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What Does An Osteopath Do For Back Pain?

Osteopath Do For Back Pain

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that aims to detect and treat the overall health of all the body systems by using physical manipulation such as moving, stretching, and massaging of muscles and joints. It involves the treatment through manual medicine that means treatment and diagnosis are carried out manually by an osteopath. An osteopath is a licensed physician who performs this therapy. An osteopath uses hands-on manual treatment to treat the overall health by improving blood circulation, reducing back pain, and increase physical mobility by stretching, massaging, and musculoskeletal system.

In the UK, osteopathy is becoming a primary healthcare profession. The osteopath Dover are well-trained to degree level. Osteopaths use techniques rather than drugs or surgeries and are not always bases on science.

Factors of Osteopathy

Osteopathic medicine and manual treatment focus on several factors:

  • Restore and increase physical mobility
  • Relieve muscular pain
  • Treat and reduce back pain
  • Restore stiffed joints and muscles
  • Enhance the elasticity of soft tissues and ligaments

How Osteopaths treat back pain?

Treatment of back pain is one of the many benefits of osteopathy. Osteopath treats back pain effectively without any involvement of drugs or surgeries. The techniques an osteopath uses to relieve back pain and treat other variety of problems are:


An osteopath uses different massage techniques on the whole body to free the restrictions on the body. Direct pressure applied to the soft tissues of the back reduces back pain.

Spinal Manipulation

An osteopath applies pressure on some particular points on the spine with hands that might make popping and cracking sounds.

Muscle energy technique

Pulling of muscles is performed in this technique by making the patient move specific muscles against the force applied by an osteopath. This technique increases the motion in the affected joint or muscle.

Functional technique

While performing functional techniques, the osteopath moves your joints in different positions and gradually moves them back to the original posture. That reduces the pain and restores muscles and joints. Gentle stretching and movement of joints are involved in this technique.

Deep tissue massage

The deep massage technique reduces the stiffness and tightness of muscles and soft tissues. An osteopath uses a combination of gentle and firm techniques during this massage to relieve back pain.

During osteopathy, your osteopath may advise you, different exercises to reduce your back pain. An osteopath also advises on rehabilitation and other physical activities to help relieve back pain.

Conditions of back pain and Osteopathy

When it comes to back pain, the usual conditions are joint pain, sciatica, pregnancy back pain, posture problem, muscular tension, stiffed joints, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain. These are different locations where people complain about stiffness and severe pain. These all forms of pain can be enough to cause numbness in the legs. Osteopathy is effective in treating back pains, whether it is lower, middle, or upper.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that encourages the body to work efficiently. This treatment does not involve any drugs or surgeries. One of the benefits of osteopathy is the treatment of back pain. People with back problems must follow the advice of their osteopaths to improve the physical mobility, posture, and back relief back pain.

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