Each person has fears and complexes.

Despite this, the representatives of the stronger sex diligently deny their presence or simply hide them from others. From our article, you can find out from which complexes men of different Zodiac signs suffer.

There are drawbacks for every person, and sometimes they are the reason for our complexes, which are not so easy to get rid of. As it turned out, men are no less likely than women to suffer from complexes, even though they try to carefully hide them from other people. This opinion is not limited to psychologists, but also astrologers. They claim that it’s possible to solve such secrets of men with the help of the zodiac. We will tell you about what complexes are peculiar to men of different Signs of the Zodiac. Also, if you are interested in finding the best match for you, then the Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart is the best way to easily find out your best and worst matches.


Representatives of this Sign are accustomed to living in a constant struggle. Their main desire is to be the first always and everywhere. As a rule, they always achieve career heights, are popular with women, and get everything they want. However, even such strong and self-assured men have complexes. To recognize him enough to make Aries doubt that everything is perfect in his life. Noticing that others doubt his superiority, he immediately closes in with himself.

In order for the complexes to disturb Aries as little as possible, it’s enough to prove to him that everything happens in his life as he wants. If he believes that among his colleagues he is the most intelligent and talented — confirm this. If it seems to him that he stopped attracting the attention of women, try to deny it by resorting to compliments.


Tend to spend their entire life trying to earn as much money as possible. However, when the necessary amount is in their hands, they are unlikely to spend it on something useless, but rather postponed it to a “rainy day”. Taurus values stability and doesn’t like when something comes out of his control. However, the word “surprise” makes Taurus nervous. After all, they not only don’t welcome change but even fear them.

In order for Taurus to feel comfortable, it’s necessary that his close circle try to maintain stability in the life of Zodiac signs. Even if you want to surprise Taurus, you don’t need to do it spontaneously, and even more so use original methods for this. Such a man is unlikely to be pleased with the surprise, since he himself prefers to do them, and unexpectedly.


For representatives of this Zodiac Sign, it’s important that their opinion is always authoritative, both for loved ones and for other people. When someone tries to put Gemini’s words in doubt, it touches them to the core. Gemini needs to know that they are surrounded by people who are ready to admire their intellect and erudition, and if this doesn’t happen, then the complexes immediately make themselves felt.

Sometimes the narcissism of Gemini begins to irritate even the closest people. However, if you wish that your beloved was confident in yourself, it’s necessary that he constantly felt the admiring glance of his beloved woman. Always listen carefully to his stories, even if they don’t seem interesting to you. If the topic for conversation bores you, try to change it imperceptibly, but never say it openly.


Cancers could lead the list of the most notorious Zodiac Signs. They can be complex because of a lack of appearance, financial status, work, and even the environment. Unfortunately, these representatives of the zodiac circle are struggling with their complexes, which is why, not infrequently, they are finally disappointed in their own lives. The main problem of Cancers — they are very dependent on the opinions of others and painfully perceive criticism, even if they try to hide it.

To offend Cancer is quite simple, but it’s much harder to get his forgiveness. This sign of the zodiac needs a person who can support him at any moment. If Cancer has placed you among the favorites, then you will have to learn to refrain from criticizing him, even if sometimes it will be very difficult.


If Aries try to prove to others that they are unique, then Leos doesn’t need such a necessity. They understand that their royal nature and rare qualities allow them to stand out from the crowd without much effort. If you doubt the words of Leo, then he is unlikely to begin to prove otherwise. He, most often, doesn’t care about the opinions of others. However, if Leo doubts his uniqueness, he simply will not be able to bear this. By hiding Leo’s pride, you risk finding an enemy in the face of the strongest Sign of the Zodiac.

Representatives of this Zodiac Sign are confident of their uniqueness and are unlikely to tolerate open flattery. Try to hint to Leo unnoticed that any of his actions deserve special attention and rewards, and, most importantly, show him that in your life he still occupies the main role.


Throughout life, Virgo loves to strive for the ideal. That’s why they know about their shortcomings and don’t hesitate to openly declare them. Virgo is critical to yourself. They can criticize themselves for being shy, low height, overweight, and also doubt their mental abilities. In addition, this Sign of the Zodiac is more than others worried about their health. After reading the medical encyclopedia, Virgo immediately finds a host of diseases, and, moreover, will take it seriously.

Sometimes it’s hard for women to get along with the men of this Zodiac Sign. However, if you value the nerves of your lover, learn to support it even in the most absurd situations. Only care and love for the second half will help Virgo to cope with the complexes.


He is ready to spend a lot of energy so that those around him are happy and happy. As a rule, in difficult moments, representatives of this Sign are able to help even an unfamiliar person, and they will do it disinterestedly. However, to enter into conflict with them is not worth it. Having brought down a wave of anger on Libra, you will understand that it’s quite dangerous to associate with such a man. After offending him, you risk being on his list of enemies, in which you can stay forever.

Avoiding a conflict with Libra is quite simple, but if it does arise, you should appease them with a pleasant gift. Unlike other Zodiac Signs, Libra always tries to follow fashion. Therefore, as a surprise, you should prefer fashionable sweaters, shirts or unusual t-shirts.


Despite the fact that the Scorpios are considered to be a cold and unfeeling Zodiacal sign, astrologers deny this opinion. In fact, Scorpio can hide his complexes and fears very well and tries not to share his experiences with other people. Scorpions are vulnerable, which is why they take criticism so hard, especially from the opposite sex.

Scorpio is considered to be the most attractive and sexual Sign of the Zodiac, and it’s hard to believe that under the guise of a strong man lies a vulnerable and sensitive young man. It’s very difficult to gain Scorpio’s trust. To do this, you need to create the most comfortable conditions, proving that you are the most faithful and caring woman he has been looking for all his life. However, don’t break your communication, otherwise, you will never be able to win his love.


He doesn’t know how to lose. They don’t imagine that someone else will be able to take their place as a winner, which they consider to be their own. If there are difficulties in the life of this Zodiac sign, then he will try with all his might to hide his surrounding. To imagine what Scorpio admits in its failure is impossible.

This representative of the zodiac circle is afraid of being wrong. For Sagittarius, it’s important to listen to his opinion, considering it the only correct one. Like Leos, Sagittarians believe that by their nature they are unique, and the task of his lover is to convince the beloved man that he is an exceptional person. If you want to conquer any of these signs of the Zodiac, you must create conditions in which he will always feel like a winner. In this case, he never wants to part with you.


Capricorns are always faithful to their choice. A man of this Zodiac sign will never betray his beloved and will not let her doubt her feelings. However, at an early age, Capricorns often lack attention from the opposite sex and are complex because of their appearance. Growing up, they become more confident in themselves, but, despite this, the complexity of youth can not infrequently affect their self-esteem.

Men born under this Zodiac sign refer to others with respect, but they also require the same attitude to themselves. Call Capricorn insensitive anyway, that blame him for a terrible sin. These representatives of the zodiac circle consider themselves to be the most sincere and romantic, and will not tolerate if someone tries to convince them otherwise. As often as possible, speak to Capricorn about his sensuality and then he will always agree with you.


Sometimes representatives of this Zodiac Sign complex that their life is too boring and monotonous. They always try to stand out from the crowd and put a lot of effort into it. Despite their passion for the attention of others, Aquarians are afraid to speak in public. At such times, it is difficult for them to struggle with excitement, which often causes them to often find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

Aquarians love to praise themselves before other people, and they will be glad to hear a compliment from others. But having received criticism in their address, they will immediately arrange a conflict and accuse you of envy. Representatives of Aquarius will not tolerate demonstrative humiliation, and in that case, they will always find a way to respond to the offender. This Zodiac sign always tends toward the status of the winner, and will not tolerate someone who wants to doubt his genius.


Male-Pisces, like Cancers, depend on the opinions of others. The slightest criticism against them can greatly affect the self-esteem of sensitive and perceptive Pisces. If other Zodiac Signs don’t mind being in the center of attention, then Pisces prefers to stay in the shade. Sometimes they are afraid to seem too strange or ugly because in this case, the attention of others will immediately be drawn to them. They find it difficult to find a common language with other people, because of what their circle of communication is rather narrow.

Representatives of this Sign don’t seek to attract attention, which is why your task is to prove to your lover that he is no different from other people. Even if your partner does something wrong, try to refrain from criticism. Of course, he has flaws, but let them only be known to you.

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