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It’s rightly put, Vertu is a very elegant solution to a particular problem. When we are moving forward with adopting technological advancements in various fields, we should not leave our mobile phones behind. They want to be authentic and they want to be extremely luxurious. This is what makes this brand different from the rest of the brands. Back in the 90s, not many people knew about using tools as a means of luxury. That was the initial stages of Vertu being considered as the device that has the ability to break the market. Considering the prices of a phone is very important, because we are in a very competitive market today. How can someone say no to such beautiful objects of delight? More than anything, it is a wonderful status symbol that people can be in awe of! You don’t often come across phones in the market with a gemstone studded in them, and that is what makes Vertu different from the rest of the lot.

Did you know that you can’t scratch the screens of Vertu! Or even, break them? Yes! This is what makes the screens so solid and so amazing. There are also some other amazing characteristics of Vertu. They also have a dedicated image processing chip – this actually comes directly out of professional SLR cameras. It takes 21-megapixel photos. More importantly, they have it loaded with an extra-large battery. The best aspect of Vertu is that you don’t have to charge your phone every minute or hour. It bears a great battery within itself. There are a lot of differences between a Vertu phone and other phones. Firstly, it’s the aspect of this phone being expensive. It’s way more expensive than other phones. It is this gemstone that protects the screen very well and prevents it from any breakages. While companies like Apple choose glass for their products, Vertu doesn’t believe in using a subordinate product for its goods. 

You take a little seed crystal and put it into a blast furnace that’s running at 2000-degrees centigrade. Then you drop aluminum oxide over it, and slowly it grows. It takes a very long time to grow. Hence, the results are extremely good. The screens ate scratch resistant. This is what makes it extremely different. If you look at the side of this phone, you will notice metal ‘guard rails’. One will be astonished to know that these guard rails have been made from solid grade five titanium. This helps in the protection of everything inside the phone. It also provides structure to that extra hard screen. Now, the best part about these phones is despite whatever has been used, they are incredibly light, all thanks to the magnesium shell. 

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