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Survey From Packers and Movers Really Worth it or Not?

Packers and Movers Really Worth it or Not?

A residential move is a long-awaited event, after all, it marks the beginning of a new phase. That said, the survey from the packers and movers involves a number of details and decisions that must be scrutinized very carefully to avoid headaches. A widely used way to contribute to the financial planning of those who make the move is to request a technical survey.

This procedure is a survey of all items of the move, as well as the particularities of the places of origin and destination of the service to determine in advance what materials, equipment, and labor will be needed to carry out the move. In fact, this process not only helps the client prepare for service expenses, but it can also be a valuable tool for moving companies that want to better manage their resources.

But how, in fact, does a technical survey by the packers and movers of changes move? What aspects are analyzed and how can this be advantageous for both parties involved in the service? We have prepared an article with answers to these questions and much more!

What does the Technical Survey by Packers and Movers of Move Evaluate?

The aspects analyzed in a technical survey can be divided into two categories: those related to change items and those related to the environments involved in the service.

There are many moving companies that, in addition to transport, also take care of all the organization of belongings for the service. We have already explained in another article that, in a move, packing the items is one of the most important steps, after all, it guarantees protection from impacts during the trip, in addition to making it much easier when organizing the new house.

Therefore, one of the objectives of the technical survey is to examine each object that will be transported. In this way, the company estimates the number of materials needed, such as boxes, bubble wrap, masking tape, etc.

The survey will also be a chance for the packers and movers to prepare for the transport of more delicate items, such as crystal glasses, vases, mirrors, and paintings, among others. Not to mention the furniture that often needs to be dismantled to be removed from the site. In addition, during the survey, the surveyor will also be able to calculate approximately the total volume of the belongings to know which type of vehicle will be most suitable for transport and how many helpers will be needed.

In addition to moving items, the surveyor is also responsible for analyzing the characteristics of the places where they will be loaded. This includes measuring the dimensions of access roads, such as doors, corridors, stairwells, and even elevators, in case of apartment changes.

In addition, the surveyor can take advantage of the visit to discover the places where the moving truck can park, after all, especially in large urban centers, it is very common to have traffic and parking restrictions for certain vehicles.

Who Carries out the Technical Survey on Residential Changes? 

In most cases, the technical survey is carried out by one or more employees of the packers and movers. This happens because this professional has to be prepared to analyze all the relevant details, in addition to having knowledge of the company’s available resources. Only then will he be able to efficiently plan the moving day schedule.

That said, it is not always necessary for a person from the company to visit your home to know the details of the service. Nowadays, there are some moving companies that allow you to inform all the details of the move completely online over WhatsApp or phone calls. This is the packers and movers case!

Through the packers and movers Website, it is possible to list in detail all the items that will be taken in the move, in addition to being able to inform the need for additional services, such as furniture disassembly, packaging, and cargo lifting. Next, packers and movers select drivers and companies that can do the job properly and calculates the budget in advance. 

Why do a Survey from Packers and Movers?

Residential moving is a process that requires high expenses, whether related to the expenses of the new house or the cost of the moving service itself. For this reason, financial planning is essential to get through this phase without having great losses.

The technical survey is a resource that can help a lot in this aspect, after all, from a detailed analysis of the items to be taken and the conditions of the access roads, the packers and movers will be able to present a more realistic forecast of the costs of the service. In this way, the customer will be able to program their expenses even before starting the procedure.

Advantages of Carrying Out the Technical Survey from Packers and Movers

In addition to being advantageous for the customer, the technical survey brings several benefits to business planning.

By thoroughly inspecting aspects of the change and creating an advanced schedule, the company will be able to better manage its resources, avoiding unnecessary expenses with packaging materials, labor, fuel, etc.

In addition, through the survey, it is possible to calculate more detailed and realistic budgets, avoiding very large value changes. This makes the relationship with the client more transparent and pleasant.

It became clear that a technical survey is a procedure that brings numerous advantages to all those involved in the change. Therefore, if you are looking for a company to carry out your move and want to be aware of all your future expenses, give preference to one that works with survey and, therefore, is frank about its budgets and values. What are you waiting for? Access packers and movers and avoid headaches!

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