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10 Best Kids Books of All Time

In this golden era of young-adult literature, the bestselling Kids’ books are ostensibly written for teens who like reading imaginative stories. However, many grownups and adults also equally adore reading those kids’ books online in Pakistan. The bestseller writers and novelists have contributed to this genre of kids’ books to let the kids enjoy reading at bedtime. They have introduced influencing characters, heroes, and villains that signify the pop culture of the fantasy world. From Max’s wild rumpus to Captain Nemo’s Sea Monster; from Winnie’s true friendship story to loving March Family, you will find an overwhelming range of storybooks for kids from an online bookstore.  The key is to buy books online in Pakistan as per the reading age of kids. Thus, we help you to pick the best children’s books of all time that you should add to your family library for kids.

1.     Age 0-3: The Wonky Donkey

The Wonky Donkey is a read-aloud book for kids who love listening to bedtime stories. It is a story of a donkey that has only three legs and one artificial limb. The spunky hanky-panky story of a Donkey with hilarious illustrations makes this board book one of the favorite kids’ books. Thus, it has sold up to two million copies in the USA alone. The wonky donkey story contains doses of fun, emotions, humor, and excitement. Thus, little kids and toddlers can easily imagine the entire story and indulge in it.

infant books

2.     Age 2 to 5: I Love You to the Moon and Back

This children’s book features a story of a bear and cub, showing the strong relationship between a parent and child. In the story, the mama bear and baby cub start their day together. They witness colorful lights in the sky, high-peaked mountains, and beautiful splashes in the water. Author beautiful show their bond with cute gestures of love, such as touching nose, hugging, chasing each other, etc. The cute story with a rhyming line makes it perfect as a read-aloud book for children. The personalized page for “To” and “From” makes it suitable for presenting it as a baby shower gift, birthday gift, or baby birth gift.

toddler books

3.     Age 3 to 5: Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

Tiny T. Rex is a theme-based story about a tiny dinosaur having very short stature and arms. His diminutive physique makes him deprive of the lovable hug. Still, he manages to overcome this obstacle to feel love and kindness. The elements of fun, humor, adventure, and emotion make Tiny T. Rex the most loving character for young kids. The easy-to-read and fun writing style with adorable illustrations helps the little reader read and imagine the story on his own. It also teaches the lessons of perseverance, determination, kindness, and hope. Many online bookstores for online book shopping in Pakistan feature this children’s book as the best kids’ book of all time.

kids books

4.     Age 3 to 7: Kindness is my Superpower

90% of parents want to teach their children acts of kindness, care, and concern. Thus, this book writes to provide the best social-emotional learning through an attractive storyline. It contains peaceful rhymes, cute illustrations, most realistic examples, and a fun story. The author gives great examples of good manners at home, on the playground, at school, etc. It helps the young reader to understand the power of kindness in daily life. It also teaches the kid that it is alright to accept your mistake because it makes you more dignified. These simple acts of positive behavior help improve the moralities of a kid.

kids best book

5.     Age 7 to 10: The Boxcar Children Books

The Boxcar Children is an adventurous book series that captivates thrill, fun, mysteries, and excitement. It features a story of a group of friends who solve tough mysteries together. Each chapter and each book contain a new adventure that makes the young reader indulge in the thrill. The Boxcar Children books series is comprised of numerous chapter books. Some of them are Surprise Island, The Boxcar Children, The Yellow House Mystery, and Mystery Ranch. You can find and buy books from this series through the ease of the best book shopping in Pakistan.

kids book

6.     Age 6 to 9: Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection

Dr. Seuss’s books have iconic characters that inspire the reader of all generations. The attractive art style, simple words, cute illustrations, and classic stories make it easy to read by the young reader on their own. The famous titles under the name of Dr. Seuss’s books include One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, The Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, and more. These are the worth-adding series that one should add to their family library collection.

kids best books

7.     Age 8 to 12: The Secret Lake

The Secret Lake is a fiction novel that features the time travel adventure with Stella and her young brother. It is a mysterious story of a small dog that disappears mysteriously around the secret lake. Stella and her brother discover the time-traveling tunnel while searching for the lost dog. Every page turn brings a new thrill, fun, adventure, suspense, and action, so young adults will keep indulging in this story. Therefore, many Pakistan bookstores feature this novel as the best kids’ book of all time.

The Secret Lake kids book

8.     Age 10 to 13: Holes

“Holes” is the award-winning kids’ book that features the adventurous fiction story of a cursed kid. The story has many layers that make the take more puzzling, suspenseful, and mysterious. If a kid likes mystery books or crime stories, you should buy this one for him. The humorous tale of crime and punishment will not make the reader leave the story in-between.

Holes children book

9.   Age 10 and above: Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the classic wizard magic book series that every 90’s child has owned in their library. The fusion of magic, adventure, fiction, action, emotions, thrill, and humor makes this book series a worthwhile reading for every kid. It is comprised of seven books, and each of them has an exceptional story plot.

Harry Potter books

10. Age 13 and above: A Long Walk to Water:

A Long Walk to Water is based on a true story of a young girl and a boy in Sudan. Their stories intersect beautifully and turn into new ones in a real-life. This book teaches the reader about real hardships of life that can improve life in the end. Teenagers and young adults should read it to learn the best life lessons while enjoying the other world’s culture.

A Long Walk to Water children book

Hope! Our suggested list helps you find the best kids’ books for your child. There are many more options available at the online bookstore, but these are some bestselling kid’s books that are worth reading by your kids. So, why wait? Pick the book as per the kid’s age and buy it from a reliable online bookstore.

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