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Why Does the Kronos301 WiFi Range Extender Not Work Effectively?

The Kronos301 WiFi Range Extender helps to increase the wifi signal range throughout the house. It can speed up the wifi range up to 300 Mbps and can be connected to the repeater, router, and access points. Moreover, the range can reach all the hidden corners of the house and is ideal for the small office and the apartments as well. As it provides you an all-in-one solution to your required problems and kills all the dead spots by accessing every small area with its strong networking range. 

The Nexxt.setup of the router can be completed ultimately. However, it has a wall-mounted design that can be effectively located anywhere around the house or the small office. After the setup, you will experience a smooth networking range all over the surrounding area. It is specially designed to extend internet access and can reduce the roaming between the access point and the network connection.

Tips to Deal with the Error of Kronos301 WiFi Range Extender

By the way, the Kronos301 WiFi Range Extender works very efficiently, and it is also compatible with all working systems. If you want to access the extender then you need to access it with the web browser. But during the setup process or after the setup, the extender stopped working due to some reasons. 

The reasons for not working the device such as the settings of the extender can be different from the settings to the hardware issues. If you won’t plug the wireless repeater then firstly ensure that it is properly plug into the power source. In case every cable is plugged perfectly and still the device is not working then you have to check the wifi settings. After checking the wifi settings and still you find the same issue then restore or reset your wireless extender to its default settings and connect to the power cable again. In brief, then read this article extensively.

Let’s fix the error with the computer device 

Sometimes the problem is with your computer device and that’s why the extender does not work appropriately. Here you can get some tips so that you can fix the error with the PC and protect your files from malware, loss, or hardware failure. You can improve the system by installing the Restore PC repair tool. After downloading the tool, click on the start scan button so that it can find any issue with the device. Once it finds all the errors then click on the repair all option so that it can fix all the problems that affect the working of the extender. 

Requirements for the fixing of the error

Once you have installed the tool and find out the error then you have to find an appropriate place where it can work in a better way. Well, you need a wide home coverage area in your home. Also, make sure that the extender connect properly with the cables or wires. You can use a quick installation guide to take help from the diagrams. So that you can avoid not connecting issues. If you don’t use these steps in order then you will face issues with the setup of the device. 

Reset the Kronos301 WiFi extender

After attempting all the attempts to fix the issue. Hence, only one option left is to reset the extender. Mainly it depends on the brand of the wifi extender to find the exact location of the reset button. You can find the Kronos301 button on the backside of the device, within the reach of the ethernet cable port. It can be a button or a switch. 

Supposing to do the reset, you can take the help of the needle or any sharp object and hold the reset button for ten seconds and then release it. This will help you to reset all the previous settings so that you can modify those settings again. If the error persists then try another step. 

Firmware Update of the Kronos301 WiFi extender

For the kronos301 extender firmware, make sure that the wireless extender is connected to the computer device and both should be plugged in. Visit the official website of the Kronos extender or as doing this would take you to the setup webpage of the Kronos extender. You are now on the login page of the extender. Login with the credential details to access the Kronos extender web page.

On the web page, you will find an upgrade tab and an option. where you have to choose a file for the upgrade of the firmware of the extender device. Hence, download the file and then install the firmware so you can get over the error of not working with the extender.

Look over to the Kronos extender is connect to the same WiFi network

You can check the wifi router network name and look into. whether the extender should connect to the same network. If the router name is TP-Link_Router then it would connect to the same name of the Link_Router_EXT wifi extender. Moreover, you can modify these settings and for that, it requires the IP address of the extender and a stable internet connection. You can use the computer to access the web page of the Kronos extender. Others contact your ISP and take help from that to solve this problem.


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