9 Ways to Stop Shoplifting Crime

Lack of money, excitement or self-indulgence pushes people to commit theft. One of the most common types of theft is shoplifting. Such an illegal act, based on the cost of the stolen thing, is regulated by the norms of administrative and criminal legislation, in particular, Articles 7.27 of the Administrative Code and 158 of the Criminal Code of the Los Angeles Federation. A good shoplifting lawyer in Van Nuys can help you to get those expensive items stolen by people. 


Existing Shoplifting Schemes

Typical methods of theft committed in trading establishments are conventionally divided into two main groups in Van Nuys:

  • External theft, in which the offender is an outsider who came to the store as a buyer and performed one of the following actions: secret theft, group theft, replacement of expensive products with cheap goods, damage to goods.
  • Internal theft – the theft in the store is committed by the employees of the trade establishment themselves.

Most often, products are stolen in the Van Nuys tore: confectionery, alcoholic beverages, delicacies or things: clothes, perfumery, cosmetics, appliances and gadgets, jewelry.

Experienced violators more often steal goods, the value of which is no more than 2,500 rubles, since, starting from this amount, criminal liability arises. When the cost of goods is up to 2,500 thousand, the thief is subject only to administrative.

Clients committing theft can be roughly divided into several categories:

  • Situational thieves – 50%. These are people in Van Nuys who steal only when there is an opportunity to steal. They do not plan their thefts in advance and only commit them when they are convinced that they will avoid punishment. Small commodities are often their catch.
  • Professionals – 15%. They are focused on stealing extremely expensive products because they actually live off their subsequent resale.
  • Poor people and old people – 10%. Their thefts are mainly due to arguments about social inequality and the desire to live no worse than others.
  • Drug addicts – 10%.
  • Kleptomaniacs – 5%. These are people with a pathological urge to steal. They do not set themselves the goal of making money, the process of theft is important to them.

However, you can reduce the damage by these eight methods to stop shoplifting, from the budgetary to the expensive ones.

1: Determine Where the Losses Come From


Goods are stolen for personal use or resale. Cheese and sausages, coffee, sweets and confectionery, alcohol are the most vulnerable They steal everything: what Russians most often kidnap in stores for theft in grocery stores. In points with cosmetics, these are mascara and nail polish, lipstick, cosmetic oils and eye shadow.


People can steal from their companies for a variety of reasons. Some dissatisfied with the employer and take revenge in this way, others steal because they need money, and still others – for the sake of sports interest. Most often this happens in organizations with a weak internal personnel control system. In case you observe any employee harming your shop hire a good shoplifting lawyer in Van Nuys to handle your case. 


2: Prepare Your Employees

The sales floor employees are your main asset. They should be aware of theft prevention measures. Here are the most common ones:

  • Be especially vigilant during the opening and closing of a shopping facility, during peak hours.
  • Pay attention to visitors with bulky clothes, bags, strollers.
  • Know common intruders’ techniques, such as re-sticking labels and stealing from fitting rooms.
  • Pay attention to shoppers who watch the staff for too long, and those who walk in and out of the store without buying anything.
  • Noticing something amiss, the employee can approach the person and ask if he needs help. This is often enough to stop theft.

Also, tell staff that you are keeping track of goods and using other anti-theft methods (such as video surveillance).

3: Hang Up Special Signs & Mirrors

Most shoplifters act on impulse. However, if there are restraining factors at a point of sale, the number of thefts, according to AMART partner stores, decreases by 25–30%.

Here are some tips:

  • Create an open floor plan so that most of the store is visible to staff.
  • Place the items most susceptible to theft closer to the checkout.
  • Place the cashier near the entrance to the outlet.
  • Organize the cashier’s seat so that he sees other customers when working with customers.
  • Take care of good lighting in the sales area and contact a shoplifting lawyer in Van Nuys if you observe any theft activity in your shop., 
  • Install mirrors where there are tall shelves and blind spots. They can be an inexpensive deterrent.
  • Post video surveillance warning signs.


4: Install Video Surveillance

While vendor training in the placement of plaques and mirrors is usually sufficient, specialized equipment can also be installed.


5: Fake Camcorders

A very inexpensive way to prevent theft. Prices can range from 500 rubles to several thousand, depending on how realistic the devices look. For example, they can rotate and have a light indication. Hiring a good shoplifting lawyer in Van Nuys is great option to get culprit behind the bars. 


6: Video Surveillance System

Cameras allow you to monitor visitors and employees and also become a deterrent to potential thieves. A good system for a small store can cost 20-35 thousand rubles. These cameras are especially effective when paired with a monitor in the sales area where people can see themselves.


7: Premium Video Surveillance & Analytics System

Such a system monitors visitors and employees in real-time and warns in case of suspicious behavior. In addition, it allows you to view transactions and videos related to any product. Although relatively expensive, video analytics software can significantly reduce retail theft. A good shoplifting lawyer in Van Nuys can help you to reach the culprit who is harming your shop by stealing expensive things.


8: Use RFID Systems

RFID systems are stickers or small devices that are attached to goods, as well as a signal reader. If a client comes out with an item from which a special label has not been removed, the entrance door sensor alarm will be triggered.

RFID tags vary in cost based on complexity and appearance. A used system is often cheaper, but no less effective than a new one. Professional thieves can bypass it, for example with the help of foil bags, but it will scare away most of the kidnappers.


9: Hire A Security Guard

A uniformed security officer is an excellent visual deterrent. Plainclothes guards are less effective at this function, but they are often more effective in catching thieves because they are very similar to ordinary clients and do not arouse suspicion.

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