Why Construction Sites Need Security In Calgary

Many security threats are faced by construction sites, including theft and vandalism. A List Security, security services company in Calgary, will discuss why security is essential for construction sites, how security measures can be implemented, and who will need protection.

  • Are Construction Sites Secure?
  • What is Construction Site Security?
  • Construction Site Security: Who Does it Matter?
  • What is the purpose of securing a construction site?
  • What safety rules or regulations must be followed on a construction site?
  • What are the Most Important Safety Rules in Construction?
  • How to Improve Security on Construction Sites
  • The Protecting a Construction Site: Challenges
  • Conclusion

Are Construction Sites Secure?

Yes. Construction sites have security measures to protect them from threats like theft and vandalism. Security guards, CCTV cameras, and risk assessments are the most common types of security at construction sites.

What Is Construction Site Security?

This protects the goods and saves construction companies thousands of pounds. It also gives them peace of mind. Site security may include installing CCTV cameras or physical guard patrols.

Security companies can visit your construction site to conduct a risk assessment. This will identify areas that could be vulnerable to theft and safety concerns.

Construction Site Security: Who Does It Matter?

Site security is essential for every site. They keep workers and the general public safe. Every area can be a target due to the high incidence of theft at construction sites. Security companies can help you choose the right security plan for your site.

CCTV can be used to monitor movement around your construction site. It can also capture criminals on camera in the event of a crime. A security team can monitor CCTV and respond to suspicious situations.

Regular surveillance can prevent criminals from targeting construction sites. Site owners will save money by not having to replace stolen items and repair any damage.

A security company should be hired to evaluate the security of construction sites. This will allow them to spot potential security breaches. Businesses can then improve their security procedures by hiring a security company.

Security will be even more critical in 2021, when sites might be quieter because of lockdowns and social distancing measures. This is because empty sites are easier targets than busy ones.

What Is The Purpose Of Securing A Construction Site?

Construction sites face many security threats. Criminals target construction sites because they have expensive equipment and materials.

The Chartered Institute of Buildings surveyed that 21% of construction sites were affected by theft every week, while petty thieves impacted more than 90% of sites.

What Safety Rules Or Regulations Must Be Followed On A Construction Site?

You must adhere to safety rules and security regulations when you have security on a site. We have provided a list of these regulations below.

Security Requirements For Construction Sites

To ensure safety for workers, contractors, and members of the general public, owners of construction sites must ensure that there are strict rules in place. The rules should be straightforward.

These rules should cover everything from safety and health advice like no smoking and wearing personal protective equipment to more essential operations such as traffic management systems or emergency plans. Site security may require that certain areas be restricted to protect staff.

If the site has non-English speaking workers, it is essential to translate all safety, health, and security rules into other languages. This will ensure that everyone can understand the messages.

Also, construction sites should have a secure check-in and check-out process to ensure that everyone is always present. This is crucial in emergencies, such as fire evacuations.

Construction Site Security Laws

According to the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, all building site security must have clear boundaries and measures to restrict access to unauthorized persons.

This is because every year, vulnerable members of society, such as children, gain access to construction sites that can cause severe injury or death.

Therefore, construction sites are required to maintain their borders secure by law.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations Act was created in 2007 to make construction sites safer for workers and the general public.

Sites should have fencing or similar structures surrounding their boundaries to ensure safety and prevent worker injuries. Security measures must protect this perimeter.

What Are The Most Critical Safety Rules In Construction?

Safety rules that protect people are the most important. Construction workers may need to wear hard hats and protective equipment to reduce the chance of being hurt in an accident.

The most important safety rules to protect the public are related to the abovementioned laws. They should be focused on keeping the people away from the construction site. Construction site security is crucial.

How To Improve Security On Construction Sites

Construction safety tips like site theft prevention tips are the best way to increase security on your construction site.

Regular risk assessments are another way to increase security on your construction site. Businesses can use risk assessments to identify weaknesses in their business.

Another way to improve your construction site is to hire security guards. Guards are known to be a visual deterrent to thieves. You can also have guards patrol your site and watch out for security threats.

The Protecting A Construction Site: Challenges

Security site protection is not an easy task. It requires planning and planning.

Constant Movement

Construction sites can be chaotic. With the hundreds of workers on the job, it is hard to track who should be there and who has ill intent.

There Are Many Access Points.

Construction sites require large quantities of heavy materials and tools. There are many ways to get to the site, but access points must be easy for larger trucks to use.


Large-scale construction projects often require large-scale vehicles to be stored on site. It can be challenging to find the ability to keep these vehicles cost-effectively.


A security company is a good choice if you’re looking for ways to secure your construction site. While security services can be costly at first, they can save money long-term.

They won’t have to replace stolen goods or fix vandalism damage. Businesses can feel confident knowing that their site is secure. CCTV can also capture evidence of any incidents.

Safety is the most crucial aspect of security on a site. This includes the safety and well-being of construction workers as well as the safety of the public.

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