What is a Commercial Plumber?

A commercial plumber has the skills, training, experience, tools, and knowledge to repair gas or oil-fired boilers. They work for businesses to improve fixtures or installations that are malfunctioning or broken. A commercial plumber is a person, company, or local government entity that provides professional plumbing services to businesses and residential customers. 

Commercial Plumbers are responsible for repairs and installations of water, gas, and electric systems and help with heating and air conditioning. They work on both new and existing construction and can be involved in the design process as well. This article will help you understand what a commercial plumber is, the benefits of hiring one, and how to hire them. 

Commercial Plumbing: When to use a Commercial Plumber

Commercial Plumbers are professionals who perform work on commercial buildings, which are used for businesses or offices. Commercial buildings are typically found in major cities or towns. The result can range from routine maintenance to the installation of complex sewer systems. 

Commercial Plumbing is simply the practice of piping water, gas, sewer, drainage, and heating systems. Commercial plumbers do commercial Plumbing for both residential and commercial buildings. Depending on the size of your building, you may need to hire multiple professional plumbers or just one experienced professional. 

A commercial plumber is a company that specializes in the installation and maintenance of plumbing systems for businesses, schools, and other facilities. Depending on the scope of the work requested by the client, they might be called upon to install or repair any plumbing system.

Why choose a Commercial Plumber over a DIY plumber?

Commercial plumbers are knowledgeable about plumbing systems and are trained to work quickly. Unlike the DIY plumber, they are licensed by the state, often required to maintain their tools, and can handle any plumbing issue without waiting for a repairman. 

The commercial plumber is typically found in 

  • commercial buildings
  • industrial settings 
  • public buildings
  • or multi-unit dwellings.

A Commercial Plumber is someone who specializes in repairs, services, and installations of commercial plumbing systems. They are typically more experienced than a DIY plumber because they have made many connections with businesses to offer their services. A DIY plumber would have to deal with more complex tasks. Commercial Plumbers are licensed and can do work on commercial property. They typically perform tasks such as 

  • installation
  • repair
  • servicing 
  • and maintenance of water
  • sanitary sewer 
  • and septic systems

How to find a good commercial plumber?

Commercial plumbers are like any other business for which you need to make sure they are reputable, experienced, and committed to their trade. The business of commercial plumbing is not the most straightforward job in the world; it takes time and education to excel at. Nevertheless, many people get into this line of work to make an easy living or use their skills on a bigger scale. 

Commercial plumbers are usually found in commercial buildings. If you are looking for a commercial plumber, make sure to do your research and consider getting multiple quotes to compare prices. It would help if you also looked for a company with excellent reviews from past clients. Commercial plumbers are often small businesses. 

In many cases, the owner may be a commercial plumber and utilize a few employees to assist daily. Therefore, commercial plumbers need to have a good reputation in the community.


Commercial Plumbers are highly skilled professionals who use their expertise to provide services for businesses. They work on the plumbing systems of buildings of all sizes and types, which gives them essential skills in identifying issues, finding solutions, and even coming up with creative new ideas. A Plumber Campbell, CA is an individual who performs the installation, maintenance, and repair of piping systems. Commercial plumbing professionals include pipefitters, steamfitters, and sprinkler fitters.

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