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Yoga Poses for Constipation

Yoga is an ancient art form that has recently gained international fame due to its immense benefits. The short-term aim of this art form is to unify the body mind and soul of an individual. Additionally, its long-term goal is to improve an individual’s quality of living by having a profound impact on their lifestyle.

Today yoga is taught in an end number of yoga institutes that offer a variety of courses. One such course which is very well known is the 200  Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. This course is designed to provide around experience to the participants and to make them independent and turn them into professionals regarding the art of yoga.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a very problem that is faced by many individuals regularly. It is a condition that occurs when the bowel movements in the body are reduced. This hardens the stool and makes it difficult to pass through the excretory tract.

Some of the common causes of constipation are a lack of proper fiber in the body, dehydration caused by lack of proper consumption of water, unhealthy lifestyles like consumption of alcohol, and dietary changes. Additionally, constipation can also be caused by the side effects of certain medicines.

Yoga Poses for Constipation

Constipation usually is a short-term phenomenon that may pass in a few days with efforts to pass a regular stool. However, an increased effect of the same may include extreme pains while passing the stool, accompanied by blood. Several types of research have shown that yoga is very effective in curing constipation by attacking the root cause of the same.

Pose 1-

Half Spinal Twist-

This pose is very easy and can be performed while one is sitting on the ground. The half spinal twist is one of the most effective poses when it comes to the constipation problem. The pose helps in digestion which in a way reduces constipation. To do the pose all one needs to do is sit on the ground with legs straight laid in your front. The next step is to bend your right leg and bend the leg and then placing the right foot near the left knee. The left leg should be bend and place near the buttock area. Then place the left hand or the left elbow on the right knee and then slowly twist the face over the right shoulder. Hold this position for few seconds and then slowly release and repeat this posture on the opposite side as well.

Pose 2-

Supine Spinal Twist-

This posture will alleviate the constipation problem and relaxes the lower portion of the body. Thus doing this pose will reduce your constipation problem and relaxes the anal muscles as well. This pose can be done by anyone even amateurs as well and is often advised to do it in the morning empty stomach. The supine spinal twist has to be done on the floor. For this pose lie down on the ground and makes the arms in a “T”  shaped position with one leg bend and over another one crossing. The face should be in the opposite direction of the crossed-legged and shoulders flat. Hold this pose for few seconds and keep the body tight while you are doing this pose. Then release the pose slowly and repeat this one on the opposite leg as well. After doing the pose relax for a few seconds and do this one 5 times on each of the legs.

Pose 3-

Cobra Pose-

The cobra pose is one of the most famous poses and is also used in 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and this pose is the starting pose for many asanas as well as a part of Surya namaskar. this poses directly works on several parts of your body and thus helps in curing so many problems. In case of constipation, this pose puts pressure on the abdomen area helping in food digestion thus helping cure the problem of constipation. To do this pose all you need to do is lie down on the floor flat on your belly. Keep the legs stretched on the floor and with the help of your palms rise. The only portion that should be up is up to your hip and not more than it. The face must be towards the front straight arms straight and shoulders close to your ears. The elbows must be near the stomach area and doing this pose with the proper steps will give you the absolute best results.


Thus these are some of the poses that will help you reduce your constipation. Along with these poses, you must also have a great diet which helps in the problem. Then have a glassful of warm water the first thing in the morning as well as last thing before you go to sleep. Your diet must be balanced to reduce such problems. If while doing any pose you feel uncomfortable then the pose must be stopped immediately because this may cause an error. The poses listed above are really helpful and also practiced in Yoga School in Rishikesh for the treatment of constipation.


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