The Best Engineering Consultants in the World

There is no doubt that technology has overhauled the entire business landscape across industries. The engineering sector is now no exception. However, it’s significant to witness the engineers dexterously demonstrating their expertise. They are moving ahead excelling in their fields through the implementation of agile technologies in an innovative manner. Ms. Harshita Jain is one such admired leader proficiently exhibiting her ability across the infrastructure industry. She is making Consulting Engineers Group more popularly known as CEG, one of the best engineering consultants in the world.

A Successful Women Entrepreneur

Ms. Jain is a graduate of civil engineering from the University of Bath, UK. She was inspired by her parents and sister who belong to the same background. According to her, it was very natural for her to follow in the footsteps of her parents. This is why she always wanted to choose civil engineering as her career domain. Getting to hear the discussions day in and day out about the construction of highways, bridges, and roads fascinated her. This intrigued her even more, and finally, she decided to enter the domain of civil avrupa yakası escort engineering.

However, when she went to the UK she always wanted to come back to India. So that she can give back her learnings to India and contribute to nation-building. She worked in CEG for three years and again thought of enhancing her knowledge and foray into managerial roles, she headed back to the UK and did an executive management course from the London School of economics. 

Ms. Jain is the director of Business Development and her responsibilities include looking after the whole business development part of the company- how to get new clients, what new projects should the company work on, what the company of the different sectors should foray in and in which country.

Mantra of Success

Her mantra of success is that success can never be achieved alone, it comes when one surrounds by people who are equally committed and dedicated. And being a leader doesn’t mean that one has to be the brightest mind in the room, but it means that the right kind of people can work together as a team and reap results.

Ms. Harshita shares that it was her father Mr. Vishwas Jain who started this company named CEG in 1984. And dreamt of making it an international civil engineering consulting firm. Mr. Jain is originally from Kota and had entrepreneurial genes as his father was into the apparel business. Mr. Vishwas Jain did his civil engineering at Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, and post completion of his degree he took the lead and started the consulting engineer’s group ltd. in 1984. CEG started its journey with geotechnical investigations and gradually spread its base in various domains. Today CEG is serving as an engineering consultant in the field of Highways, Tunnels, Airports, HI- Speed Railways, Metros, and many more. 

About CEG India

CEG serves as an engineering consultant for the design, planning, engineering, consulting, and construction management solutions for infrastructure development across the country and the globe. The clientele list of CEG primarily includes the government, followed by private contracting companies working in the infrastructure sector. The USP of CEG is that they accomplish all their projects with full commitment, and integrity, while also adhering to the highest ethical standards and compliances marked.

CEG has made its reach to countries like Gabon, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Kazakhstan, Liberia, and many others. Also, in India being one of the largest civil engineering consultancy stakeholders in the metro sector. CEG is working on projects like Line 5,7, 2B, and 6 of Mumbai Metro, Nagpur Metro, and Navi Mumbai metro. They are also the project management consultant for the Mumbai Ahmedabad High-speed Bullet Train Project being built on the Japanese ‘ Shinkansen High Speed’ success.

CEG has diverted the whole route of the infrastructure industries. So-called male-dominated industry to a new level by incorporating female leaders. 

Her suggestion to aspiring civil engineers and female leaders & entrepreneurs is that have faith in yourself and never give up on your dreams. Learning and growth go hand in hand, always be ready to embrace new learnings. If one is passionate and talented enough to bring a change, then nothing can stop one, regardless of gender. Because neither do they play any role in terms of success nor do they define your chances at success.

CEG aims at providing quality infrastructure to India and the world, proving its strength in the Make in India Initiative. Also, making India proud by contributing to the infrastructure sector through Indigenous means. The iconic projects of CEG include Easter peripheral highway, Mumbai- Ahmedabad High-Speed rail, Delhi Metro, Mumbai metro, and much more. 

Apart from flourishing in business, CEG is also fulfilling its duties by incorporating itself into various CSR activities.

Few CSR activities fulfilled by CEG are:

Shri Jin Kushal Guru Jain Charitable Hospital: CEG supports Sh. Jin Kushal Guru Jain Charitable Hospital. The hospital was started by Shri Kushal Guru Jain Charitable Trust in 2003, on the outskirts of Jaipur. Every year patients avail themselves of services of the treatment facility at zero cost, including consultation with doctors, provision of medicines, etc.  

Akansha: A Special School for Children with Autism and Disabilities: In its efforts to enrich the lives of children with autism & disabilities and to provide them with unique exposure for their holistic development, CEG adopted a special school ‘Akansha’ in 2018. CEG supports the school by providing financial aid so that these bright minds can get free access to education. The school caters to village students and those belonging to underprivileged families.

Girls’ Education: CEG supports girls’ right to education, independence, and empowerment. CEG has taken the responsibility of educating over 100 girls all over India. CEG provides financial support to the girl students, based on their academic potential, through Shri Kushal Guru Jain Charitable Trust.

Technical Training: To contribute towards the overall development of young technocrats & acquainting them with industry practices, CEG offers industrial training programs to students as a part of their under-graduation program.

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