10+ Proven Methods For Increasing Your Instagram Likes

Instagram Likes



Do you have the most Likes possible on Instagram right now?

Your business is losing out on a MASSIVE amount of exposure if your number of Likes isn’t growing steadily as you share more and more content on social media.


Why Is Instagram Engagement Important?


Is it really so important to get a lot of likes? Should you put forth the effort to increase your Instagram likes and followers? Yes!

Often, consumers will form their initial opinions of your company based on how active you are on social media.

To put it another way, if they stumble onto a lifeless page that averages three likes for every photo, it does not exactly cause for celebration. Instead, you want people checking out your Instagram to see activity and growth. Getting more Instagram likes and followers kick off a virtuous cycle of publicity that may do wonders for a company’s success.


1. Gain Additional Visibility


It’s not all about vanity when it comes to Instagram; a high number of likes and comments also serves as free marketing. Since people are inherently sociable, using social media to promote your business is a no-brainer.

The more engaged your page is, the more likely it is that your followers will share it with their own audiences. Because your company’s Instagram post received so many likes and comments, you’ve effectively received a free referral from satisfied customers.


2. Amass A Larger Fan Base


When your fans and followers recommend your page to their friends and fans, what will happen?

More people begin to follow you. Many beginners are tempted to buy followers since they know that every following brings in more. Just wait until the article’s conclusion to find out why. It’s good and sustainable to see this kind of organic expansion as a result of people’s active participation. When people are referred to your page, they already have an interest in what you have to offer.


3. Repeat


This snowball gains speed rapidly after it has begun to roll. Fans are attracted by likes, and you have an engaged and enthusiastic following who enjoys reading your updates.

Those ‘likes’ lead to a rise in the number of followers. A strong Instagram community is the result of this cycle. If your Instagram feed hasn’t seen any new activity in a while, don’t lose hope.


Tips For Increasing Your Instagram Likes:


1. Add a hashtag to your Post


The amount of hashtags used on an Instagram photo is highly correlated with the number of likes and comments it receives. Greater participation with more hashtags! That’s how easy it is!

There’s no need to limit yourself to just a few hashtags when Instagram permits up to 30 per image. Instagram suggests using between three and five hashtags for each Post, although social media consultants advise using many more.

You must realize, though, that utilizing unrelated hashtags merely to reach 30 will be counterproductive. In general, hashtags should be related to the content of the message.


2. Put in place a compelling call to action


Photographs whose titles included the words like or comment attracted 89% more Likes and 2,194% more comments, respectively.

Also, you don’t have to just write Like, Comment as your caption. You should instead use the caption as a prompt to do something. It’s not enough to just urge people to like and comment.


3. Tags and sharing should also be encouraged


Post photographs that you consider to be edgy. We don’t mean edgy in the common sense meaning at all (you should probably avoid edgy memes that might offend your followers). Edge-heavy images are what we have in mind. It’s best to include as many distinct edges and structures as possible in your photographs.

While this may seem like some kind of weird dark magic, it’s actually rather mundane. Images with more edges have been demonstrated to perform better in scientific studies. As it takes a minute for the viewer to analyze an image with edges, the picture is looked at for a longer period of time. They are more likely to like the picture after taking the time to study it in detail.

  • Keep in mind that edgy does not mean busy.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct hues.


4. Add Effective Colors 


Keep away from shades like yellow, orange, and pink. Instagram users are most engaged by pictures that feature cool grays, blues, and greens.

Why this occurs is anyone’s guess, but it does. There’s no need to panic if your photo has a little pink in it. However, if you want more likes on Instagram, you should choose bluer photographs.

Here’s something to keep in mind: if you have to choose between two images, one of which is worse because it’s bluer and the other because it’s pinker, always go with the better one.


5. Utilize Instagram Stories


Instagram originally just supported photo sharing (back in the dark ages).

Additional forms of media were introduced throughout time:

  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Reels

Use Instagram’s other features to your advantage! We’ll get to the videos in a second; for now, let’s chat about the tales. IG stories are a great way to keep your followers in the loop about what’s going on in your life. They attract attention to your Instagram page, which in turn attracts more likes and followers.

Furthermore, they provide you with additional exposure to your fan base, you can buy automatic Instagram story views for all the engaging stories. If you want more likes on Instagram, you have to update your stories regularly as well as it is important to share highly engaging content that inspire audience to visit your profile every day. 


6. Time your posts properly


Posting the same image at various times of the day might have drastically different outcomes. The optimal posting time can be determined in two methods.

  1. Follow the advice of the so-called experts.
  2. Utilize your audience measurement tools.

Professionals in the field of social media, however, have a plethora of contradictory opinions on the ideal posting time.

Some Instagram users claim that Friday morning at 8 o’clock is the ideal time to post.


7. Post Different Content


When visiting an Instagram profile, no one wants to see photos of the user, their cuisine, or promotional materials solely.

Additionally, this does not always make posts of this nature negative. This just indicates that readers are tired of being subjected to the same type of content update time and time again. Simply putting one consistent sort of content on your page will not solve this issue. Add a choice of visuals:

  • Memes
  • Selfies
  • Professional Headshots
  • Advertisement
  • Narratives from satisfied clients
  • Inappropriately Selected Cartoons


8. Add IG Link On Your Website


Most discussions about social media marketing focus on attracting new visitors to a website, but the process also works in reverse. You should also have links on your website that direct visitors to your social media pages.

Obtaining a large number of social media followers is the first step in building a lasting relationship with that group of individuals. This means that customers are more likely to revisit your site in the future. As a result, the snowball effect is more likely to begin, with more people following you and liking your images.


9. Get the most out of your other social media platforms


Every one of your social media profiles needs to encourage its audience to check out the others.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter may be used to promote your Instagram account. You should use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to drive traffic to your Facebook page. …and the list goes on.

Including links to your various social media profiles in your bio or About section is an excellent place to start. There’s even a dedicated section on Facebook where you may promote your other pages.


10. Behind the scene Videos


An earlier section of this article suggested that your fans are interested in learning more about you. Giving your followers a glimpse of your process is a terrific approach to fostering a sense of community and increasing engagement.

This implies you’ll be giving your fans a glimpse behind the scenes at your company:

In what capacity do you collaborate, and who do you work with?

Just how would you describe the appearance of your local area?

  • Tell me about the layout of your workplace
  • Does your job require you to spend time at home? If that’s the case, please share photos of your dogs and home office.
  • Pics from the company get-together
  • Likes may be easily amassed by posting content that gives your followers a glimpse into your personal life.


11. Make use of Instagram Influencers


Is it true that you have identified the key opinion leaders in your field?

You should be familiar with them, and ideally, you should be collaborating with them. Some influencers, especially micro-influencers, have extremely high interaction rates.

Only about 4% of micro-audience influencer’s actively participated in the posts they share on a regular basis. And what does that imply for you?

Your page’s likes and followers will rise dramatically if you can get in touch with and collaborate with a micro-influencer to promote it.

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