Travel All Over Pakistan Northern Areas In a Car?

As a result of the unexpected increase in the tourism industry, increasingly international travelers are flocking to Pakistan, and not just one-two, but a whole slew of them. Because of Pakistan’s present attractiveness, foreigners increasingly believe that Northern Pakistan is secure today and that in the foreseeable. Some may have purchased plane tickets, while others will travel by car or rail. But we’re here to advise you how and where to make the most of your Proton adventure.

Northern Pakistan is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The northern portions of Pakistan are amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Even though you might travel to Pakistan with your entire family, the northern area, the attractive part of Kashmir or Gilgit-Baltistan, the Himalayas, and trekking peaks, is also another factor that draws tourists as well as others. Soak up the sun of the north by camping beneath the pure starry night sky. Several factors compel individuals to take some time away, stroll north with their family members, and unwind in the company of nature.

Tourist Attractions:

Makran Coast:

Pakistan would be the greatest travel destination in 2022. If you’re contemplating a road trip to Pakistan, the new Proton X70 2WD is the automobile to get you there in elegance and luxury. You may get an iconic glimpse of the magnificent blue ocean if you visit Pakistan’s most amazing beaches.

Pakistan has yet to transform its famed and magnificent beaches into a dream vacation destination, as far as we know. Despite this, development has begun to move, and an increasing number of people are flocking to Makran Coast, which is unquestionably worth seeing. The breathtaking scenery in the Balochistan area is a pleasant surprise. The cost on its own is 1000 kilometers long, or 621 miles, and it runs along the Gulf of Oman. It is paired with stunning scenery that is accessible by the Makran Coastal Route, which runs across Karachi, Sindh, to Gwadar, passing via the districts of Ormara and Pasni.

Khewra Salt Mine:

If you want to visit Pakistan’s second-biggest salt mine but don’t understand which vehicle to take, let us inform you that the New Malaysian Car and its 2WD are indeed the best options because you’re already traveling by road. In such a situation, the Proton X70 AWD and 2WD are indeed the finest options, since they give comfort as well as a sophisticated guidance system for foreigners who are unfamiliar with the area. The Khewra Salt Mines is located in the upper part of the salt range throughout the Punjab area, some 184 km (114 miles) from Islamabad, Pakistan’s national capital. The Khewra salt mine was not just the largest and most important salt supplier, but also its most popular tourist attraction, with over 3,000 visitors each year.


Most tourists like seeing historical monuments that date back approximately 2500 BC. A thorough investigation and investigation of the area resulted in the discovery of monuments and ruins that were formerly part of the Indus river valley, akin to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Among other things, Mohenjo-Daro was built on a grid system, had a massive supply of water, and developed communal showers.

Every one of these research and analysis show that urban strategic plans and geotechnical works were ahead of their time. However, the city was abandoned for unknown reasons, and archeologists are still trying to figure out why. Owing to weather-related damage, everything came to a halt. However, some individuals are still debating the source and explanation for the people’s departure from Mohenjo-Daro.

Kalash Valley:

Domestic and international visitors alike are flocking to Kalash Valley to see the communities of Bumburet, Birir, and Rumbur, which together form the greatest province in Pakistan’s KPK zone.

However, with the Proton X70 AWD and 2WD, you will indeed be able to go out to the Hindu Kush Mountainous Region. For ages, the village’s isolation has aided in the preservation of its culture. The Kalash Settlement is best visited throughout their Festivals seasons when the residents are recognized. For their beautiful clothing and unique percussion equipment.

Swat Valley:

Though everyone has had a difficult past, Swat Valley’s coming generations are bright. This breathtaking landscape. Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province seems like someone from a fairy tale.

Consider lush green landscapes and woods, lovely villages, and rivers with blues. So vivid and dazzling you’d swear they weren’t real! Swat’s true beauty can be viewing in everywhere in Kalam. Which serves as a foundation for experiencing the valley’s stunning scenery.

Hunza Valley:

It’s nearly probable that if you reside in Pakistan or even have read anything. At all about the nation, you’ve heard about Hunza. Which is the best and pleasureful place to visit with your loving ones. Don’t be fooling by the phrase “valley” Because Hunza is a sprawling area. Made up of multiple valleys and settlements.

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