What is Patient Transfer Device

The Human Care Patient Transfer System (PTS) extensively privileges patients as well as their caretakers and households. It is formulated to authorize a solitary caretaker to handily and safely transfer the patient in and out of bed and into the seat without the necessity for a lift. The chair has considerable functions; it can be utilized as a stretcher, mobile chair, or custom seating.


  • Enables the lateral transfer of a sufferer in a supine stance. It helps the patient to change his or her position without much pain and assistance. As a comfortable posture is of utmost importance while healing from any sort of ailment. If the patient is not in a comfortable stance, he may develop some other unwanted ailments as well.
  • Caregiver can handily and often transfer a patient to boost compassion for long-term seating with recline or tilt-in-space purpose.
  • Portability of chair enables for habit in numerous rooms in a department.
  • The PTS is a non-lifting option for sufferers that have pressure injuries, pain, or are barely worried about being lifted.
  • The PTS is coated by Medicare and maximum insurance for skilled patients

What is a patient transfer device? 

A transfer device furthermore cited as patient transfer equipment or transfer assistance, is a mobility aid to extra effortlessly move people with mobility challenges to and from a chair, wheelchair, bed, car, bathtub, or toilet securely. According to the CDC, falls are one of the major causes of demise for people over 65, and transfer devices – also named patient transfer equipment or a patient transfer aid – lower the threat of patient plunges and caretaker strains and injuries.

Deem the Level of Assistance Required-

  • Self Transfer

Self-transfer mobility aids are giving rise to people who just require a bit of aid when transitioning between sitting and standing. These transfer aids generally employ some arm courage, but always don’t compel any caregiver help to wield safely. Instances of self-transfer devices encompass a swivel seat cushion, automobile assistance straps, and car door automotive grip standing aids.

  • Assisted Transfer

Assisted transfer appliances are nice for someone who requires some caregiver relief. These devices job with the undertaking of the patient and the caretaker, but don’t compel the same degree of patient stability that self-transfer aids do. Transfer sashes and transfer boards are instances of equipment constructed for assisted transfers.

  • Dependant Transfer

For patients whose mobility is harshly injured and who bank on caretakers for any transfers, aids that enable numerous caretakers to deal with them are most reasonable. These encompass transfer blankets and bandages that a squad of caregivers employs at once to assure a safe transfer of a motionless patient.

Merino International is a renowned Patient Transfer System manufacturer that works with a vision to provide a satisfactory and comfortable life to patients in their healing process. 

 Our Patient Transfer System (PTS system) functions with our Convertible Chairs and with maximum beds and stretchers to enable sole caregivers the capacity to safely and effortlessly transfer and move a patient safely and handily in the supine position without

the indignity, pain, and medical constraints of conventional handling methods.


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