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10 Experiences That You Can Get Only In India

Brilliant beaches, colossal mountain chains, dramatic ancient temples, whispering valleys, lip-smacking food, phenomenal cultural diversity. The ever-celebratory mood are some of the zillion things that characterize India. It doesn’t matter if you are an Indian or not, you totally need to experience these things exclusively found in India, just to be sure that you have truly lived your life!

1. Maha Kumbh

I wouldn’t say they are the truest of India experiences if you have heard that way, but surely you haven’t seen anything in your life if you have not been to Mahakumbh. I call it Great Indian Congregation of all possible sects and sub sects of Hinduism. Even if you are already a Hindu, and if you have never been to Maha Kumbh or Kumbh (the mini Maha Kumbh). You have no idea how insanely diverse this religion is. You might also realize that its unfair to call it a religion. If you get to be a part of this festival because there is no single set of rules that abides them all!

Its a once in 12 year happening and if you have not known this before(which is probably because you are very close to being an Idiot), it would blow your mind away when you’ll know the magnitude of area and participation it witnesses. The last one happened in 2013, and that mean you would have to wait till 2025 to experience this out-of-the-world phenomena!

2. Holi in Vrindavan

Even if you don’t wish to be charmed by the beautiful history of this festival, this is like the most fun and exciting thing to do, an experience exclusive to India! It s not just the festival full of colours and delicacies, the real essence lies in being brave enough to get the strongest of colours on your skin and keeping the feel of Holi for at least a week thereafter. (well that was just our perception).

3. Gastro-Delight (THE GREAT INDIAN FOOD)

One sign to know if an Indian likes you, you’ll be treated with various delicacies without any rhyme or reason. We show our entire love, care and affection through food and I tell you, you can only show your acceptance of our love by first having all that you’ve been treated with and then treating us with more food!

India is origin to the unbelievably unlimited cuisines of all possible kind of flavours. From street food to royalty, we have it all, incredibly lip-smacking. We specialize in pampering sweet tooth with every region serving at least 20 kind of sweet dishes to give you the contentment of at least 7 lifetimes from having anything sweet.

4. Ayurvedic Massage and Spa

‘A lifetime of rest in a few hours’, sums up the experience of Ayurvedic Massages. Though a lot of ancient knowledge and wisdom was lost. Ayurveda still found its way to treat people effectively from any of the physical and mental disorders.

You can have the most blissful time of your life if you experience this brilliant and powerful psychological healing therapy. You just need to do a little research on the kind of massage you want and forget your existence for a while.

5. Timeless Wisdom and Spirituality

Speaking of history, India is a place where all major religions across the world find their comfort. This is the place where Lord Budhha got Nirvana, where Lord Krishna gave lessons to Arjuna, where Ramayana found its origination, where a local saint can change the heart of a conqueror like Alexander and reform a dacoit, where terrorists surrender and spend the rest of their life in improving other’s lives.

Irrespective of whichever religion you belong to, Yoga and Meditation, can ensure your physical and mental well-being. And learning from the masters themselves. You have to be lucky enough to get this experience of lifetime exclusive to India.

6. Vadi Tribe, Gujarat

For long India was known to be a country of Snake-charmers. But let me introduce you to the original snake-charmer community of India. These guys have been practicing this art since 10th century. Their children as young as 2 years old can be found sitting near deadly cobras without a sign of fear because that is when their training starts.

One interesting detail about Vadi tribes of Gujarat, they teach their kids to take away a snake for 7 months and anything after that is believed as utter disrespect to the snake.

7. The Royal Weddings in Rajasthan

Wedding is one huge purpose of one’s life in India. Even if you, as an Indian, doesn’t feel so, your parents totally do! Irrespective of the economic status, people save money their entire lives to give away the bounty, all at once, to the wedding organizers.

Though India does not have many places for destination weddings. It has that one place where you can taste the ultimate royal experience. Udaipur is the epicentre of royalty when it comes to Weddings. Even if you don’t want to splurge so much on your wedding, you need to attend one at least once in your life to witness the extravaganza, an experience exclusive to India.

8. The Charm of Ancient India

India was home to the earliest civilization of the world. Not just India can boast of teaching humanity the way to lead life. It also possesses the age-old architectural marvels, which even today is a tough task.

The ancient structures which are thousands of years old, still stand today, celebrating its glory and magnificent history. You’d be lucky enough if you get to listen to the fascinating stories and significance of ancient Indian temples from the locals.

Irrespective of whichever religion you follow, you believe in God or not, Khajuraho, Sun Temple at Konark, Meenakshi Temple are still your pilgrimage. And I tell you being able to witness this magnificence and charm is an exclusive experience of India.

9. Kushti at Akharas

Kushti or Malla-yuddha (in South India) find its roots in 5th millenium BC, predating Indo-Aryan Invasions. It is a form of wrestling but having to experience this in Desi Indian Akharas (mud-pits) is an unforgettable lifetime memory. If you are lucky, you can even get to learn a trick or two from the teacher (commonly referred as Guru and Ustad) himself.

10. Snake Boat Race in Kerala

This race-cum-festival finds its roots in 14th century when two ancient feudal south Indian kingdoms were at war and told their carpenters to design such boats for a race. You might not be able to participate as a tourist but it is sheer brilliance to witness such an event. The boats actually look like moving snakes on the water surface.

They may be the local water games but the kind of enthusiasm people show, it doesn’t feel any lesser than Olympics. This is usually celebrated during harvesting festival, Onam in autumn. You need to go to Kerala to experience this incredible phenomena at least once in your lifetime.

If you have experienced all of this and you think you have enjoyed all the experiences exclusive to India, you are mistaken! You were just shown a mini-trailer of what it feels to be in India. Incredible India it is!

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