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Why Park View City is better than other societies?


Vision Group built futuristic Park View City Islamabad. It establishes a possible housing community in Islamabad with homes, industrial plots, villas, and apartments. A Turkish-style mosque, prestigious schools, a huge hospital, Park View Mall, and a community center are among the luxurious structures.

Why Park View City is better than other societies

This post explains why Park View City is a better than other societies.

Park View City: what’s the hype?

Vision Group created Park View City as a neighbourhood. It offers Islamabad houses, neighbourhoods, and industrial regions. The magnificent residential complex includes a mosque, college, hospital, mall, and community centre.

The housing community’s wealth is evident in its 200-foot-wide main road, enormous avenues, extensive green belt along highways, playgrounds, parks, and playground spaces.

Park View City Islamabad located near Bani Gala’s hills. Aleem Khan, the project’s designer, owns Vision architects.


Park View City holds the CDA’s NOC as of 1 June 2018. The housing society serves nearly 3000 Kanals, where development in A, B, C, D, E, F, H, and J has been closely tracked.

Capital Development Authority’s website includes details about NOC’s purchase (CDA).

Islamabad Link:

The affordable Park View City project is on Malot Lane. Malot knew Mauza’s path. Nearby is Islamabad Bahria Enclave. Even worldwide, booking terms and three-year payment arrangements are now affordable.

The deposit plan has made it easier to own assets for a decent lifestyle.

Kurri Lane, Bani Gala, and Highway provide access to the housing system. The housing society is prevalent due to its attractive sights and easily accessible facilities.

Park View City officials want to develop a family-friendly place with modern vistas and desired locations.

Jinnah Avenue, a 200-foot-wide road connecting to Malot Road, provides direct access to Park View City Islamabad via CDA.

Vision Group:

The Vision Group was created in 2012 and has since launched several real estate developments. The Vision Group boomed in Pakistan’s real estate business and excelled. It’s one of Pakistan’s most safe and confidential areas.

Park View City is one of the most challenging housing projects in the area, thus Vision Group’s inventive plan is basically brilliant. Through different architecture and urban landscape designs, the initiative attempts to create calm multiethnic communities.

The Vision Group has launched spectacular projects in Pakistan’s cities, including high-end delicacies and architectural wonders.

Vision Group Companies pursues additional supreme plans, such;

  • Foundation Abdul Aleem Khan
  • I.I. Chundrigar Road-Park Karachi’s View Icon
  • Islamabad’s Park View
  • Lahore’s Park View Corporate Center
  • Gulberg-Park Lahore’s View Signature Apartments
  • Ivy League
  • Lahore park-view villas
  • Vision Group

Park View City’s location:

Park View City’s 1200 Kanals include residential and industrial businesses. Public likes both cultural ideals. The property is near Bahria Enclave, with beautiful settings and amazing views of Bani Gala, just 15-20 minutes from Islamabad.

Park View City’s civilization embodies richness and tranquilly.

Park View City is peaceful in the Botanical Garden. Rawal Chowk is the center point, while Park View City Gate 2 supports Bhara Kahu.

Park View City located in Islamabad near all major attractions. Also not in the capital’s loud and filthy areas. It’s a great way to expand Pakistan’s permanent residential space.

It’s a CDA-approved megaproject.

Park View City:

The project is 8 km from Chak Shahzad through Main Park Road, Kuri Road, Kashmir Highway, Lehtarar Road, and Islamabad Highway.

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Is it worth your money?

Why invest in Park View City instead of other housing societies is explained below.

1. Location:

The luxury home company’s location is ideal. Malot Road, 15 minutes from Kashmir Highway, leads to Park View Cities (taking Serena Hotel as a reference point).

The Kashmir highway, Islamabad Expressway, and the business’ 200-foot main boulevard are 15 to 20 minutes away by automobile. It’s 20-25 minutes from Blue World City, making it a perfect business and residential location.

Park View City is surrounded by the Bani Gala hills and mountains and has excellent access to civilisation.

Beautiful scenery near the city core is suitable for developing a home.

2. Grandeur Commercial Hub:

Park View City’s main road is 200 feet wide. From Islamabad Avenue Jinnah Park Lane, it’s 90 to 100 metres broad.

A large access road helps navigate to and from the commercial sector. It helps you travel conveniently and enjoy your luxurious home.

Park View City’s industrial area is near to the entrance. Commercial regions incorporate residential jobs in industry and retail to boost society’s value.

The firm site is at the entrance, making it accessible to surrounding businesses like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave.

3. Rapid plot development and ownership:

Park View City’s building is fast. Block A and B now possess two blocks. These blocks are already being developed.

More roads are being built quickly. The huge Jamia Mosque is being built quickly. We assume the neighbourhood will be ready for daily work in 2 to 3 decades.

4. Designer-all:

We underlined that no real estate due diligence is done without establishing the Developer’s ability to perform. Vision Group builds Park View City. Aleem Khan, owner of Vision Group, is a politician and PTI member.

When associated with a celebrity, an endeavour gains reputation. It removes construction risks.

The Developer’s portfolio, which includes Park View Villas, Park View Signature Apartments, and corporate sector in Lahore and Park View Icon in Karachi, demonstrates its leadership in large-scale project execution.

5. Botanical garden view:

Park View City is surrounded by botanical gardens in a valley-like setting. The attractiveness of Islamabad’s housing plans attracted several developers.

Sustainability is part of Park View City’s Islamabad goal. Living in beautiful botanical gardens would be a joy. All Islamabad housing societies benefit from Park View Area.

It’s why developers like the Mayfair villas in Park View City. The hillside villas are a great 2020 investment.

6. Larger Plots:

Park View City’s plot sizes are smaller than normal. 1300 square feet of a 26′ x 50′ 5 Marla plot. Park View City’s 10 Marla plots are 35′ x 70′ and 2450 square feet. A single Marla is 250 square feet, which is higher than most cultures.

We presume that, with larger plot sizes and premium land, construction expenditures are included in Park View City’s prices.

7. Park View City’s Overseas Block

Park View City Overseas Block is the new block of this exciting residential concept. Residential and commercial properties, historic flats, and villas are all fascinated by society.

Soon, a global endeavour to house Pakistanis overseas will begin. Pakistanis seek belonging, understanding, and a safe place to buy Pakistan overseas.

Therefore, near the enterprise’s business centre and provides a steady investment and elite life.

8. Environment-friendly:

Environmental surveys recommend living in green environments. Residential constructions are now environmentally sustainable. Capital Smart City is building eco-friendly housing, so Park View City doesn’t have to.

Park View City is environmentally friendly and has many natural forests surrounding it. Many are drawn to this endeavour since Chak Shahzad is famous for it. Park View City is safe and luxurious. If you live at Park View City Islamabad, you’ll never be happy anywhere else.

9. Saving Money:

Park View City has kept the market active since mid-2017. This home business’s continued presence in Islamabad’s real estate market shows that market trust has grown.

Park View City’s management uses numerous strategies to complete the housing population’s varied projects. Underpricing periodic and strategic trades are two primary tactics.

10. Circulate investor funds:

Some customers seek to quickly switch between goods. They’ll invest early to slow the market. Park View City may retain short-term buyers by rotating brand equity among specific items. The investor’s trust in the company and satisfaction with its returns prohibits them from doing more.

Now that stockholders can withdraw from 3,5 Marla residential plots, the corporation stunned them by starting 2.5 Marla, which was successful.

Park View City gains would allow investors to switch between items. It lets end consumers understand each commodity’s long-term commitment before choosing a brand.


This article discusses Park View City’s investment potential and why park view city is than other societies. All these factors make it tempting to us as a two-year investment with significant returns.

Contact our customer service agent on property news to get a free consultation and first-hand information about Park View City.

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