Crunchy Cheetos are addictive: 

According to a study by Oxford, our brain likes the sound of crunch. Moreover, the term “vanishing caloric density” describes the actual scientific reason why we prefer snack food. The term indicates that snack food quickly melts down in the mouth. Thus, it sends a message to the brain depicting the food has no calories in it. 
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Thus, every crisp snack has a crispy trick that controls the mind and appetite. About Cheetos, there are approximately 20 different varieties of Cheetos available in 36 countries. One can find Savory American Cream Cheetos in China and strawberry-flavored Cheetos in Japan. 

Pound cake: The name depicts the recipe

Pound cakes are rich in butter, sugar, and eggs, but do you know there is a reason behind its name. The reason behind the name resides in its recipe. The original recipe of pound cake contained a pound of fat (butter), a pound of sugar, a pound of flour, and a pound of eggs. All of this together made up a pound cake. In Britain, Poundcake is commonly referred to as ‘Sponge cake’ or ‘Madeira cake.’

Doritos and Disneyland: A new snack-tale

Doritos invention took place in Disneyland by a restaurant owner named Frito-Lay. After the inauguration of Disneyland in 1955, Walt Disney gave approval to Frito-Lay to open a restaurant in Frontierland. Earlier, Casa de Fritos, a renowned restaurant, only sold Fritos and other incorporated dishes. Casa de Fritos gave a contract to Alex Food for tortilla production. One day, the salesmen from Alex Foods witnessed stale tortillas that were thrown into the garbage and gave a quick tip to the restaurant owner. He asked them to fry these tortillas and sell them as chips. The chips came out as a huge success, and now we know them with the name Doritos. 

Doritos are scientifically engineered to win the heart of the consumers. Doritos are developed with a high concentration of fat. However, a person cannot feel the carbs while eating them. Fatty snacks quickly melt in the mouth, which makes the brain think that the food is light. In addition, the flavorful dust on the top of the nachos unleashes an intense flavor burst, which increases the cravings. 

The most expensive pizza

When it comes to pizza, we always remember a few prominent names, such as Dominos, Piza Hut, etc. The most expensive pizza in the world is Louis XIII pizza which costs around $12,000. It takes over 72 hours and 3 chefs to make the final piece of the pizza. In addition, its topping contains 3 types of caviar, pink Australian sea salt, buffalo mozzarella, and lobster from Norway. 

Why do Crackers have holes?

There is a cooking secret that makes holes in the crackers. Crackers dough possess extreme air. Thus, it is necessary to make holes evenly in order to cook them properly. In addition, these holes must be arranged evenly at equal distances. Otherwise, the end product would be too hard or too soft. 

McDonald’s McAloo Tikki Burger: An impressive research history

McDonald’s McAloo Tikki is ruling the best seller world in India. It’s been 23 years since its rollout in India, and it still reigns supreme on the McDonald’s India bestseller lists and in your hearts. That is because the McAloo Tikki Burger from McDonald’s has been designed to appeal to every Indian palate and preference. The burger contains Indian flavors and tastes combined with the company’s world-renowned procedures and skills. When McDonald’s first began rolling out in India in 1996, customers were unlikely to adapt to the international menu. However, the introduction of this Indian burger changed the viewpoint of consumers towards the brand. Thereafter, the brand introduced Chicken Kebab Burger, Chicken Chatpata Kebab Naan, McSpicy Paneer Burger, and McSpicy Fried Chicken with its authentic cooking techniques.

Cone Icecream was an accident: Icecream waffles were invented when an ice-cream seller, Arnold Fornachou, ran out of ice cream containers. He went to a waffle vendor, Syrian Ernest Hamwi selling pastry waffles in the neighborhood. Arnold bought an ice cream waffle and started serving it to the consumers. Thus, it created a mouth-watering fusion of cone icecreams. 

The Vegan Culture

In recent years, vegan and plant-based cuisine has grown in popularity. A plant-based diet can provide a number of health benefits as well as improve your chances of living a long and healthy life. Moreover, people prefer plant-based cuisine to avoid health-related risks. Previously, JUST Inc. made headlines as the company introduced a liquid egg alternative. It was made up of water, canola oil, mung bean protein, gums, and spices.

Burger King has become one of the market leaders in offering meat substitutes. Burger King previously offered vegan burgers, which gained rapid traction. The vegan-friendly culture of the American multinational fast-food giant is moving forward. 

Businesses have begun to contribute to the vegan age. RIP Chicken and NeWind Foods are expected to introduce non-vegetarian food options. Furthermore, several companies have plans to diversify their vegan snack offerings by fabricating flavorful dishes. Future Farm, a superior natural food, and OZO have plans to introduce a diverse range of soy-based goods to their lineup.

SavorEat, an Israeli food-tech company, also introduced plant-based burgers. These burgers are customized and based on customer choices.

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