5 multiplayer survival games for PC

Discover fun and popular genre titles to enjoy with friends online

Survival multiplayer games, such as Minecraft and V alhe im , are extremely popular on the PC and are among some of the most famous titles on digital stores like Steam . Although they are productions with distinct stories and graphics, they appeal to players for their sense of community and creative freedom, with dynamic maps and mechanics ideal for group play. Check out the top ten survival games to enjoy with friends online in the following list.

Valheim is a survival game that does well in online multiplayer — Photo: Disclosure/Iron Gate

1. Minecraft


Among the most popular games, Minecraft is one of the best options for playing with friends online. In addition to the PC version, the game is available for Xbox One , PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Nintendo Switch and Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones . The good news about the game is that there is crossplay between platforms.

Ten multiplayer survival games for the PC — Photo: Disclosure/Microsoft

Minecraft works like a block building multiplayer games, all set in a pixelated 3D world. In this game, creativity is the limit, as there is not exactly a goal to be followed, and therefore all possibilities are endless. It is possible to create from houses to cities made entirely from cubes.

2. Valheim


 Developed by a team of just five people , the title has already reached the mark of 500,000 simultaneous users playing . As a result, it has set records for famous names such as GTA 5 and DotA 2 . The game is available for PC (via Steam), in early access format.

Valheim supports up to ten simultaneous players — Photo: Reproduction/Tais Carvalho

Valheim brings a viking adventure in the underworld, where the main objective is to survive on a map with randomly generated details and biomes. Although it seems simple at first glance, the game guarantees a unique experience of cooperation and construction, with epic fights against mystical and colossal creatures. The game’s purgatory can be brutal, so help from friends is always welcome. With support for up to ten simultaneous players, users can invite people to matches at any time during the game.

3. Terraria


Terraria is a 2D platform game ideal for those who like challenges. However, don’t be fooled by this fame: although it seems to have a more rustic way of construction, its level of difficulty is higher. With a “Hard Mode” in the campaign, the title features frantic fights against bosses, requiring a good dose of strategy and team cooperation.

Terraria is a 2D platform game perfect for those who like challenges — Photo: Press Release/Steam

Available for PC (via Steam), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iPhone (iOS), the game features co-op mode, PVP and unique randomly created worlds. It is possible to build, explore, meet NPCs and collect resources to create weapons and equipment. However, to advance the story, you must defeat the bosses. At this point, playing alone may prove more difficult than it looks. Therefore, multiplayer game is one of the highlights of Terraria, encouraged even by the Steam store itself.

4. Rust


It’s almost impossible to talk about survival games without mentioning titles set in post-apocalyptic worlds. In the list of the best and most popular, Rust stands out for being a phenomenon of Twitch TV . In addition, its cruel gameplay also draws attention, and is the result of the interaction between players. It is currently available for PC (Steam), with versions planned for Xbox One and PS4.

Rust brings cruel gameplay, but very fun — Photo: Disclosure/Steam

 Hunger, thirst, cold and evil creatures are just some of the challenges players must face while exploring the map. Furthermore, in reality, it is the users themselves who determine the true multiplayer experience. With multiple servers online, they can fight each other or band together, creating bases, groups and even alliances within the multiplayer games.

5. 7 Days to Die


Also in the list of post-apocalyptic worlds, 7 Days to Die stands out for allowing players to invite friends to play in private games – unlike Rust and other titles that have servers only online. However, it’s not just this detail that guarantees the game’s place among the best: its massive amount of content is ideal for construction and exploration fanatics. It is available for PC (via Steam) in early access, but it has versions for Xbox One and PS4.

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