Tips to Pick the Right Watch For Your Outfit

Tips to Pick the Right Watch For Your Outfit

The accessories that you wear play a crucial role in defining your look. When talking about accessories, watches are the essential ones. However, choosing the wrong watch that doesn’t go with your outfit can damage your entire look. There are several considerations that you need to take into account to pick the right timepiece. For example, a white face watch with black strap will complement your designer suit. Similarly, you can’t wear a gold statement watch for casual wear. So, here we have compiled some useful tips to pair the right watch with your outfit. 

Choose the Right Size

The size of the watch matters the most. Choosing the watch of the wrong size will vandalize your overall style. If you have a thin wrist, then you can’t go with a big-sized watch. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your whole look depends on the size of your watch somewhere. You need a watch that fits your wrist. When buying a timepiece, make sure it is of the right size. You can’t take the risk of making a mistake with the size. 

Complement with the Dress Code

You have to first reflect on your dress code to match your wristwatch. The task is not as complex as it may sound to you. For example, if you plan to wear a tuxedo suit with a tie, you need a luxurious timepiece. But when you are wearing a t-shirt with a casual jacket, then a sports watch will suit your wrist more. Similarly, a white face watch with a black strap will compliment your black blazer. 

Thus, for formal attire, you need formal watches like a 3atm water-resistant quartz watch. However, a smartwatch or sports watch will match with casual attire. So, know your dress code or outfit before picking the right wristwatch. The whole point is what you are wearing and whether your watch complements the outfit. 

Know the Occasion

You need to know the occasion to choose your watch accordingly. You can’t pick a sports watch for a formal event or occasion. You need to be aware of the occasion to know which watch to wear and which one to avoid. So, are you going out for a business meeting or a night party? Classic gold and silver watches are strictly business wear. 

You can wear these timepieces like an elegant black watch for corporate events or business meetings. Likewise, a sports watch is suitable for casual purposes and goes with casual attire. So, choose your watch as per the occasion to be always on point with the fashion. 

Match with Straps

Once you know the occasion, everything boils down to choosing the right material and watch strap. There are two main materials that are available in watch straps. The first one is leather bands, while the other is stainless steel straps. Leather bands are more formal as compared to stainless steel straps. Stainless steel watch straps are suitable for casual occasions, while the leather ones complement the blazers and suits. 

Besides, you can pick a stainless steel watch with black leather strap to create a unique and unforgettable impression. Moreover, style your watch strap with the matching outfit. For example, pair your black leather strap white face watch with shoes and belts of the matching color.

Consider Your Footwear

You can match your watch with your footwear. Even though black is a universal color, it is not the only option for your footwear. Sometimes, brown shoes are preferable. In that case, you can go with a watch with a brown leather band. Usually, a watch with a metal strap goes fine with both brown and black shoes. 

Moreover, when your shoes are in black, blue, or grey shades, go for the silver watches. However, pick gold watches if you are wearing brown or pastel colour shoes. Additionally, black leather watches complement slip-on loafers the best. So, when in doubt, match your watch with your footwear and get compliments.


These are some tips that you should consider when you pick your watch of the day. Before you invest in the luxury watch, ensure it fits your wrist’s size and matches your clothes and the occasion. Select your watch wisely and consider the watch strap color correctly. In keeping with the rising trend, you need to upgrade your watch collection with classic timepieces. Bad fashion accessories will ruin your entire look.

Moreover, watches come in various types, including dress watches, racing watches, digital watches, quartz watches, pilot watches, and field watches. You can choose any one of them on the basis of your preference. In addition, consider the functionality of the watch. You have plenty of options around you, so you have to be wise while making an investment. Furthermore, also consider the right material and quality of the timepiece. You wouldn’t want to invest in a low-quality watch that doesn’t last long.

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