5 tips to maintain and protect your tyres

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Tyre maintenance is a critical component of a successful driver and fleet safety programme. It enables carriers to avoid roadside vehicle performance issues, protect their equipment, and maximise profitability through increased uptime and fuel savings. Under-inflated tyres can reduce a vehicle’s gas mileage by up to 0.3 percent for every one pound per square inch, according to data from the United States Department of Energy.

Despite this, some carriers do not have an effective tyre maintenance strategy in place. They would rather rely on visual inspections than pre-trip inspections at tyre change service center in Dubai that accurately measure relevant data such as tyre pressure and tread depth.

Tire damage could compromise your tyres’ integrity and increase the number of accidents and injuries. As a result, you must understand how to keep tyres in good condition for your safety.

Here are some tips for protecting your tyres.

Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis.

You must check and adjust your tyre pressure on a regular basis. During the summer, the temperature of the roads rises, causing the air inside tyres to expand.

As a result, tyre pressure will rise, leading to overinflation.

During the winter, the temperature drops, resulting in a drop in pressure. Tyres that are underinflated have more rubber in contact with the road.

This increases friction, which can lead to overheating and wear.

As a result, you should always keep a tyre gauge in your toolbox. To ensure accuracy and dependability, invest in a high-quality tyre gauge. A good one will also last you a long time.

Tire Cleaning

You should wash and condition your car tyres on a regular basis. Washing will keep them cool and help maintain a stable pressure during hot seasons. It also keeps them from drying out, which contributes to tyre wear.

Washing your tyres in the winter removes snow and road salt, both of which can cause tyre wear. To protect the rubber from harsh weather elements, a professional at F & T tyres, the car repair centre in dubai,UAE can help coat the tyres with a heat or ice protectant.

Set up Seasonal Tires

During hot weather, you may need to install summer tyres. These tyres are made differently, with an added rubber compound that allows them to effectively grip hot roads. They also have lower rolling resistance, which means you’ll have better control of your car on both wet and dry roads.

Install winter tyres in the winter because they have a unique tread design with wider grooves. On ice, this design improves traction. They also have a soft rubber to keep the car stable even when the temperature drops.

Get a Professional Inspection Every Month

Every month, you should have your car inspected by a professional. The technician will look for signs of wear, cracks, leaks, and bulges. They will also examine the tread depth to ensure it is within the acceptable range.

Tyres should not be overfilled

When filling the tyres with air, you must be extremely cautious about the amount of air you push in. Keep in mind that the tyres should not be overfilled as they expand while driving. This can result in unpleasant situations such as tyre blast.


Effective tyre maintenance can save carriers a lot of money in the long run. With the above tips and strategies, you should be able to create an effective tyre maintenance strategy.

To extend the useful life of your tyres, you must protect and maintain them. At F & T tyres, we provide high-quality automotive services to keep your vehicle in good working order. For more information, contact flat tyre change Dubai.

Tyres are balanced after they have been mounted to a wheel. A computerised spin balancing machine is used in modern tyre shops.

The tyre is attached to the machine and spun at highway speeds.

The computer detects unbalanced tyres and indicates where weights should be placed on the wheel. To counterbalance heavy spots, the technician places thin metal pieces on the rim.

The technician at tyre repair shop in Dubaithen spins the wheel again to ensure proper balance.

When new tyres are installed on rims, they are always balanced.

When you come in for your regular tyre rotation, the mechanic will often rebalance them as well.

When you have suspension work done, your wheels should be rebalanced as well.

If you suspect you have knocked off a weight, such as if you hit a pothole or a curb, you should also check your tire’s balance at flat tyre change Dubai.

If you notice any sudden and unusual noises or vibrations, inspect your tyres and wheels.

When your tyres are out of balance, it affects your car’s handling and tyre wear.Make sure to balance your tyres on a regular basis to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

Though they may appear uniform to the naked eye, tyres and wheels frequently have weight variations throughout their structure.

Normal wear and tear can also affect the balance of your wheels and tyres. Your tyres will not spin smoothly if your wheels are not balanced. This has an impact on how your vehicle handles.

Though tyre balancing may appear to be a minor task, it is a critical one. If your tyres aren’t balanced on a regular basis, your car’s handling and even safety may suffer.

Learn more about tyre balancing, what it does, and the signs that your tyres need to be re-balanced.

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The tyre must be entirely removed from the rim throughout the procedure.

This allows for a complete examination of the entire tyre and puncture, as well as ensuring that the repair plug bonds effectively and allowing us to repair the puncture from the inside.

F&T tyres, tyre replacement dubai  will not only maintain your new tyres, but will also rebalance them as needed. Tyre and wheels do not leave the factory in perfect condition and ready to use.

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