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The New Reasons to Decorate and Love Neon

Decorate and Love Neon

Decorate and Love Neon

One word… the word “vintage. One of the top trends for 2019 and likely to continue for 2020, the vintage trend will be around for a while!custom neon signs uk Nothing more timeless than a few neon lights strung throughout the home with your favorite quote or perhaps a work of artwork. (NOTE : You also design with neon signs and also custom neon signs uk

)Signs made of neon can be far more than the sign that says “open” or “closed” and can be changed into our favorite phrases, hashtags, and, yes, even art.

The tubes that contain neon gas can be made to whatever you like and even faces! Your home is supposed to be a comfortable space. Be happy!


Vintage Look


One of the most popular trending home decors in 2019 was vintage, and it’s on the way for the long-term. With vintage becoming a popular trend, how will you resist locating the perfect piece of art to show off the unique qualities you have to put up within your house?!


Decorating naturally does not stop at your house. Share with the world who you are and what you stand for.

Imagine your office featuring a bright neon sign on the wall that reads #Boss and personalized by your favorite color.

Imagine that wedding, the most beautiful ever day in your life, with your wedding ring and the bride’s initials in a huge heart. Or the vowels “happily ever after” glowing on your wedding reception.custom neon signs uk

This is a life-long souvenir! Remodel your bathroom with a bright light in front of your mirror or frame it. There are endless possibilities! Making your customized neon sign is more straightforward and less expensive than ever!



Home Bars and Man Caves


Another trend that has been seen in recent years is to have a home bar or man’s room. It’s possible that we don’t all have the space for a bar at home.

However, chances are your home is the man’s room or shed. Signs made of neon play a significant role in bars across the world, still shining brightly in the windows of your favorite bar with the name of your favorite (or not so much favorite) beer.

Bringing some of those popular brand neon signs into your home bar. You can elevate your bar and bar experience to another level by creating your customized neon sign “Mike’s Place” or “Tony’s Pub” (insert your name here).).


In addition to decorating the room with old metal signs, many man caves feature one or two bands. Some excellent neon signs are available that show bands like the Rolling Stones iconic tongues sticking out of their mouths.

Some artists have created mixed media art with neon signs layered over the canvas of a painting. There’s no way to forget one of the more famous items of bar swag and the industry of music –

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Imagine the parrot and the palm tree swearing Margaritaville or a beach scene that includes words like “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”. You can also have the team’s logo glowing in neon light bulbs to embellish your home with.


Whether you’re looking to decorate your office, bar, or game room, Custom neon signs can be a fantastic choice for decorating your home. There are also options for those who love birds who are ready to get married, and it’s becoming a popular wedding style in the present. Be radiant; discover your happiness!


Neon Signs for Improved Mental Health


As the winter solstice nears and the days get shorter, daylight indulges. Many Americans are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is a disorder that may cause anxiety, depression, or depression due to the absence of sunlight.

While sunlight from the sun is the most effective treatment for SAD, colors also help or hinder SAD. Therefore, why not beautify your home with colors that you believe will provide an increase in the mood even if you don’t suffer from SAD?


While neon light bulbs don’t produce the same effects as lightboxes, bright and vibrant neon signs can give you an essential mood lift on dark days.

Did you realize researchers have carried out research to study how people react to specific hues?

For instance, blue light can cause us to feel more lively. The study found that the participants had higher productivity and could finish cognitive tasks faster than those in the control group.

It was also noted that blue light does not promote sleep. Blue light (not just from your fluorescent light bulbs but from your phones) could interfere with your body producing the hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps to sleep.

Neon bar signs UK


Red, however, has been shown to boost mental health during the evening. The red hue triggers the body to release more melatonin, which can help us to sleep more effectively.

And as we all know, the more we sleep well at night and feel better when we wake up, improving our mental health.

A well-placed custom neon sign may give a bit of relief to people who are trying to catch the sleep they need.

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If you’re fond of the past, want to make your home look more stylish, have a man cave or bar, or simply need to boost your mood,

Custom neon signs can be a fantastic alternative to decorate your space.

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