The Hidden Power of SMS Marketing for eCommerce

As per few studies, SMS Marketing for eCommerce is quite effective as text messaging is ranked the #1 channel across 8 out of 10 consumers who like to use messaging to talk with the business and tend to reply to a message and to engage in the conversation. Still, E-commerce or retailers don’t look much at it with the lack of knowledge about SMS marketing benefits. If you like to diversify marketing or like to interact with consumers, bulk SMS marketing for e-commerce has proven to be the most effective way.

How does SMS marketing benefit Ecommerce?

1. Effective engagement with consumers

Emails have an open rate of 20%, where bulk SMS messages have an open rate of 98%. So,  nearly every single text message is opened.

Not only are these text messages opened, but they also read quicker.  So, that made bulk SMS messages reach many consumers, and even interact with more.

We all know that now smartphones aren’t tools for communication, they are a mainstay SMS for eCommerce. Do you know that, over the last few months, over 79% of phone users purchase online by using their mobile devices? So,  purchasers are using their mobile as the shopping centers, you need SMS marketing now more than sefakoy escort before.

2. SMS can boost engagement to other channels too

With text messages, you can enable users to subscribe to the email newsletter with the pact of getting exclusive offers. SMS messages offer an opportunity to remind people to read email. Either you send an appointment reminder or confirmation.

SMS messages can also promote social media channels by adding “Click to Tweet” links in the message.  Or you can also promote your blog post through SMS.

3. Simplify internal communications

Ecommerce managers find text messaging platforms helpful in terms of team management and scheduling. If your teams are running on many schedules, you can come up with lists of contacts for specific shifts by sending them to everyone at once. These Internal business texts could be utilized for training tips, notifications, holiday reminders, and more updates.

4. To handle the consumer’s service operations hassle-free

With these days advanced brand texting channels, consumer service teams could respond and track every incoming message, either from the phone,  Facebook Messenger, or other utilized apps. They could include private comments over threads to recall vital consumer conversations and to schedule follow-up messages that make sure a client is taken care of.

Best SMS marketing strategies for Ecommerce

1. Surprise them

You need to know that your consumers don’t mind getting offers. Text messages just access 160 characters, without any heading or pointers, so you need to create an impact and an excellent way to do this is offere.

For example, a welcoming offer. What can be better than welcoming your people through an SMS message? Who doesn’t like a nice welcoming SMS and it can be a good surprise to the consumers.

Similarly to welcome messages, birthday messages or any special occasion can make your consumers feel truly special. Utilize SMS marketing and make your subscribers’  day more special.

2. Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is the curse of every eCommerce seller. Every 7 out of 10 cats are abandone for many reasons. Generally, a cart abandonment email is applauded as the finest response but it is found to be effective if you integrate it with an SMS.

SMS can quickly adapt for the immediacy, and email for details. Deliver an SMS campaign to get consumers’ attention, and include pictures of the abandoned products in the email to provoke them about what they are missing out on. 9 Items to Evaluate When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

3. Seasonal promotions and Time-Based one

If your brand is hosting any kind of flash sale for 24 hours, then you could easily inform SMS subscribers regarding the start time and date then send them more messages regarding how much time is remaining.

4. Information about order

Text messages can shine in shipping updates and order confirmation. That gives consumers the option of getting updates that empowers them. Also Check here about Coping with the Challenges of Veterinary Translation Services

Your consumers can appreciate updates to the shipping immediately over the mobile phones without concern about email opening. It is the best idea to have a link in the SMS so they could check more information regarding the tracking

5. A sense of scarcity and urgency is needed

This strategy depended upon the consumer’s psychology.  If you add a sense of both urgency or scarcity in your text, then the customer feels that they can miss out on your offer and are likely to take immediate action.

6. Get the frequency right

Your message frequency is a part of bulk SMS marketing. So, it is better to figure out how many times per month you like to send your text message before sending the text messages. You should find the best frequency perfectly, choosing a few times can make your consumers forget about your brand. Sending messages many times can irritate your consumers. Depending on the products and services you offer, delivering your SMS frequency should be thought of.

7. Customize the messages

Customizing the bulk SMS messages is the most vital way in terms of boosting sales by SMS marketing. The main step should be segmenting the customers depending on location, purchase history, and age group. Then,  craft certain text messages which connect with the consumers depending on criteria.

Then you need to add a reference that your consumers can relate to. Then include the name of customers in the message body which is the main and effective way to and your people feel different.

8. Get the timing right

You need to send the messages at the perfect time. Delivering the messages at the perfect time can enhance the effect of the SMS marketing strategy. No one wants a message to wake them up at 2 AM to open and read about the product. It is better to know to send messages to the consumers.

Finally, to see the power of SMS Marketing for your e-commerce or retail business you need a professional SMS Gateway service.

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