12 Top Secrets Tips to Generate Leads through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to generate leads but even seasoned businessmen sometimes have difficulty working with it. I have been seeing that many people want easy tips for using LinkedIn as their lead generator and thus, my readership requested 12 secrets on how they can use the site efficiently in order to reach more prospects through this platform!

“LinkedIn is a great way to make connections, but it can be difficult if you don’t know what users are looking for. Before I start taking over your account and wasting their time with irrelevant information about me or my company — which would also seem like spams marketing by any measure–I want us both on the same page when talking strategy.”

Here are the secrets that come naturally to me about how to get the most of a LinkedIn sales navigator. They’re effective and simple, listed in chronological order with an easy step-by-step guide on how you can use them yourselves!

Top 12 secrets for Leads
LinkedIn Profile

1. The first thing that you will need to do is get registered and create a great account profile on LinkedIn. This should not be difficult for those with no experience in marketing.

LinkedIn Group

2. The best way to get leads on LinkedIn is by joining groups that are relevant and close in nature. Focus your efforts wisely, knowing there’s always room for improvement!

Linkedin Online Marketing

3. To ensure your success in online marketing, make sure you study the groups that are most likely to be successful for YOU. There’s nothing worse than joining a community only to find out they already have an avid following and aren’t interested in newcomers – so take note of who posts what content when!

Joining Group

4. For many people, the best way to find a job is by joining groups created for this purpose. I recommend only registering in these types of boards and ignoring those focused specifically on networking opportunities with employers.

About Company

5. Along with a personal touch, joining groups can help you spread the word about your company by adding that extra element of exclusivity.

Create Post

6. The number one way to build trust in online communities is by being informative and thoughtful. Be mindful that your posts are not just noisy signals, but an actual representation of yourself!


7. There is a huge opportunity for answering posted questions on the internet. Check out your favorite companies and see if they have any important clients who might need help with an issue that you can answer! This will give them more confidence in hiring someone like yourself or finding new business as well since there’s less risk involved when people know their needs are going to be met by this kind of solution from day one.


8. Don’t just talk at them – give the group something to react to by starting a conversation and offering your content as an option.


9. Landing pages can be a great way to promote your content and offer specific deals for members of different groups. Maybe you have some customers who only want the best, so it’s time they got just what their money is worth? Create separate landing pages tailored specifically towards those people – don’t worry about making them generic; we’ll make sure these are customized based on individual needs!

Direct Ads

10. LinkedIn’s Direct Ads is a new advertising platform that allows you to post advertisements specifically targeted at your desired audience. This means there are no more worries about wasting money on people who have already seen the ad or clicked “uninterested.”

Social Media

11. Make sure every post has some kind-hearted comment with “LinkedIn” somewhere attached; this includes social media networks like Facebook where many employees share company updates.”


12. You can have a tight-knit group on LinkedIn where you set the tone and agenda. This is especially useful if your company has more than one department with different interests because each will be able to post content in their own space without stepping on anyone else’s toes or disrupting progress for others’ posts from within other teams.

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