6 Multifunctional Uses of Custom Packaging in Creating Gift Set Boxes

Retail brands use custom packaging to mirror the items packaged. The current unboxing trend has prompted many businesses to incorporate gift boxes for enhancing their brand image.

Previously, gift packaging was exclusive to specialty products markets. But today, it is seen as an added value to the brand image. People perceive the packaging as an add-on to their purchases not only during the holiday season but generally too.

Where technology is dictating the way we retail, there is an excessive need for modified packaging to build a tempting aura around the brand. People always like to receive gifts. Even though they pay for the items they purchase, sending them in beatified boxes works to impress them. Retail brands are rapidly using premium packaging that gives buyers exceptional shopping experiences and gift boxes are a big part of this drive.

There are many ways that your brand can save costs, become more popular, reap higher sales numbers, and present the brand in its best form using customized gift boxes.

One: Offer a pleasing delivery process

Shipping deliveries mean sending products in generic brown boxes, right? Not in 2021!

The gift boxes come in corrugated materials that make them perfect for shipping and transport. Customers instantly notice alluring visuals. This means that not only impressing customers upon arrival, the custom printed shipping boxes also ensure that your brand image is seen by a higher number of potential buyers.

The boxes are customized and made according to the specifications provided. This makes them retain the original conditions of the products till they reach their final locations. Customers look forward to receiving their orders in good forms. Also, the box quality matters to give them a worthy shopping feel.

When gift boxes reach buyers in crisp and clean form, they are sure to repeat their orders with the brand.

Two: Quirky box look

Having a firm box base is just the starting, gift boxes look ethereal when shaped innovatively. Custom alterations are in place to mold the corrugated, rigid, and cardboard stock into numerous artistic forms. One-piece mailers, folding tops, auto-lock bottoms are just some of the options available. You can get as creative as you like!

You must have come across product reviews on YouTube. They mainly focus on the products’ packaging. Gift boxes look great when they are also fun to access. Custom seals and locks teamed with ribbons and handles are a great way to make the unboxing process memorable.

custom packaging

Three: Make way for crafty designs

What is the main feature in gift packaging that attracts attention? It is the sleek patterns and unique textures that attach premium feelings to the gift items.

Not only do gift boxing the products give customers a higher value proposition but it also helps them to gift the products as they are!

You may have seen watches and expensive perfumes packaged in thick boxes adorned with vibrant color schemes. These look classy and chic at the same time. With custom-made options, it is easier to give your brand the exact image you want. Custom packaging involves working with numerous box features that:

  • Highlights the brand identity.
  • Add the necessary glimmer and shine to the boxes.
  • Secure them with laminations and coatings.
  • Print brand details and welcome notes in creative font styles.
  • Extend the box appeal to the brand.

Four: Improve cost-savings

Now how can gift boxes enable this? It is simple; custom box components can be picked according to the financial resources available.

The boxes, as mentioned earlier, are made of bio-degradable paper stock. This is both affordable and gives a favorable brand perception. The material is compatible with the latest printing mechanisms and box construct that gives them a modern look.

Moreover, custom texts realize safer deliveries, better handling, and to-the-point customer communication. Gifts seem worth the wait when they are personally addressed to the recipient. And printing the gift packaging with little messages can persuade customers to keep buying the products on a loop. Such forms of customer retention is less costly than in-person brand promotions.

Ultimately, the gift boxes stand in for branding too. The brand identity reaches more customers when placed on the boxes set for shipping or physical retail. Affordability is the main reason that gift boxes are being increasingly used by retail brands globally.

If you think that the overall premium quality of gift boxes would pressurize profits, then this is not the case as brands charge for providing these boxes with their products. Customers do not mind paying a little extra for added perceived value and getting something extra with their shopping.

Five: Getting to every customer type

Another fascinating angle of customizing the gift boxes is that they can be made for the exact customer demographic relevant to your brand and products.

Do you know that 78% of customer’s demand personalized box appeal? Your brand can use this data to modify the boxes and craft a niche in your market. Buyers get engaged by boxes that speak to their individual demands and expectations.

The same brand of chocolates is sold in different ways globally. Each box can resonate with varying cultures, languages, and occasions. Customers react strongly to content that is understandable and designs that capture their imagination.

Dior and YSL are pros at doing so. Their brand has overcome several limitations in customer markets to be considered the primary go-to brand for fashion. And a lot has to do with the gift packaging they provide.

Six: Be sustainable

Sustainability matters not just in your consumer markets by using exceptional gift boxes but also using recyclable boxes that lower negative impact on the environment.

Customers highly prefer green packaging and when it arrives in custom packaging shaped like gift boxes, it serves as the cheery on the cake!


Although it might seem like a lot of work, these surprises will have customers appreciating your gift box a little more. Eventually, your brand will crawl its way into the customer’s mind and heart.

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