The key has broken off in the lock! Now What?

A broken key in the lock can be very annoying. It means that you can no longer enter your home, damage may have been caused to the cylinder of your lock, and so on. Fortunately, the emergency service of our Locksmith in Tampa is ready for you to open the lock in the event of a broken key. However, before you call our emergency service, you could try to remove the broken part of your key from the lock yourself. Please note that this is not at risk. For example, the cylinder could be damaged if you insert a screwdriver too deeply into the lock. In such a case, it is necessary to replace the cylinder.

On this page, you can read more about how you can remove a broken key from your lock yourself. If this does not work, you can call our experienced locksmith to help you with this.

Tips if the key is not very deep

Of course, removing the broken key is easiest when it is not very deep. Use the tips below to remove the key from the lock. Sometimes simple tools from your handbag can be enough to get the key out of the lock! Now all you have to do is wait for your partner or, for example, a neighbor with your spare key.

Tip 1:

Use tweezers to try to remove the broken key from the lock. Be careful not to insert the edges of the tweezers into the cylinder when gripping the piece of the key.

Tip 2:

Use a small pair of scissors to apply force to the key and pull it out of the lock. It is also important not to touch the cylinder of the lock.

Also, take a look at the tips in the next paragraph. These tips are intended for removing a piece of key that is more difficult to withdraw from the lock’s cylinder but can also be helpful if the key is less deep.

Tips when the key is deep

Is the broken part of your key very deep in the cylinder? In that case, it will be considerably more challenging to remove the key from the lock. The use of tweezers or, for example, small scissors is not sufficient in such a case.

Tip 1:

To make it easier to remove a key piece, it is recommended to spray a small amount of WD40 around the key. Then, allow the agent to soak for some time before removing the key.

Tip 2:

Use a pair of pliers to get a good grip on the broken piece of a wrench when you try to remove it. As with the tweezers and scissors mentioned earlier, the pincers must not touch the lock’s cylinder.

Tip 3:

When you can get in through the back door, you can try to push the broken key out of the lock. First, insert the key on the inside into the lock. At the same time, someone else pulls on the piece of key on the outside. Unfortunately, not every type of cylinder is suitable for this method.

Tip 4:

Try to pull the broken key out of the lock with a magnet. You will, of course, need a relatively strong magnet. A simple hobby magnet will not suffice.

Tip 5:

You can try pushing a jigsaw next to the key and then pull the key forward. However, there is a high risk of damage to the cylinder. Therefore, only use this option if the other tips do not work well enough.

Tip 6:

Use a so-called key remover. You can order this tool online. Leave the key overnight and remove it the next day with the ordered key remover. Logically, this only works if you can enter through the back door. Although the name of this tool may suggest otherwise, removing a key with this tool is not easy.

Tip 7:

If it is impossible in any way to get the key out of the lock, you could drill it out of the lock. Unfortunately, the cylinder is damaged to such an extent that it must always be replaced. The advantage of this is that you can at least enter your home. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to close the door after the cylinder has been drilled open.

Call in an emergency locksmith for help

More sensible than drilling a key out of the lock is to call in a Locksmith Tampa. The locksmith offers you an emergency service, so you never have to wait long for help. Our locksmith emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to lend a helping hand with lockouts, break-ins, and similar lock problems. The locksmith’s experience in removing a broken key means that they can always provide you with a suitable solution. In addition, a locksmith has access to various tools.

If a locksmith can also not remove the broken key from the lock, he can immediately place a new cylinder for you. It also applies if you have drilled the key out of the lock yourself. Always get advice beforehand about the most suitable type of lock for your door.

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