White Gold Locking Earring Backs: How to Keep Your Earrings from Losing?

White Gold Locking Earring Backs:How to Keep Your Earrings from Losing?

Earrings are much like socks and have a way of separating from one another. Sometimes, we often look in the mirror and find out that one of our earrings is missing. Losing your favorite earring that goes with most of your dresses can be frustrating. Moreover, it can cost you a lot of money if the earrings were expensive and of good materials like gold and platinum.

However, there are some tips through which you can keep your earring from losing it again.

  1. Attach Your Earrings to a bigger object

Attaching your earrings to a larger object or pinning them in place will allow you to save your earrings from losing. You can pin them together on an object that holds the tiny and individual pieces of earrings. Similarly, make sure that the things you are attaching your earrings with are large and cannot get lost easily.

For example, you can keep a cork on your nightstand and pin your earrings to that before going to sleep. Similarly, you can also use holes on your watch straps and attach your earring to them before sleeping. You will keep your earrings in place through these precautions and not suffer from losing one or both earrings.

Similarly, it will allow you quick access to your jewelry while getting ready in the morning.

  1. Tie Earring to Each Other

Hooking the earrings with each other is a simple and smart trick. After removing your earrings, you can poke one stud through the back of the other and secure it with another backing. In this way, you will fix your earrings in one place, and they will never be apart. Moreover, if you misplace them, you will lose both earrings, and one will not stay without the other.

  1. Buy Good Quality Earring Locks

Investing in good quality white gold locking earring backs is an excellent way to protect your earrings from losing. The reason is that they keep the earrings in place. Most people think that they should not buy the earring locks separately as the ones that come with the earrings are of good quality. 

The backs that come along with the earrings keep the earrings in one place, but they do not offer absolute security. Therefore, you should look for a brand that is equipped with high precision technology and protects your earrings.

Types of Best Earring Backs

If you are looking for the best quality backs for your stud earrings, you have two basic options. One is friction backs, and the other is screw backs. However, there are different variations like jumbo backs, and La Pousette backs available in the market.

These backs are cleverly engineered with moving parts that provide both convenience and security. Moreover, you should know that the plastic disks used in conjunction with the backs are essential to provide extra support.

Following are different types of Earring backs that you can buy from the market.

Friction Locking Earring Backs

Friction locking earring backs, also known as push backs, are the most common types of earring backs. These backs consist of scrolls of metal that press against the post and create a little tension that holds the earring in place. Another advantage of friction backs is that they are very convenient and easy to pop on and off. 

Moreover, they come in different sizes, and the smaller ones are the most affordable earring backs. However, a disadvantage of such earring backs is that they lose their grip after repeated use. However, you can readjust the tension of the back, but eventually, they need replacing after some time.

Screw Locking Earring Backs

Screw locking earring backs are the most secure earring backs. It consists of a nut and a threaded post. The nut spun on the post up to the back of the ear lobe. You can not pull this back off as you will have to screw it fully.

Screw locking earring backs are beneficial as you will not lose your earrings again. However, they will consume more time in putting them on and taking them off. Therefore, if you want to keep your high-quality, expensive earring secure, you should buy screw backs.

A disadvantage that you might have to face while using screw backs is that the threaded post can irritate your ear depending upon the size of your ear hole. The reason is that the threads make the earrings slightly thicker and edgier.

La Poussette Locking Earring Backs

Such earring backs are mechanical, cleverly designed, and finely tooled. Its main feature is a spring-loaded mechanism that is pressure-activated. These are the most expensive and intricate earring backs.

Another feature of this earring back is that it has a safety notch that catches the earring back if it slides down the post. These earring backs are as convenient as friction back and secured as screw backs. However, these backs are usually more expensive because of their manufacturing complexity. 

Jumbo Locking Earring Backs

Jumbo backs are like friction backs, but they are a little oversized. Moreover, they are both easier to use and provide a large flat plane which helps in supporting the earrings. Jumbo earrings are perfect for securing the stud earring from dropping. However, jumbo locking earring backs are more expensive than friction backs because of their large size and gold and platinum material.

Plastic Disks

Plastic earring disks are an option and can be used between the ear lobe back and the locking earring backs. Using the plastic disks provide the same stability to the earrings, just like the jumbo backs. Moreover, transparent plastic disks help the earrings in sitting straight on certain types of earlobes. Therefore, if you are experiencing trouble with your earrings that are not presenting straightforwardly, you can use this inexpensive solution.

Choosing Specific Metal

While choosing the earring backs, you should also look for the specific metals. Good quality jewelry generally consists of metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Gold jewelry is of white and yellow color, and you can buy white gold locking earring backs. People with skin sensitivity cannot use white gold alloys. Therefore, you can use platinum alloys as they are hypoallergenic and are cheap as well.

Bottom Line

Using the locking ear backs, you can secure your earring, allowing you to save your expensive jewelry. Moreover, you will not hesitate to wear your gold and platinum earrings as the risk of losing them will reduce.

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