Why Should People Build and Strengthen Cultural Bridges?

International relations have never been more complicated. Global power is becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few elites who are out of touch with their populations. The international order is now so fractured. Even the most amicable of societies are not immune to turmoil. Countries must continue building cultural bridges in this age of globalization and instant communications worldwide. Below are reasons why it is vital to build and strengthen cultural bridges.

To Encourage More Openness Between Countries and to Spread Awareness

Fostering critical thinking skills and teaching students about the values of other cultures is an essential part of nurturing a healthy global society. Encouraging open dialogue between differing parties is crucial for fostering trust in political institutions. For instance, according to cultural experts like Stefan Soloviev, it also prevents people from becoming polarized. The free flow of information between different nations and cultures will help to make people more aware of the commonalities shared as human beings. It will help people recognize how much they have in common with fellow humans regardless of their geographic origin.

To Spread Awareness About Issues That Affect the Global Community

When people fail to care about history, they risk passing on an inequitable burden of blame and conflict between nations down through the ages on into the future. Many different groups within the society have become marginalized. For this reason, their voices are rarely heard, even amongst their communities. Their suffering does not garner enough attention in the global media. Therefore, it is difficult for them to gain influence in international affairs.

To Find Common Ground Among Nations

It is often said that there are no wrong cultures, only wrong people. Nations should be looking to find more similarities amongst their members and look past superficial differences to forge real connections with one another. This can help strengthen relationships between countries and bring them closer together in the face of current and potential crises. It would also help build emotional bonds between nations to feel more connected to one another. When we see others from a different culture or group than our own, we learn and understand them better, making us more willing to empathize with them on an issue-by-issue basis.

To Foster Greater Understanding and Empathy Between Countries

There are many reasons why you should be on the lookout for people who display great compassion. Compassion is an emotion of sympathetic concern for the suffering of others. By definition, only someone empathetic has the potential to understand how another person feels or what they might experience in life. This gives people a window into their worldview. It promotes a better understanding of what motivates them to act differently. Unfortunately, many cultures today have become so polarizing that people seem unable to empathize with those who are different or hold differing values on an issue-by-issue basis.

Cultural bridges are built from within and without. Therefore, it is essential to continue developing and strengthening these bridges with people you trust. Personal bridges may be more complex than business ones. However, several vital connections must be made for both sides for cultural exchange to happen without complications.

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