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WhatsApp Tracking: 4 Ways To Track WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsApp Tracking: The cross-platform WhatsApp chat app came into the spotlight when Facebook got this for $19 billion. With over 500 million monthly active users, WhatsApp ensures that all messages are encrypted, providing users another good reason to utilize the service. But platforms like WhatsApp can also be simply misused by young and old alike and everyone in between.

That’s why it is important to install the WhatsApp tracking app to locate out if it is being used for good purposes. But you have a big question on how to track WhatsApp chat. So don’t worry we present the 4 best software solutions for WhatsApp tracking.

How To Monitor WhatsApp Messenger With AddSpy?

All you need is WhatsApp Tracking App and Addspy Mobile Monitoring App which will allow you to track target devices and install the WhatsApp tracking app. So, you need to subscribe to the Addspy monitoring app to know the OS of the target device like Android. If the user has Android Monitoring App compatibility, subscribe and you will get an email with credentials for example password and user ID.

Plus, install the AddSpy WhatsApp tracking App on the target device that has access, and after the user has successfully installed this, then activate this on the phone. Also, users have to pick a choice before activating. Unless they want to track on WhatsApp messenger privately or not. Pick the best choice and activate this on the target mobile phone. Now apply the credentials like Password and ID and access the online control panel of the Addspy Android Monitoring App.

  • Monitor Your WhatsApp Online History:- See how much time kids waste chatting on WhatsApp.
  • Predict Chat Opportunity:- Predict the strength of your two contacts to chat with each other.
  • Get Online Notifications:- Track when someone connects to WhatsApp and get real-time notifications about this.

mSpy WhatsApp Tracking App

Like Spyzie, mSpy is also a very famous application that permits you to track WhatsApp messages without your knowledge. And this also gives multiple useful features. This is also fitted with both iOS and Android phones and can be located from any web browser. Permitting you to monitor WhatsApp chats distantly and on your own. MSpy is also easy to install, and in case you are unlikely to run into any problems. You can always refer to their free online help, or better yet, contact their unmatched support team.

In terms of features, apart from tracking WhatsApp chats. MSpy provides you with a quality of features to choose from, including call monitoring and incoming call restriction management, tracking sent and received text messages, web search history like browsing Patterns, includes incoming and outgoing email. And access to calendar, contacts, and management of installed applications. MSpy has a lot of great plans to pick from. Each has grown with some amazing features. Here are some points about how to start tracking on WhatsApp using mSpy.

  • After picking one of the three suggested plans, you will need to register mSpy and download the application to the target phone.
  • Now go to the mSpy Dashboard and click on WhatsApp chats in the left side panel to see the list of all sent and received messages.
  • From the mSpy dashboard, you can also view the location of your target device in real-time and configure geofence as you see fit.

Spyzie WhatsApp Tracking App

Our list starts with something less than Spyzie, an award-winning mobile monitoring app that tracks not only the location of cell phones but other metrics as well. And Spyzie is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. It’s available with a two-month paid subscription. Each with its personal rich B features and a set of class-leading multilingual assistance. Aside from the WhatsApp tracking app, Spyzie also permits you to track WhatsApp chats, see contacts, see photos, view installed apps, etc. Let’s get starts with Spyzie WhatsApp Tracking is as simple as installing WhatsApp.

  • Once you have picked the right plan for your requirements, you will need to register on the spyzie. It’s just a matter of choosing some gaps.
  • Once completed, you have to give data about the device which you want to track and install on the target phone.
  • To start monitoring WhatsApp chats on your smartphones. Then go to the spyzie Dashboard and choose the right option from the left side panel.
  • This will permit you to unknowingly track WhatsApp chats unless Spyzie is installing to assist you with this task.

MaxxSpy WhatsApp Tracking App

MaxxSpy is presently available for Android phones, but you can only track WhatsApp chats, text messages, Viber, and Facebook messages. This grants a full 48-hour trial to work out all its features so that you can enjoy the app. MaxxSpy providing a 5-day money-back guarantee. Therefore you have nothing to waste when you make your buying. Once you have picked the right plan for your requirements.

  • Configure the target smartphone to get third-party apps.
  • Go to Google Settings on your Android phone and disable the Scan device for the security threats option.
  • Download and install MaxxSpy on the target phone and grant permissions to the application.
  • Set up MaxxSpy to start tracking WhatsApp chats from your smartphone. Or you can log in to a present account to utilize this WhatsApp tracking app.
  • If you are ready to track WhatsApp chats. Then log in to your MaxxSpy user panel and pick an option from the left side panel.

Wrapping Up

There can be multiple causes to need to track WhatsApp chats, whether for kids or business purposes. While several other apps permit you to track messages from many different chat platforms. But they do not have the capability to track WhatsApp chats. But we have added that location and we should provide the 4 best WhatsApp tracking app, that goes beyond just tracking WhatsApp messages. For example, tracking location, monitoring incoming and outgoing calls, and even more. Locating that calendar, contacts, and web browsing history.

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