What is TEC Certification and why do you require it?

Telecom imports in India are at an all time high. Whether it’s because of lack of domestic manufacturing plants. The current government’s desire to impress foreign countries, we don’t know. What we do know that to import telecom products, you need TEC certification.

Every telecom product comes with its own share of risks. Thus, you can only import it in India for sale after assessment by the Telecommunication engineering centre. Abbreviated to TEC, it’s this centre that issues the TEC certification after a mandatory testing.

Now you know what is TEC certification, let’s now discuss the why.

Why is TEC certification important?

As we mentioned earlier, telecom products come with their own share of risks. They are as follows:

  1. Safety risks: The telecom equipment might not be safe for the user. The reason can be anything from lose wiring to flawed materials.
  2. Connectivity risks: Telecom equipments often work in conjunction with other products, making the other products susceptible to damage.
  3. Frequency emission: Radio frequency emission from telecom products can often interfere with the workings of other products.
  4. Security risks: The package of telecom products and their complex internal arrangements is a good place to hide nefarious equipment. Thus, mandatory testing is required in the favour of national interest.

How to obtain TEC certification in India?

Now that you have come face to face with its importance. Let’s now discuss the process of obtaining TEC certification in India. The most important aspect of this process, is to know whether you require  it.

To obtain TEC certificate, the process entails assessment of the telecom product before the telecommunication engineering centre can pick it up for testing.  Other Useful License: Dealer Possession License

That assessment contains the step to see whether or not your products falls under the mandatory category. Following is the list of products for which TEC certification is not required.

  1. Spares and components
  2. Modules and CKD and SKD
  3. R& D related products
  4. Equipment for personal use
  5. Passive telecom equipments
  6. Integrated systems
  7. Power supply, batteries, UPS
  8. IoT Sensors
  9. Inter-sect oral boxes
  10. Set top boxes
  11. Multi functional devices
  12. Equipment that are under the government schemes not under TEC.

IF your equipment isn’t among the aforementioned list, you can take the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Reach out to a lab and get independent tests done on the product
  2. Get the test report
  3. Login to the official portal for TEC certificate process
  4. As you’d need to get the registration first, upload AIR authorization letter to obtain user credentials to login.
  5. Go to the dashboard and start filing the application form
  6. Get a printout of the application form with the following documents attached:
    1. Technical Specification of the telecom equipment
    2. Manufacturing license of the product
    3. Authorization letter authorizing the AIR.
    4. Test reports from an independent lab
    5. Duly filled application form and demand draft of the applications’ fee.
  7. The application and documents will be assess first. And then, the sample of the product would be analyze.
  8. IF the products meets the TEC regulation criteria, you will obtain the TEC certificate to import it.


Certification from TEC is require to import telecom products in India. However, because of the nuances of the steps involved. Read More Licenses: Peer to Peer Lending License

You’d need to be ready with the documents when you’re ready to apply online for TEC certificate. We are Registrationwala and are here to help. Consult with us with any questions regarding TEC certification in India.

What is TEC certification and why do you require it? In this article, you’ll understand the inner details of TEC certification as well as it’s need for those who wish to import telecom equipment in India.

For further details, contact Registrationwala.

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