WPC Import License: Important facts that you must know

WPC Import License is the permit provided by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing to import wireless products. Here are some of the lesser known facts about it.

India’s telecommunication sector is on the rise, increasing the demand for wireless devices. However, our current manufacturing capabilities can’t afford to provide wireless devices to 1.4 billion consumers. As a result, we rely on import. To ensure that the quality of the imported products are up to the mark, WPC Import License has become a necessity.

After you’ve obtained the equipment type approval from the Wireless Planning and Coordination, which is a wing of the Department of Telecommunication, you don’t get the full authorization to import the wireless product.

For that purpose, you need to reach out to the Regional Office of WPC in your region and obtain the WPC Certificate For Import .

So, look no further if you are planning to deal with using a specific niche of wireless products is important for you. Our WPC certification consultants provide you with the best services for WPC Certification India, lending you a hand as you apply for WPC certificate India.

Why is this license important? What is the process for obtaining it? And is it worth it? Let’s discuss answers to all those questions through this blog.

Importance of WPC Import license

getting the WPC license for import is important because of the following reasons:

  1. It is mandatory: Without the license, you don’t have WPC’s approval. And without it, you can’t import the wireless product. Even though there is not much awareness about the import license, it doesn’t mean that the applicant has any other option but to obtain this certificate.
  2. It tests the quality of the product: While you must test the wireless product at an independent lab before importing it, you can’t rely on its correctness of all the time. Wireless Planning and Coordination wing provides you an unfiltered look at your equipment. It precisely tells you about the strength and weaknesses of your product.
  3. It stops the intrusion of de-licensed frequency bands: The truth is WPC Certificate for import certifies the frequency bands and not the wireless equipment. By doing so, it prevents the intrusion of de-licensed frequency bands as it regulates them.

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What is the procedure to obtain a WPC Import License?

To obtain the license to import wireless products, the steps you must follow are as follows:

Testing the equipment

First, you must get test reports for your wireless equipment from a lab with NABL accreditation.

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Furnishing the documents

Once you’ve obtained the test reports, you must furnish the rest of the documents:

  1. Certificate of incorporation,
  2. Memorandum of Association,
  3. Articles of Association,
  4. Letter authorizing an AIR to apply for WPC Certificate for Import,
  5. Technical literature of the wireless equipment,
  6. And, Sample of the product,

We are talking about quality wireless products. It’s due to these international products that things have become more affordable for a common consumer.  So, if you’re a purveyor of wireless products and are looking for a WPC ETA certificate, there is no shame in that.

Process of getting Import License WPC in India

The process to obtain Import License by WPC is as follows:

  • File the application
  • Submit the application and the documents to the regional office
  • Monitor the assessment
  • Obtain the Import License

Submission of the documents offline

After downloading the application form you have filled, you must attach it with the physical copies of the documents you have furnished. Then, you must submit them to the office of WPC in your region.

Assessment of the application form

Upon receiving your application form’s physical copy, the officials of Wireless Planning and Coordination wing spring into action. They start rigorously assessing your request. If it finds everything to be in the right order, it will issue you the WPC certificate for import.

Is it worth it?

As you can see, the process that you must follow isn’t easy. There are multiple complications that you will face going through those steps. It begs one question – is it worth it? It is. Ignoring the mandatory nature of the license, you can think of this license is your one ally against bad quality. With this, you can stand tall in front of your customers to tell them that your wireless equipment has the right value.

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