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What is 3D Drawing And how it is fun to Draw in 3d.

What is 3D Drawing And how it is fun to Draw in 3d.

What is a 3D drawing?

 When 3D Drawing, it incorporates a 3 rd dimension: depth. The answer is relatively easy to understand. When we draw in 2D, therefore in 2 dimensions, we reproduce on the sheet a drawing without any notion of volume. Only width and height are taken into account. 

Drawing in 3D makes the drawing much more realistic since it is faithful in every detail to what the eye observes in reality. It transcribes the reliefs, the distances and keeps the same proportions as in reality as when drawing a face. From putting it into perspective to making authentic trompe l’oeil, the 3D drawing takes various forms and requires in-depth drawing skills. You can Also learn house Drawing from our website.

How to draw in perspective?

Perspective is the technique that allows you to draw an object in its space in 3 dimensions. The designer considers the depth of the field and reproduces the object as it is perceived according to his point of view. When the perspective is respected, all the lines of a drawing converge towards the vanishing point.

The cavalier perspective

 It consists of giving volume to an object by adding parallel lines. That is the drawing that we find, especially in geometry, to represent a cube. In this case, the object is not represented, considering the deformation typically obtained by its depth.

Linear perspective is commonly used in drawing. 

To create an excellent linear point, we generally rely on two things:

A plane that will make it possible to take visual cues to draw the elements of the drawing reproducing a scene. There are several types of linear perspectives, allowing to give depth.


The frontal perspective :

the eye is placed in front of the scene. The drawing is based on a horizon line, at eye level, and all the lines converge towards a single vanishing point,

The oblique perspective

 We look here in two directions. The composition has two vanishing points. To draw a cube or other geometric shapes taking into account the deformation related to depth in space, it is this type of perspective, with two vanishing points that are used,

The high perspective :

here, we catch in to record all the dimensions of an object by working on its representation with three vanishing points. That is the most realistic perspective, mainly used in architecture to represent, for example, a building.

Mastery of perspective drawing is necessary to make a realistic drawing and give it volume as when drawing a hand. Drawing in 3D cannot be improvised. You will need to exercise your eye and consider the proportions. Representing objects and characters taking into account depth effects is essential for drawing in 3D. The Drawing Mona Lisa is an example of an atmospheric. Ezine posting

 Secret of perspective

Drafters who master the art of perspective drawing achieve an even more stunning result in their works. The objects seem to come out of the frame to come to life.

The art of personal perspective. The anamorphic illusion is a technique that makes it possible to draw in trompe-l’oeil, thanks to a process of deformation of the image.


When the design is successful, it gives the impression of coming to life and being truly in relief. Not bad for offering a logo to a company, right?

This impression is an eye obstacle, which is only perceptible from a particular angle. When you look at an anamorphic picture, you have to look at it in a certain way to see the result in 3D. Under the other angles, on the contrary, we discover a distorted drawing.

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