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How to Study CA to Clear it in the First Attempt

The very first thing every commerce students once askis, How to become CA in India? For this, one needs to clear the Chartered Accountancy course. Also, the CA study requires lots of hard work, devotion and persistence to clear it, in the first attempt. However, everybody knows that clearing CA is hard but not impossible.

In CA examination results, the results of all three levels contribute an important role in achieving CA’s degree. The cut off ratio at each level is like this- 30% of CA foundation result, 4 to 8 % result of CA intermediate/IPCC and 3 to 8 % CA final result. Hence, CA students should need to be among this fortunate for cracking CA exams in first attempt.

Now, the question which arises in every student’s mind is how to achieve good marks and complete the entire syllabus thoroughly. Should they do sled study or Join CA coaching classes? In same context Which is the best coaching for CA studies?

The answer to all your questions is VSI Jaipur. The best and leading CA coaching institute in Pink city, Jaipur.

VSI Jaipur- best for CA study

Moreover, VSI Jaipur is a centre of attraction for many CA aspirants as many have scored the highest marks in CA examinations results. Evidently, the institute is famous for its record-breaking results.

Further, VSI Jaipur is following a tradition of getting AIR (All India Rank) every year.

For instance , Akshat Goyal and Anjali Goyal, students of VSI Jaipur, scored the All India Rank. So indeed, making VSI Jaipur your first choice is very crucial for cracking the CA exams.

Read the article to learn about the tips and toppers strategies to clear and rank in Chartered Accountancy in the first attempt.

Tips to Clear CA in First Attempt

Although CA needs a lot of preparation and dedication to pass the exam in the first attempt. For this student requires the appropriate education direction and supervision.

Here are some remarkable tips for the CA study curriculum efficiency. And also, to clear the reputed degree course in the first attempt are as follows:

6 Tips to Clear CA in the First Attempt

#1. Enhance the scope of the CA study

The CA exams are pool of wisdom that can only be enhanced by dipping into it. For cracking the CA exams in the first attempt, you should need to study every part of the CA course effectively. Also, this knowledge will help throughout one’s career.

#2. CA Study needs regular 15 Hours

CA aspirants must study effectively for 15 hours daily to crack the CA exam in the first attempt. Through 15 hours of productive study, students cover all the subjects and their topics with abundant time for revision.

#3. Theory subjects of CA study is equally important

It is important to study the theory subjects regularly as vast theory topics need repeated revision daily. Nowadays, many students focus on practical solving portion and neglect the theory portion of the subjects. But in CA exams, both the theoretical and practical subjects are equally important to pass CA exams in the first attempt.

#4. Habit of Taking down the Notes

Students should have a habit of taking down the pointers while studying from different books and reference materials. However, the hand-made notes are easy to revise the topics in future. As nowadays, revision is necessary for every candidate, and also it is not possible to cover the entire syllabus in one day. Hence, hand-made notes play a huge role in memorising important topics and do well in the exams.

#5. Improve the writing and presentation skills

For CA aspirants, it is imperative to work on writing and presentation skills. However, while answering questions in CA exams a good presentation together with short and relevant answers is much required. Thus, students need to enhance the quality of their answers for good marks. Moreover, Chartered Accountancy is the only examination where presentation and handwriting plays a big role. For this reason, the students need to study from practice manuals to improve presentation skills.

#6 CA study requires positive attitude of aspirants

CA is a very tough exam and requires devotion, hardwork, and mental support. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen your mind with meditation and yoga for mental peace. Proper sleeping and eating habits will also help to keep the students active. CA students should have a cheerful attitude for cracking the CA exam in the first attempt.

Topper’s Strategies to Rank in CA Exam with VSI Jaipur

Here are some topper’s strategies of CA students to rank in the CA exam with VSI Jaipur. Following are the strategies:-

  • The CA students should study for 10 to 15 hours daily for getting rank in CA exams.
  • CA candidates should daily practice writing answers for improving the quality of answers. For this, they need to solve MTP’s and RTP’s.
  • The students should try to revise the theory sujects on regular basis. Also, Prepare short notes for last minute revision.
  • Students need to avoid group studies with friend, if they need rank in CA exams.
  • CA aspirants are required to complete the whole syallbus on time. Also, they should have atleast 3 times revision before appearing for exams.
  • The CA candidates should divide the topic in small parts. And try to complete that topic on same day.
  • For clearing CA in first attempt, one should have a positive attitude.
  • CA students should be self-motivated and focused towards their studies.
  • Also, after continous study the students should need to take a break for cheering themselves up.
  • Regularity of CA candidate in articleship is equally important.
  • For avoiding stress, aspirants need to do mediatation or yoga regularly for atleast 30 minutes.


  1. Which is the best CA coaching institue?

Ans. VSI Jaipur is the best coaching institute for CA preparations.

2. How many years to become CA will it take?

Ans. The total time required to become CA is 4.5 years.

3. What strategies are required to complete a chartered accountant?

Ans. The strategies for ranking in CA are mentioned earlier.

4. Is social media is distracting you while studying for CA exams?

Ans.  Yes, CA students should evade using social media. Also, it plays a significant role in misleading students from their objects.

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