Which social networks should I use for my VSE/SME?

Like, poke, follow, tweet, snap and other social networks, are you lost when you hear these terms? Healthcare Marketing Agency comes to your rescue and helps you understand the networks you need to grow your business!

Because social networks are of paramount importance in business communication today, VSEs and SMEs need to take the right turn. Social networks are evolving every day with new algorithms and always offer more features to allow companies to promote their services and products: you might as well take advantage of them!

Yes, but many business leaders feel helpless when faced with the tide of networks. Which network(s) do you prefer? What is the best axis of communication for my structure? What suits me best? Your specialized web agency in Marseille will enlighten you on the subject.

Which social network should I choose to promote my business?

You’re ready to embark on the 3.0 adventure, but you don’t know where to start: you’ve come to the right place. Networks are an essential but also time-consuming activity. As your time is precious, it is important to go to the essentials and target your communication needs well to avoid scattering.

Discover an explanatory summary and advice for choosing the right social media marketing agency network for your VSE / SME.

Definition and explanation of how the network works Who is this network primarily aimed at?

On Facebook, you can create a page for your business via your profile.

You can fill in your information, publish your news, collect your customers’ opinions, and share your photos and videos.

It’s a complete network to talk about you!

Facebook: the business network

Facebook is a social networking site that is used by multiple generations. The target is, therefore, broader, and all companies are represented.

Regardless of the type of business, Facebook is essential. With its search engine, it is important that people can find you easily regardless of your sector of activity.

Good to know: Facebook has taken a turn towards sponsored publications (paid) to allow companies to be visible to a targeted audience (like AdWords )

Instagram is a fashionable social network.

Based on the principle of photo sharing, you can, via your profile,

publish your photos, add filters, broadcast live, or even create video stories.

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Instagram: for photo lovers

Although very popular, this social network is particularly aimed at sectors where the visual is important.

Beautiful photos are essential on Instagram, and it is necessary to offer this type of content to Internet users.

If you are a manufacturer, craftsman, caterer, restaurateur, or work in any other visual field (boating, automobile), one watchword: go for it!

Youtube is the #1 video-sharing platform.

Create a Youtube channel from your Gmail email address, and then manage your channel as you see fit.

You can then upload (upload) videos to your channel in public (directly accessible via the Youtube search engine) or in private (only accessible with a link).

Youtube: clap, action!

All kinds of Youtube videos are posted every day. From the video tutorial to the presentation video, Youtube does not exclude any idea provided that the video respects copyrights (music, images).

Therefore, all companies with productions and achievements are welcome, especially since the video has an increasingly important weight on social networks!

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site designed to connect business leaders and potential employees. It works simply by creating a professional profile and a company page.

As for Facebook, the posts approach is rigorous with a more sustained tone because the network concentrates professionals from all sectors of activity.

Linkedin: By the pros and For the pros

This professional network is interesting for all types of businesses.

Competitors of your company or future employees may be there, and it is interesting to be there too.

Whatever your activity, like Facebook’s approach, Linkedin is open to all types of content (text, photos, videos).

Sign up, so you don’t miss any news and news from people in your sector.

Pinterest is a giant photo-sharing network. Thanks to an extension available on Google Chrome, you can pin the photos you like on the web in the tables of your Pinterest profile.

You can also upload your photos to what are called “boards.”

All the photos are gathered under hashtags (same principle as Instagram). Once you click on a photo, you are taken to the site where the photo was taken from (if there is one).

It is a gold mine of inspiration for individuals and professionals.

Pinterest: pin your desires and your products

This network is all about visuals and advice.

For any professional manufacturer, it can be a great means of communication.

Take photos of your accomplishments and pin them.

You can also use Pinterest to get new creative ideas worldwide!

Twitter is an instant network

It works on a principle of tweets of 280 characters which can mix images (or GIFs) and text.

It is this network that launched the Hashtags.

You will find current trends and the most commented topics on the web.

Twitter: speed and spontaneity

It is a rather particular network as it is instantaneous.

Engage an audience on Twitter when you are a small business. It can be complicated.

The network is particularly recommended for companies that work with young people (student residences, associations, MLJ…).

Google+ is none other than Google’s social network.

It allows you to post photos, videos, articles, and other content.

This network is not very crowded due to strong competition from other networks.

Google +: the network of the giant the firm Mountain View

If it’s a network like any other, Google + is not very attractive because of its low popularity.

However, you can create a profile via your Gmail address if you feel like it.

Trip Advisor is the essential network for catering and hotel professionals.

Even if it is difficult to consider it a social network in its own right, Trip Advisor still allows customers to leave opinions and post photos of the establishments they have visited and the services they have tested.

Tripadvisor: for reception/catering and hotel professionals

Are you a restaurant owner? From a hotel? From a brewery? Trip Advisor is essential to your business.

Being present on this network is to bring a real guarantee of trust to your customers.

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