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Why Should We Use Bentonite Clay Mask?

Clay Mask

We often hear about people using “natural products” when they refer to skincare and health care with clay mask. The truth is that most of these products are not natural. In fact, a majority of the face and body care products on the market are synthetic, man-made chemicals. The type of chemical used in skin and hair care products is BOTOX.

One Interesting Fact About BOTOX

BOTOX’s Antibacterial Properties

While bentonite clay has long been used in countries all over the world to improve overall health and fend off various illnesses, those residing in the U.S. and Europe are just beginning to become familiar with this amazing substance. BOTOX, short for boron nitride, is a naturally occurring substance found in rocks that is also utilized in industrial and medical laboratories as a drying agent and stain remover. However, BOTOX’s antibacterial properties were discovered more than 70 years ago and have since been used to combat the presence of harmful toxins in the environment. Today, BOTOX is most commonly utilized for disinfecting swimming pools, as well as in the manufacturing of soaps, dental scrubs and other sanitary taksim escort applications.


Biological Function Of Cells

When ingested or inhaled, BOTOX disrupts the biological function of cells, thus preventing them from producing excess growth hormones. If you’ve ever heard of anyone who was unresponsive to chemotherapy, it is likely that they had BOTOX in their system. In the same way that BOTOX can kill cancer cells, it can also kill normal skin cells, which can lead to acne outbreaks. However, a number of researchers believe that BOTOX might have unforeseen side effects and that its antibacterial properties could potentially lead to a variety of cancers. One of the concerns is that pregnant women who are prescribed BOTOX treatment may experience birth defects on their child.

 Clay Mask

Without Ingesting Or Inhaling Any Toxins

Clay masks can provide an easy solution to detoxifying the body without ingesting or inhaling any toxins. Studies have shown that BOTOX is antibacterial properties may be transferred to the skin through clogged pores. The best clays are sourced from India, New Zealand and the United States. These organic clays have been used by aboriginals for health and medical purposes for decades. Today, they are used to protect the skin, keep it supple and help it heal from exposure to toxins and carcinogens.


A Good Quality Clay Mask 

A good quality clay mask will be thick, sticky and go on easily, without making the skin feel greasy or heavy. The best results are often achieved after only a few hours of application, but some people do see some results after just a few minutes. To see maximum results, allow the clay to stay on the skin for at least five to ten minutes. Once it is absorbed into the skin, it will provide some nourishment, as well as help to draw out impurities from the body.

Clay masks can also help to draw out heavy metals and other toxins. Toxins such as mercury, lead, and arsenic can build up in the body over time and it is difficult to eliminate them without using a detoxification method. Heavy metals can cause a variety of illnesses and can contribute to a weak immune system. BOTOX works by removing toxins from the skin, but a clay mask allows it to remain on the skin, where it will help to purify and cleanse the system.

nhaling Any Toxins

One Interesting Fact About BOTOX

One interesting fact about BOTOX is that many people who have digestive problems report that drinking the chemical causes them to vomit. Because bentonite clay is antiseptic and helps to maintain healthy digestion, drinking it promotes overall good health. It has also been proven to reduce inflammation, which is another factor in detoxification.

There are several different ways that BOTOX and other toxins can enter our bodies. Drinks like coffee contain high levels of caffeine, which can be hard for our bodies to digest. Also, chemicals in make-up, deodorants, hairsprays, and cosmetics can be absorbed through the skin. BOTOX and other antibacterial chemicals can be breathed in, when showering or bathing. We usually don’t feel any discomfort until the toxins have reached a certain level.

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