Speaking about Christmas attire, it is unwritten law to don festive attire and look fantastic while doing so.

Christmas won’t be here for nearly seven more months, which is a long time. Oh no, it’s just seven months away! While it is still too early to think about your Christmas party outfit, there is still plenty of time to prepare the ideal outfit.

Speaking about Christmas attire, it is unwritten law to don festive attire and look fantastic while doing so. You should look your best whether you’re going to a formal business party, meeting up with close friends, or going to the local club for a Christmas party. Because of this, you’ll notice that many of your pals have already planned their party attire in order to stand out from the crowd.

Indian attire for Christmas is the perfect choice if you want to draw attention during the event.

Why Opt For An Indian Christmas Dress?

When choosing an outfit for your Christmas party, wearing an Indian dress is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. The secret to smashing your party style is to wear Indo-Western clothing, which is popular right now. Going Indian and incorporating Christmas decorations is a surefire way to get everyone’s attention when you enter the room.

Saving money is just another justification for wearing an Indian attire for Christmas. We all know that even if you may already have a great collection of western attire, you would prefer to purchase a new one for the event (happens to the best of us). What if, however, Indian attire allowed you to achieve a more festive appearance than the gown, suits, etc. ever could?

Advice on Choosing the Right Ethnic Clothing for Christmas 

It’s easier than you might think to transform your Indian ethnic fashion piece into the ideal Christmas ensemble. Here are five suggestions to get you started on updating your ethnic clothing for Christmas.

  • Indian elements are added

For those who do not want to wear a full Indian Christmas outfit, this is an option. Instead, they may incorporate Indian aspects into their western attire. Putting on an embroidered jacket over the classic little black dress, for instance. Brocade trousers can also be worn with a stylish tunic or ruffled top.

A flared, floor-length gown or an Anarkali gown in Christmas-themed hues like red, golden, green, and pink is another way to ethnicize your look. Additionally, a traditional Indian collar necklace can be used to accessorise a western clothing like a sleeveless top and culottes or a jumpsuit. You have the option of completing your look with an Indian jutti or an embroidered clutch.

  • Fusion Indian-Western Clothes

Here is yet another Christmas outfit inspired by Indian culture that has been going around for a while. Indo-western attire, such as palazzo suits, lehenga suits, and fusion Anarkali suits, is the definition of comfort during extended gatherings. 

Fusion fashions don’t just apply to them, though. Almost anything may be paired with anything to create a stylish Indo-Western look. For instance, you might wear culottes or modern-cut pants with your embroidered lehenga blouse. You can create the ideal Christmas ethnic attire by adding a contrasting dupatta with a contemporary drape.

  • Select contemporary silhouettes

This one is for you if you naturally feel at ease wearing Indian outfits but want to give your look a western flair. To your costume, you can add pants, capes, abstract designs, and princess cuts. Wear outfits with cheery ruffled necklines and sleeves.

As an alternative, you can dress in floor-length gowns with Indian embroidery and a waistband. The straight-cut salwar kameez can also be worn, and it goes well with palazzos, regular pants, and jeans. You can wear simple silhouettes and accessorise with big jewellery. 

  • Simplicity is essential.

A Christmas party with a distinctly western feel will not look good with Indian ethnic styling and colours. So make sure to keep things straightforward. Instead of including numerous blingy components, try to concentrate on any one that can make your costume stand out. For instance, don’t mix imposing party-wear sarees with statement jewellery. You should avoid combining too many vibrant colours. 

Instead, you can choose to dress simply in basic clothing with chunky bangles and necklaces or in a sequin saree with minimal makeup and jewellery. Alternately, you can combine vivid hues with soft neutrals or stick with a single colour throughout by adding borders and embellishments. Take a black strappy jumpsuit with a gold simple Kamar bandh and a black clutch with a gold chain strap, for example.

  • Include holiday elements

If it’s possible to incorporate Indian characteristics into western clothing, you can bet that the opposite is also very much feasible. Your kurta or kameez can be embellished with Christmas patterns. Consider a long, straight-cut Kurti without slits in holly or cherry-bell prints as an example. 

Alternately, you may add some straightforward Christmas-themed jewellery to your salwar kameez. By using Santa Claus designs, for example, and teaming it with a coordinating lehenga blouse, choli, and sequined bracelet, you may include Christmas motifs into your maxi skirt.

  • Selecting the Proper Color

A Christmas Indian outfit can be any colour, but only a select few hues fully capture the spirit of the celebration. The red colour family, white, green, and soft gold are among them. To acquire the real Christmas vibe, make sure to integrate these colours in your attire, even if it is the tiny black dress. For instance, you might wear a lehenga choli to the celebration and have a red skirt with a white shirt.

You can also wear sarees with many colours, such as red and gold. Don’t, however, limit yourself to these hues. You can look into the pink and maroon members of the red family. If you enjoy wearing all-black party attire, consider adding a pop of gold, crimson, green, or pink. Wear a black high-neck crop top with a baby pink plain palazzo skirt, for instance.

  • The Magic of Sequins

What could be more festive than the glittering sequins? They have been in existence for a while, softly blinging up otherwise plain attire. Kurtis, blouses worn with lehengas or sarees, a sequined necklace or handbag, and sequined borders are all ways to incorporate sequins into your holiday attire.

You might, for instance, wear a simple dress and jewellery with sequins. As an alternative, you can choose a plain saree with a sparkly blouse like Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na or a traditional sequin saree with a strappy top.

  • Everything Relies On The Layers

Most places in the globe, including India, are cold at Christmas. It is time to layer with some gorgeous coats as a result. If it’s not very cold outside, you may wear your Anarkali top with a flared jacket. You can wear a blazer over your crop top and palazzo ensemble in a similar way. However, choose something warmer if you are chilled. To go with vivid hues, choose jackets made of wool and in muted colours.

As an alternative, you might cover your saree with a full-sleeved blouse jacket. The addition of suede to your ensemble is yet another wintery, Christmas-like style you might try. If you want to be a little more daring, wear medium-length boots with a green tube dress, a red jacket with a white faux-fur border, and a black belt.

  • How Are You Faring?

  1. Based on what you plan to do during the party, choose your holiday attire. 
  2. Are you going to dance? Or are you planning on socialising? In either case, you’ll be on foot a lot. 
  3. You must therefore make sure that the shoes you’re wearing are comfortable. 
  4. Similarly, if dancing is on the programme, choose a dress that won’t obstruct your movement too much. For instance, if you’re going to dance, a little black dress or bodycon dress is ideal. 
  5. Wearing comfortable jeans that permit leg flexibility is an additional choice for dancers.
  • Baby, accessorise!

Without the proper accessories, your Christmas western or Indian attire is lacking. They have the power to make or ruin the appearance you want. Therefore, wear accessories that complement and even emphasise your clothing. Chunky necklaces and bangles seem festively Indian when worn with simple western clothes. Similarly, a leather belt with silver buckles would give your salwar kameez a western flair.

  • Decide on an indigo look.

One of the most aesthetically beautiful colours is blue. It demonstrates your distinct problem-solving methodology. Because it puts your expertise and skills front and centre and offers you complete confidence, an elegant blue attire is always a wonderful choice.

One occasion we eagerly anticipate all year long is Christmas celebrations. Outside of the formal attire of the business setting, it is an opportunity to show off our sense of style. In light of this, it is not unusual to enhance your fashion game with some spectacular Christmas attire. Why not update your Indian ethnic clothing this year instead of spending a fortune on brand-new western clothing? You’ll be astonished at how simple it is to transform everyday clothing into a festive ensemble when you follow the advice above. The Christmas party coming this year, are you prepared to bring your best?

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