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Why Physical Education Play an Important Role in Schools & Its Impact on Pupil’s Health

We have seen a number of changes in non-educational activities in the last few years. Besides, it is clear through several types of research that physical education is a must for overall growth. Recently, it is found in many cases that children are spending time playing digital games instead of physical activity. In addition, they have started eating junk foods, watching TV, and playing computer games. All of this can lead to poor health and prevent the growth of your child.

Many secondary schools have viewed physical education (PE) as a marginal subject; also they reduced time for PE. In the Youth Sports Trust report, it is found that 38% of secondary schools have removed classes of PE from their timetable. And the reason, schools are more serious about theoretical knowledge and exam results. But, institutions should understand the value of physical education and should give equality as other subjects have. So, it is important before making the decision to get the list of Gurgaon’s top schools and compare whether they include physical education in their curriculum or not.

Despite all of these, PE is still on fire as it promotes lifelong physical activity and keeps you healthy. In addition, it does not only keep your child active but also teaches them life skills along with enhancing their physical and mental growth.

If we talk about HXLS, this firm completely believes in the importance of physical education. The main goal of Heritage experiential learning school is, provide lifetime skills such as working in a team, respect, authenticity, decision making, handling success and failure, appreciation, sharing, and attentiveness, etc. these problem-solving skills make them strong and encourage them towards physical activity.

With the perfect blend of physical-based multi-disciplinary, HXLS believes in educating learners through the way of physical activities; also they have underlined some strict criteria for following this:-

Regular participation in physical activities along with studies

Also, encourages physical demonstration of movement patterns, increase physical activities and motors skills

Proper guidelines at PE, which includes developing, maintaining, and understanding concepts

Held exhibitions related to PE which encourage enjoyment in learners and they keep involving them.

So, it’s clear that Physical education is a must if you want to live a healthy and active life; now scroll down the page and keep reading about: –

The Incredible Benefits of PE in India

  1. Learn Ethical Traits through Physical Education

Ethical traits play an important role in everyone’s life and it is the first benefit that students get from PE. We all know how this competitive world is thriving day by day. Physical education teaches the learner works ethics and perseverance which are the main ethics. Both of these ethics can reduce disputes among the team or players. That’s why several best CBSE schools in India have started adding physical education to their curriculum as now they are understanding that what its impact on students.

  1. Muscular Strength & Physical Fitness

For living a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness is the key ingredient that you can get through physical education only. This is why; PE comes in the most essential element in the school’s curriculum. When learners get regular physical activity in their daily regimen, they live a healthy and fit lifestyle. If we do daily basis physical activities then we will notice an improvement in our body and better absorption of nutrition. Also, it will improve cardiovascular health and develop your muscle, and provide enough strength.

  1. Also, Academic Performance Improvement

Let’s come to another advantage of physical education is, it upgrades the academic performance of learners. In schools, a student performs a various type of physical activities in which many of them includes lots of concentration. A higher level of concentration is related to better behavior and focus towards their goals. This will also help students in their classroom as it helps in boosting knowledge and long-lasting memory.

  1. Reduces Stress, Helps to Focus

Have, you ever try to know how much pressure is on your kid? This all is because; almost all schools give value to core subjects only and students have to go through the race about coming first. More than this, learners have to spend several hours in the completion of homework at their home too. This leads to a lot of mental and physical pressure which can be reduced only through physical activity. Also, by doing this students can maintain their focus and work properly.

  1. Learn Positive Behavior & Social Interaction

Physical education and classroom learning both teach students positive behavior and keep them engaged. But in physical education, students have to involve in team works they learn about the value of education as well as physical activity. During, PE students can interact with their schoolmates too and these things improve their social network and boost confidence and enhance communication skills.

  1. Learn the Importance of Nutrition

One of the most beneficial parts of PE is students learn the value of nutrition. During their class time, they get a proper guideline on nutrition and learn why it is the main element of physical education. Remember that PE is the best way to teach exercises, moral duties, and discipline.

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