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Total Guidance for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the procedure where the knee joint is replaced with plastic components to provide the continued movement of the knee. Arthritis is a most general factor which is responsible for knee joint pain. And osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis which is mostly affected on an overweight patient. The most common symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain in joints while sitting, hardness of the joint, and soft swelling. A knee replacement surgeon is a well-educated and fully experienced doctor and many patients visit every month for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery in Jaipur is best because after surgery you may feel comfortable and you can do your activity without any discomfort. Knee Surgery helps you to get rid of pain and it is an effective procedure that helps you to move much better. Almost 80% of patients who choose knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur are very secure, doing their daily basis activity and living a healthy lifestyle. The range of motion after surgery is way better than motion before surgery. And kneeling may be painful but it is not risky. After surgery, you can maintain good strength, contribute to the regular exercises and flexibility of your new knee. Several differences you may see after knee replacement surgery:-

  • Relieve in pain
  • Improve flexibility
  • Doing activities
  • No more stiffness of the joint
  • Instant physical therapy
  • More support and stability
Knee Replacement Surgery in Jaipur
Knee Replacement Surgery in Jaipur

What to Expect After Knee Replacement Surgery

After your surgery, your physical therapist helps you to stand and walk using walkers, crutches, etc. They will also help you to use a continuous passive motion machine that helps you move the joint lightly and slowly right after the surgery. A physical therapist helps you with a certain task which you cannot do to yourself after surgery like dressing and changing the bandage. On the next day, you can shower when the surgeon uses waterproof dressing because with normal dressing you cannot shower for three to five days.

With the help of a physical therapist within 2 days, you can stand up, change locations or walk and climb a few steps. After surgery, you may stay for 3-4 days but it can be longer depending on your surgery. During the knee replacement procedure, you may see a good change in your knee and get stronger. And you will be able to do exercise and many other activities with lesser pain and you will require less powerful ache medications.

When to Choose Knee Replacement Surgeon

Knee replacement surgery is needed when your knee ache is going worse day by day. And you are not able to do a smaller activity and your knee stiffens while walking or sitting, no more medication helps you for better reliefs, pain disturbs you while sleeping and difficulties in climbing stairs well this is the right time to consult a knee replacement surgeon because the orthopedic surgeon will help you relieve pain and provide better treatment. They help you to exactly what you are going through with your knee. And tell you what type of knee surgery is suitable. Your surgeon decides that surgery is suitable for a patient who has sufficient bone. And bone is strong enough to support plastic or artificial knee.

A knee replacement surgeon helps to make sure you have effective knee surgery and you will feel comfortable. Experts in knee replacement surgery in Jaipur gain a lot of knowledge and experience while during the surgery. Meeting the surgeon face to face will help you to ask or discuss any question regarding your knee replacement.

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