We Put Five Great Cold Press Juicers To The Test

There are several types of cold press juicers on the market. We’ve included the Omega brand, Hurom HZ, Dash, and Tribest in this article. These juicers offer various smart features and can help you make great homemade juice every day. We’ve also included reviews of each of them so you can see for yourself how they perform. Here are some of our favorites. Read on to learn about the best cold press juicers and which one is right for you.

Hurom HZ

The Hurom HZ cold press juicer comes with an impressive number of features, such as a powerful motor and heavy-duty Ultem plastic construction. Its high containers are perfect for juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables. It also makes juice that will last for several glasses. This juicer has a contract that indicates how long it will last. Commercial users should purchase several Hurom juicers to rotate through.

Omega brand

The Omega brand cold press juicer is one of the most versatile juicers available. Not only can it make juice, but it can also be used to make nut butters, pate, sorbet, sauces, and even nut milks. It also handles wheatgrass and leafy greens better than its competitors, and is easy to clean. This juicer also has a large countertop footprint, making it the best choice for those who need a lot of space in the kitchen and make juice frequently.


The Dash cold press juicer is a versatile machine that can make juice from various types of fruits, vegetables, and fibrous fruits. You can use it to make fresh juices for both soft and hard fruits, and even wheatgrass and celery! The machine can also be used to make smoothies and frozen drinks, thanks to its integrated food pusher. But before purchasing one, make sure to check out its features. Read on to learn more about this machine.


The Tribest cold press juicer can process various types of ingredients. It can handle hard and soft fruits, fibrous roots, and green leafy vegetables. You can also use this juicer to prepare nut butter and delicious sauces. This juicer also comes with a mincing attachment, which makes it possible for you to create healthy recipes with a wide variety of vegetables. Its stainless steel body and rust-free parts are also ideal for sanitizing your kitchen after preparing juices.


You can make delicious beverages with the Aicok cold press juicer. This juicer is equipped with a 150-watt motor and can produce up to 60 decibels of noise at max speed. The juicer’s low-rpms will prevent oxidation. The juicer is also dishwasher safe. The juicer comes with two cones – one for pressing fruit and the other for juicing vegetables.

Dash’s machine

The Dash DCSJ255 is a sleek juicer that produces high quality cold-pressed juices. Its sleek design makes it easy to hide from sight. The juicer’s other features make it a more versatile option than the centrifugal variety, as it can also grind nuts and produce nut milk. This makes it ideal for a busy kitchen. Although the juicer doesn’t produce as much juice as the centrifugal type, you can still make nut milk and sorbet with it.


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