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5 Women designer shoes Uk myths which should be busted ASAP

Who doesn’t like dressing up and wearing their favourite shoes before heading out to meet friends, to a party or to their office for work? When searching for Women designer shoes Uk, many females try to avoid some types of colours because of the myths intricate around them. Some of the shoe myths which every woman needs to burst as soon as possible are elaborated here. 

Myth no.1 -Wearing high heels is painful and it hurts

Most people when they look at females wearing high heels and walking easily think that they are torturing themselves or believe that they are carrying flats with them in their bags. Women who don’t wear heels much think of it as a difficult task to balance themselves in high heels also, especially if they are pencil-thin. Well, it is true that some heels are difficult to wear but that is because they are not customized according to the woman who’s wearing them. Before finding a pair of heels to wear, one should always check if they fit perfectly. There are high heels in block shape which are very easy to wear and walk-in. Once one becomes accustomed to wearing high heels, they will find themselves more comfortable in them. Also, they make one look long. So, before judging them, walk a mile in their heels! 

Myth no. 2 –Heels are not for the taller ones

Taller women are often asked not to wear high heels. Well, why not? If one is happy with the way they dress they should do it more often. High heels make everyone look beautiful. Even flat and stilettos also! It doesn’t matter if one gets half an inch or two taller. Wear them if one likes them. 

Myth no. 3 Red is heavy, let it go:

This is the saddest statement one can hear from women. Many women are afraid or do not have the courage to wear red because they think that they are Too Bold. Well, NO! Red is a beautiful colour when it comes to shoes, whether pointed court shoes or wedges. Bold is beautiful. Red looks so stunning and can turn a simple outfit into a fashion statement. Wearing red sneakers with jeans or red heels with a matte finish under short skirts or a gown, they look perfect. If anyone feels like everyone is looking at them because of their red shoes, well it’s because they want a pair too. Every woman can flaunt a red pair of shoes from women designer shoes Uk. 

Myth no. 4 –one cannot wear sneakers with a formal outfit

Every woman can make a formal outfit look complete with a pair of sneakers. Wearing a camel-brown blazer with an off-white and grey stretch dress and a pair of sneakers of the same colour as a blazer can pop the look of the formal outfit anytime. Black and white sneakers can go with formal dressing too. One should be daring enough to experiment and people will follow because comfort with fashion is what everyone desires. 

Myth no. 5 –Flats makes the legs look shorter: 

Women designer shoes Uk, especially flats are avoided by short or average-height females just because they think their legs will look smaller. Well, it depends upon the dressing one chooses for them. Wearing high waisted pants or short skirts with flats can make the legs appear longer than they are. Using a waistband can actually help if one wears high-waisted jeans. 

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