What Are the Responsibilities of Concierge Security Guards?

With the change in the global perspective of business, living, and professionalism; there is a shear need for security services for every sector. However, the concierge security guard service is a unique security facility together with the administrative services to take charge of your professional premises.

Professional premises might include hospitality, corporate offices, or any other building where properly dressed personnel are required to meet and greet the guests. Whether you are a commercial building owner or a hotel proprietor, concierge security service should be the first consideration to protect and manage the businesses.

Concierge security officers maintain the security and reputation of your commercial building in several ways. Moreover, the concierge security service helps you to reduce the burden related to business responsibilities to better focus on other important tasks.

The concierge security guard duties are challenging and need the expertise to take the charge as a concierge security officer. A proper concierge security service must include high-security structures to monitor your staff and visitors.

What Are Concierge Security Services?

The concierge shouldn’t be misinterpreted as a term for a front desk assistant in a hotel or hospital. A concierge is often required as a stand-in to a high-end business. Concierge guards are trained to perform outclass in high-security professional standards.

A concierge security officer is usually stationed at your building entrance, observing all the happenings that happen around your building. Concierge security service makes sure that your business and your visitors’ needs are met. The main purpose and focus of concierge security are handling and maintaining security in commercial as well as corporate building.

The fame of Concierge Security Services is rising in number within diverse types of businesses. The businesses hire a concierge security officer to handle other corporate and workplace duties such as conferences and welcoming guests during a hefty workload or illness absence of staff alternate performance.

Moreover, a concierge security officer can support you on different corporate occasions and guarantee that only official people enter your building. Further, one of the additional benefits of concierge security service is certifying that customers accept the best customer service probable.

Certainly, concierge security services are valuable when it derives to tracking a high-demand business. Apart from retaining security in business premises, they can also help you with the back ends of monitoring a business, confirming everything is happening smoothly.

Core Responsibilities of Concierge Security Officer

concierge security officer

  • Front desk Security Coverage

The most important aspect of concierge security service is acting as the eyes and ears of an office block. Concierge security officers are constantly on the viewpoint for threats, suspicious activities, and whatsoever compromises the security of the building.

At Guard24, we identify the need for concierge security services to provide a complete training program to the concierge security guard including modules like customer service, conflict resolution, and incident de-escalation. Moreover, in a residential setting, our front desk security officers are second-to-none at dispersing common building problems such as noise complaints and gatherings.

  • Mail and Parcel Handling

Receiving and handling a large amount of mail and parcels arrive at corporate buildings and offices across Canada. There could be mismanagement and misplacement of such stuff while the staff is busy doing other duties. The concierge security guard takes the core responsibilities to handle supplies, concierge security officer is standing by to help.

Office and corporate receiving packages from local Post, Amazon, and package delivery companies are carefully monitored and handled. This guarantees packages aren’t missing from the door, evading the creation of a security concern that could lead to property crime and break-ins. Concierges will guarantee all mail and parcels are safely handed over to the rightful recipients, ensuring one less thing to worry about for office managers and property managers.

  • Administrative Duties

Corporate and hospitality managers are busy and don’t have the time for the daily responsibilities of running a building. Guard24 is offering a concierge security team to help the sectors. Whether it’s building elevator control or supporting move-in and move-out or handling common areas like recreational facilities and party rooms, our front desk concierge security team is highly trained and ready to help. In an office setup, concierge security can take over aspects like answering the phone, room bookings, and fielding queries from the public.

  • Emergency Response

A highly proficient concierge security guard is qualified to surpass for help like CPR, occupational first aid training, and outstanding communication skills to combat any rare and panic situation.

A concierge security officer understands how to peacefully starts an emergency response while making a quick connection with ambulance, police, and firefighters. They’re also impeccable for smaller tragedies. Access to plumbers, locksmiths, and electricians to offer smaller-scale but unfavorably important interferences.

At Guard24, we train our concierge security crew to adequately complete their duties. We educate them to outdo in any scenario performing while under the burden or under a target.

  • Customer Service

A top-notch concierge security service will have the comparison of a black book of interactions. All that the customer wants the concierge security will offer. Whether it is tickets to the theatre, a limousine or a taxi, or a table at the deluxe restaurants and clubs in the area, a worthy concierge security will be a pit of information.

A concierge security guard has the social communication skills and the links to open gates that few others can. A concierge security staff will intensify your guest experience while upholding oversight of your security.

Concierge Security is among one of the fastest-growing security services in Canada, and the Guard24 team offers dedicated concierge security officers that are ready to offer entirely customizable concierge services. We appreciate that a concierge isn’t your regular security professional.

Our officers are the front-of-house and make a visible presence that strikes the perfect balance between greetings and security. Our concierge professionals with multi-disciplinary training perform and respond to any scenario at their pace. Get the right services with us in Edmonton and allied regions.

Hunting for the Best Security Services Company:

There are several security companies out there ready to help their clients. All these companies offer different services required for various businesses and homes. The primary purpose of the company is to provide its clients with the security of what they ask for, whether it may be a home, office, or any building.

As security is a vital aspect so the person must also select it wisely. You can’t believe the word of mouth proper research is important before finalizing the security services company. Listed below are the key aspects you should look for in the best security services company.

best security services company

Company Reputation and History:

One of the supremely vital features to look for in a Security Company Edmonton is its reputation and history. The history must not be a Mistry. Vote for the company that has the paramount and long-lasting good reputation inside the community you hunting for safety. Picking a new company is always a risk.

Might be possible they are not up to the mark you looking for. Reputed companies are a little pricy as compared to the new but you can fully rely on them.

Training and Certification:

Security is all about vigilance and observation along with guarding job. You can’t just handle a gun to a person and ask him to take care of your property. This type of security guard just only provides security but can’t handle any emergencies. It is vital to check the training and certification before hiring a person from them.

Every other person has abilities but there is a need to polish them. Best security services company train their guards for different emergencies.

Concierge Security is among one of the fastest-growing security services in Canada, and the Guard24 team offers dedicated concierge security officers that are ready to offer entirely customizable concierge services. We appreciate that a concierge isn’t your regular security professional.

Communication and Professionalism:

Communication is necessary for the survival and existence of individuals as well as for a business. It is a practice of sharing and creating information, ideas, views, feelings, and facts from one person, group, or place to another.  Communication is crucial to building a healthy relationship with the customer. Deeply observe the communication of the company. How do they respond to you from the start, do they value you?

Recommendation and References:

Heavy capital and investment don’t decide the reputation of a company. A security services company’s impressive look on paper doesn’t make them the best security services company. Always go for the company referred by an authentic person who is availing services.

Don’t believe newspapers or the internet. Several scams make the company top viewed on the internet. The quality deliverance of services speaks for itself. The former clients and their reviews are most helpful in getting the best security services company.


Going through all the trustworthy facts about the advantages of security guard services proves that home safety is a high steak of theft if your security guard is missing. Don’t dare to risk your life, family, and valuables. Go for a security services company, and the most considerable point is to choose the company wisely.

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