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5 Proven Benefits Of Almonds For Health

Benefits Of Almonds

Being one of the most famous tree nuts in the world, the benefits of Almonds are among the richest and nutritious foods around. They have high amounts of antioxidants, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. With all such goods, they have lots of health benefits to deliver for people of all ages.

Proven Benefit of Almonds

Now, without further ado, let’s dive straight into exploring almonds and their benefits for human health.

  1. Nutrient-Richness Helps With Different Health Conditions

Almonds, actually, are the seeds of Prunis Dulcis – the almond tree – that are edible. Almonds that are available at stores are normally without shell and they’re the edible nut that’s inside. They really boast of their extraordinary nutrient profile and 1oz almonds’ serving carries:

  • 5 gm fiber
  • 6 gm protein
  • 14 gm fat (out of it 9 gm is monounsaturated fat)
  • 32% of RDI Manganese
  • 37% of RDI Vitamin E
  • 20% of RDI Magnesium
  • There is also enough vitamin B2, phosphorus, and copper

All such goodness comes from only a handful of almonds that supply just 161 calories along with 2.5 gm digestible carbohydrates.

They also have high phytic acid content which is a substance that actually binds several minerals while preventing them from getting absorbed.

So, the overall nutrient-rich profile of the almonds can help with different types of health conditions.

  1. Helps With Hair Growth

Almonds are a good source of Biotin and that allows it to make sure that your hair starts growing at a rapid pace and becomes thicker than ever. Only a single cup of almonds carries around 1/3rd of the daily requirement. The results should start appearing within a couple of months of including these in your diet and, therefore, you should buy your best baby hairbrush in 2021 and get ready for styling those beautiful tresses. It will be fun for sure.

  1. Almonds Are Full Of Antioxidants

They really make a fantastic antioxidant source and can be helpful in preventing oxidative stress that is known to damage the molecules in the cells leading to inflammation, aging as well as serious diseases like cancer.

There are powerful antioxidants present in almonds that are concentrated mainly in your skin’s brown layer. That being the reason, blanched almonds – the ones that have their skin removed – aren’t considered the top choice as far as your health goes.

In a clinical trial of smokers, it was revealed that taking around 3 oz almonds every day helps reduce the oxidative stress biomarkers. A drop of 23% to 34% was observed within just four weeks.

  1. Almonds Have High Amount Of Vitamin E

Vitamin E belongs to the family of antioxidants that are fat-soluble. These antioxidants usually build up in the cell membranes of the body and protect cells against oxidative damage. Almonds remain to be one of the best Vitamin E sources of the world that offer around 37% of RDI from only 1 oz of almonds consumption. There are many studies that have associated the intake of vitamin E with the reduction in rates of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Almonds Can Help Control Cholesterol Levels

An increase in the LDL lipoproteins levels – aka bad cholesterol – in the blood is known to increase the risk of developing heart disease.

These LDL levels are affected greatly by your diet and there are studies to show that LDL is lowered effectively through almonds.

A study conducted on people who had prediabetes revealed that incorporating 20% of the total calories in your diet from almonds helped lower the levels of LDL cholesterol by 12.4 mg/dL on average. In another study, it was revealed that consuming 1.5oz almonds every day can help lower the LDL cholesterol levels by 5.3 mg/dL and maintains the HDL cholesterol levels which are, obviously, good for health. It even helps with losing belly fat.

So, almonds have lots of benefits to offer as far as your health and beauty are concerned. Just make sure that you incorporate enough of them into your diet routine and you’ll surely see the benefits coming.

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