What is the Packaging Design Process?

Hear you can find any shape of packaging for your product

What is the Packaging Design Process?

The design of the packaging is a colorful version of structuralism. The role is concerned with transporting, protecting, and presenting the object. It is an important marketing and networking tool for your business, as well as a reflection of the company’s quality.

It may seem challenging, but the first move is to decide about the kind of packaging you can use.

Make a Die Line

Die line refers to a template used in the packaging and printing industries to ensure the proper layout of a final physical product. This template is a diagram that marks all of the folds and cut lines of a flattened box.


Identifying the Packaging Requirements

There are certain fundamental requirements that you must meet before you begin design packaging.

  • Product Type

The type of packaging will vary depending on your product size, shape, and weight. You can choose a box format that is appropriate for both the item and the retail price point. There’s no point in packing food products in a costly setup box if the retail price is low, but if you’re packaging anything pricier and more aspirational, like jewelry or shoes, you might want to use a setup box.

  • Quantity of Product

The second most important thing you need to keep is the quantity of the product before packaging that directly affects the packaging and your budget.

  • Area of Marketing and Business

This can be determined from when you require the packaging. Evaluate your expected launch dates as well as your latest inventory ratios.

  • Your budget

Your budget, generally the cost of packing and delivery, has a significant impact on your packaging. But don’t panic, because here you’ll find budget-friendly tips and ideas.

custom printed boxes

Information you need to collect

After determining the packaging details, you must decide what type of printing to use. To summarize, here are few details and the materials they must be compatible with.

  • Brand

In some ways, a product stands alone, and in others, it represents an existing brand. If your packaging must reflect a specific brand aesthetic when it comes to boxing, packaging, and general style, your brand name is your starting point. It is the driving force behind the whole operation. Defining your brand and, most specifically, what it stands for would serve as the basis for the rest of the box design process.

  • Colors

Colors may also be used to enhance the brand name. They contribute to the development of a certain mood. It depends on the modes that attract consumers to buy your products and improve the overall design of your product packaging. Include CMYK values or Pantone Matching Values (PMS) colors if you already have them and they are exclusively for printing.

Lipstick Boxes


CMYK is an abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). This is the only color production choice for printing. It enables you to generate an infinite number of artwork possibilities.

If you don’t have any idea about these terms of color, don’t worry. You can check their detail at Rush Custom Boxes.

  • Fonts

If you want to make your box more elegant, use the proper font and style specific usage instructions to the customer. Keep in mind that whatever font you use on the cardboard boxes directly communicates with your intended audience. Despite the fact that there are several options, keep your approach to the letters and numbers on your packaging design straightforward.

  • Logo

Your logo is arguably the most important design feature for your packaging. Your logo should be clearly recognizable and distinguish you from your rivals.

A great logo has two functions: it is an outstanding symbol of the brand, and it looks great everywhere it appears, specifically on the packaging of your product.

Begin by imprinting the company’s logo on the exterior of your boxes. You can have your logo printed directly on your package using digital or offset printing, or you can indulge in any logo stickers, a logo stamp, or even packaging tape emblazoned with your logo.

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