What Is Fire-Resistant Lumber & Why Do You Need It?

Hardwood is one of the most popular materials for decking because it doesn’t conduct heat and stays strong even when wet.

Hardwoods are not only used in fire rated structures. But also as flooring under furniture or other items like saucers where. They will absorb more intense vibrations from footsteps without warping due to their high density compared with softer woods. Such pine floors which make them great choices if you have children running around!

Now, companies like Bayou City Lumber Wood Products work hard to bring their clients beautiful and sustainable Fire-resistant Lumber. While they offer various options for a variety of needs from the star product being Batu Hardwood Dining Set with 6 chairs.

Nova ua®works in bringing quality products that are not only stylish but also eco-friendly under one roof; offering customers more than just spending money on something pretty. It’s about what you do afterwards too.

What is Class A Fire Rated Decking?

Fire ratings are a way to measure how well something can withstand fire. The different classes range from Class C, which is the lowest rating and means you only have an hour . Before your product catches on fire; up through class A with over two hours of protection time.

Decking products that are certified to be Class A fire-rated have passed intense tests. They must first go through a series of serious inspections, during which they’re exposed to flames and other dangers without being harmed themselves – all for your protection!

To receive their fire rating, materials are tested to see how long they last prior to igniting into flames. For Class A decking that would mean the material lasts 2-4 hours and for B fires. There is a limit of 1 hour with some exceptions depending on local codes or standards set by different countries around the world.

Why Fire Rated Decking Is Important

Investing in products with a Class A fire rating will better protect your home and property from potential fires. In some cases, the extreme heat of an open flame can cause a small fire to start. Which is why having wood decking made out of resistant material like Oak or Pine is so critical!

The building codes for some states, such as California require that you use only Class A fire resistant materials on your home. This is due to the wildfires occurring regularly. It’s important not just in terms of safety but also with resale value if something were ever needed down the line 

The higher quality decking material selected will result in less risk from damage or destruction which could lead towards increased property values too!

Batu Fire-Retardant Wood Decking

The natural wood fibers of Batu provide an extra measure of protection against fire. This classification means that the decking can withstand temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit without catching light or sustaining damage due to fiery exposure

Batubela is a class-A fire resistant material because it has naturally occurring silica in its composition – something not found elsewhere on Earth  this feature guarantees compliance with government regulations set forth by building codes all over North America

Benefits of Batu Fire-Resistant Wood Decking

Bayou City Lumber Wood Products’ Batu decking has several other benefits that make it such an excellent option. For one, the wood is fire retardant and meets strict California Building Code standards to maintain safety in your home or office building while also providing for beauty through its natural beauty!

Batu decking is a great option for your home because it meets the strictest fire-retardant requirements set forth by California building code, while also boasting several other benefits.

If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting hardwood decking material that will look great anywhere from your backyard to commercial buildings. And even the inside of an office building then Batu might be just what you need. With its natural beauty combined with high durability makes it one tough board on which anything could happen!

Invest in Fire-Resistant Wood for Your Deck

With the recent increase in fires, many people are turning away from wood decking and towards safer alternatives. However there is no need for this as all types of materials can be fire-resistant!

Bayou City Lumber Wood Products offers beautiful, sustainably sourced Batu wood decking that has a Class A fire rating and passes all California Building Codes for San Diego County. Beyond that it is highly durable making maintenance easy to do with everyone’s loved ones in mind!

Batu wood is a type of tree that grows in the tropics. It can be found all around Asia, and its durability makes it perfect for outdoor use such as decks or furniture because rain won’t damage them like. And sometimes even stronger weather conditions don’t affect their sturdiness! To learn more about Us visit our website today!

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